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Swedish Fire Starter Knife
The Campfire Starter Knife combines a sturdy Fixed Blade Camping Knife with a Swedish fire steel to provide hunters, fishermen, hikers, backpackers and campers the tools to start a fire in the wild. The Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade features a secondary "Scandinavian" grind (profile-ground), producing a much thinner tip that is well-suited for field dressing game and fish, and many bushcraft and carving tasks. With a comfortable, high-friction TPE-rubber handle and a hi-vis polypropylene belt sheath. The overall length is 8-1/2"; the weight with the sheath is 4 oz.

The back of the blade is specially ground to work perfectly with the Swedish Fire Steel. The 1-1/2" steel has a molded poly grip that securely twist-locks into the butt of the handle, with a nylon cord lanyard. Originally developed by the Swedish Department of Defense, the magnesium fire starter is very durable with 3000 strikes, and it produces an intense 5400°F spark (even while wet!) by simply dragging the back of the knife down the length of the steel.

For the best results, use the fire steel with shavings from our Mexican Fatwood Tinder Stick. Our fatwood (pitchwood) is harvested in the highlands of Mexico from the famous Montezuma Pine, a tree so resinous (80 resin content) that a branch can be fresh-cut and burned as a torch. Shave a small pile of dust-like bits from the stick with the knife and set it alight with the steel - the result should amaze you as much as it did us. The _" square Tinder Stick is about 6" long, with a nylon cord lanyard.

The Firestarter Knife and the Tinder Stick are available separately, or together as the Campfire Starter Set. Highly recommended for the outdoor enthusiast.

See below for an Image Gallery of a young scout uses the flint in his Fire Starting Knife to pass his fire-building proficiency test.
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