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06J04.01 Camping Cutlery Set

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About as compact a travelling cutlery set as you can find, this has a knife, fork, spoon, plus can and bottle openers. Designed as two separable halves that snap together for packing and travel, the kit is all stainless steel. It's not as fancy or as well made as some European-made sets we have seen in the past, but it is very inexpensive and does the job well. We recommend it highly as a great value.

Made in China.

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Overall Rating
  • My Oudoors Cutlery

    Dario F., 6/6/2020 The quality is better than average and it functions with ease.
  • Compact utensils

    Tony, 4/13/2020 Perfect gifts being given to my daughters. My girls love music & often attend days long music festivals from FL to UP of MI. I'm always trying to help them in preparation of these trips w/ compact ability an important issue. These compact cutlery tools fill the bill for such. I also threw one in my car as I travel frequently over two states & never know if I will delayed or stranded some where due to weather, etc.
  • Corkscrew hobo.

    Rob Burnett , 9/8/2018 Have several "hobo" types. Bought this one because it had in addition the corkscrew. Not always necessary, but sorely missed at times.
  • Utensils

    Karan Murray, 11/11/2017 I bought this for Christmas for three of my Scout grandsons. I am really pleased at the high quality of the item. I may by this and another compass for a son.
  • cutlery kit

    Raul Veliz, 2/3/2017 excellent quality and great for the price...
  • A hit

    Frances, 12/26/2016 My recipient liked it. His two brothers in law showed him how to uncouple the cutlery
  • Camping Equipment

    Otto M. Friedrich, 7/26/2016 Excellent product, but the shipping boxes were torn apart when I received them. A little sturdier would have been nice. I had planned these as gifts.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Camping Cutlery Kit. We're very sorry to hear the boxes weren't in good condtion. We will be discussing this issue with our shipping department. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. Again, our apologies.
  • Perfect For My RN Wife

    James Peterson, 7/8/2014 My wife needed a portable knife/fork/spoon to carry so she could cut and eat her veggies and fruit at her job as an RN. We saw these and thought we'd give them a try. This is a high quality item and my wife could not be more pleased.
  • Camping Cutlery Kit

    Herbert E. Charles, 2/20/2014 This item is quite useful to me, when I have cook-out's"; or when I am a t the beach..I am always looking for a can opener,or a spoon, etc...With The "Camping Cutlery Kit", the searching has ended."
  • Not Just For Camping

    William, 4/18/2012 When I travel we usually end up bringing food to the room for our evening meal. I keep two of these in my dopp kit. Sure beats plastic and the separating halves make it outstanding. Try to cut a steak with a plastic fork and you will order these when you get home.
  • Just the thing

    Grier, 2/6/2012 I know they're made in China but these are beautifully constructed and balanced and finished with attention to detail. All the sharp parts are sharp and the pointy parts are, well, pointy. My children love the fun, puzzle aspect and it's been hard to get them back. Hope to take the cutlery camping this spring—OK, and the kids too but I'll have to order a couple more.
  • A Dining Experience with Outdoor Charm

    Baron Rojo, 9/17/2010 I bought four of these, because when I placed my order I realized that if I liked them, I'd need enough to hand out to the guests at a picnic. I sure guessed right; these things are so charming I can't resist carrying one around when I take it out for use. Hardcore hikers and backpackers won't like these much because they're heavier than they need to be, and the shape makes them feel clumsy and ungainly when used as silverware. But they're still vastly better than plasticware, and the ability to separate the fork half from the knife/spoon is what makes them usable, as well as providing handles of adequate size for comfort and convenience. You'll like the clever way the fork" and "spoon" folding sections firmly latch the halves together. I like putting mine in "snack-size" zip-locking bags to keep them clean in transit; after use I put mine back in the bag to prevent them from messing up anything else. I can dispose of the bag when I get it home for cleanup and put it in a new one afterward."
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