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Best in Class Camping Lanterns
$ 49.95 69.95
The smaller Lantern is perfect for backpacking and the Larger one for use at a camp with vehicle or horse access. Both provide exceptional function in exactly the same way. The only difference is size and weight. Beautifully designed. The Backpack Lantern is 5 ¼” tall and weighs 9 oz. The Large Lantern is 7” tall at 2 lbs.

Both stand upright or hang overhead (even upside down). Provide 360˚ of soft, even light & easy to operate. Globe cover removable for extra-bright light. Floats (if globe cover is in place). Alternate Red LED Helps Preserve Night Vision. Battery Level Indicator. Unbreakable Lens.

Backpack Lantern (3 AA batteries)
Setting: High Med Low
Lumens: 200 100 50
Run Time (hrs): 7 15 37

Large Lantern (3 D batteries)
Setting: High Med Low
Lumens: 340 175 33
Run Time (hrs): 30 70 295

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