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Camping Lantern
$ 39.95
We’ve been looking for a good portable “camping” lamp for several years. And we’ve found not one, but two. They’re light in weight, very well made, smallish and simple to use. Here are the details of the Camping Lantern.

The Camping Lantern is powered by 4 AA batteries (included) and has three light modes (high, low and emergency strobe). The max output is 185 lumens, which is a nice bright light. It is designed to be hung high up or set on the ground or table. The rotating LED section will either direct the light either down or up – your choice. Height 6, weight 10 oz. Fresh batteries will last either 25 or 45 hours, depending on the brightness selected. The design pushes the light out to fill the space, but you can easily read by it if it is reasonably close. Frankly, we like it very much.

Please note: This light is no longer being made and it is now out of stock. We suggest as a substitute the Combo LED Lantern/Flashlight Click here to see full details of the Combo LED Lantern/Flashlight.
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