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35C03.01 Razor Scraper

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Far superior to the razor scrapers available locally, and well worth the cost. Made of brass plated steel, thicker than the usual scraper, and has a better fit in your hand. The edges are rubber-bound so that it won't slip. The scraper features two positive-lock blade-stop positions - open and closed - for secure transport and safe operation, with quick and easy blade change. Uses standard single edge razor blades, and one is included with each tool. Order 5 and pass them around.

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Overall Rating
  • Excellent Quality

    Big Mick, 11/17/2020 After shipping the five pack I bought was nearly $50 but well worth it. These are very nice quality compared to a well known USA made brand that is total junk. These Canadian made scrapers fit comfortably in the hand and the blade is held firmly into place even while under heavy scraping pressure.
  • Razor Blade Scraper

    Nancy Fecher, 10/23/2020 These things keep disappearing from my tool stash...and it's difficult to find replacements! No other scraper comes close to this gem.

    LARRY MILLER, 10/19/2020 This razor scraper is way ahead of anything else on the market. Very well made with excellent quality material. I bought two and will likely buy some more.
  • Rust free!

    William, 9/24/2020 Replacing one from another store that rusted all over in less than a year. this one is great!
  • Glad we bought one

    Cathryn , 5/21/2020 Excellent tool—very comfortable to use, well made (much better than plastic), and it is highly recommended.
  • Excellent scraper!

    Pete, 5/10/2020 Wierd to say, but this is truly a great scraper. Feel is excellent
  • Best scraper I ever owned.

    Diana, 5/9/2020 This scraper feels very good in your hand, solid, well made, stays securely locked and you can also hang it in your pegboard, because of the very convenient hole, my old plastic flimsy scraper didn't have this little feature and I kept losing it all the time, it is very pretty and I am glad I ordered two because of course, my husband stole one of them!
  • Truly, the "Best Scraper"!!!

    Louie , 11/13/2019 I love it. It is the best scraper that I have ever used. It is far superior to the "retractable aluminum razor scraper" that I have been using for 20 years. I should point out my own stupidity when I first tried to used my new scraper and then realized that the" razor blade" was inserted upside down for safety reasons.
  • Food quality scraper

    Raymond Johnson, 1/3/2019 Have used other brands of these scrapers for years but this one is better quality Nice tool
  • Perfect rake

    James Archer, 12/17/2018 This scraper works great in removing tough areas of paint and wall paper.
  • Woodworker

    Adrian Baird, 11/24/2018 Durable and made to fit your hand. Can’t beat this one.
  • Best scrapper ever

    Alco, 5/8/2018 It’s as if the guy who invented the basic single blade scrapper who probably made good money from his invention before it got knocked off by copiers suddenly rereleased it with every improvement ever imagined. And went Back to market with this version . It s great
  • Blade scraper

    steve cormier, 12/5/2017 This is very useful for scraping the sides of fish tanks. A very useful item.
  • Srapers

    Sandra Moore, 11/24/2017 Nice quality and great that it wasn't made in the far east! Very happy with the service as well.
  • Best scraper ever.

    Steve Stanton, 11/10/2017 Super quality and design. Will last a lifetime!
  • Mr

    William Popowicz, 10/28/2017 This is the cream of the crop scraper. Well made and works well.
  • great scraper

    Tom Aspros, 7/30/2017 excellent product, glad to see they still make them in Canada, bought one many years ago and is still holding up well, bought more to stock up and have in different tool bags !
  • Best scraper on the market.......

    Raoul LaFlamme, 6/14/2017 I bought one just to check it out......I'll be back for more. This is by far the best razor scraper I've ever seen. Comfortable to hold & 3 positive lock positions. You can't go wrong.
  • Excellent quality

    John Drew, 1/27/2017 Excellent quality. Blade positively locks in place. I bought five, for me, my wife, son, daughter, and my project buddy. What a joy to own a quality tool.
  • Scraper

    Bill Korach, 1/22/2017 Excellent product. I got it to scrape my ceramic stove top. It works as advertised.
  • How excited can you get over a scraper, even a good one?

    Kuha, 12/24/2016 A very nice razor scraper of much higher quality than those at the big box stores, but I stop short of saying that it has changed my life or has heightened my appreciation of the beauty in the world around me.
  • First-Rate Tool

    George J Lukacs, 10/21/2016 What a pleasure to have such quality in a tool that is too often a cheaply made - it feeels wonderful in the hand and the blade locks securely. I bought five - I'll always have one close at hand.
  • About Time

    Gary , 9/3/2016 Been waiting for these for years, no more scraped knuckles.
  • Razor Scraper

    Barbara A. Moser-Ward, 8/29/2016 Outstanding quality, I purchased 5 and have given a few to friends, they can't get over the ease and stability of the scraper
  • Excellent quality tool

    Paul , 8/12/2016 A quality scraper, so much better than the cheapo tin scrapers. I bought 2, one for the kitchen and one for the car.
  • Excellent Tool!

    Justin , 7/24/2016 Hands down the best razor scraper I have ever owned- and I have owned quite a few!
  • Excellent tool

    Glenda, 7/4/2016 Nice ergonomic design - it fits well in the hand, much better than the dollar store variety.
  • Perfect tool for every hand

    Patricia, 6/28/2016 This tool is tops. The longer body fits in any size hand and is easier to hold onto when you're getting into those areas that require some force to scrape clean. Not to mention the rubber comfort grip on the sides, no more sore hand for me! This tool is not a casual use for me, I use the razor scraper for my job on a regular basis. Changing the blade is easy, replacements can be purchased anywhere, however, the great product guarantee Garrett Wade provides, why would you buy elsewhere? I recommend this item for every person...I would buy it again and again but with the great workmanship of this tool it will last a long time so I will not have to replace it often and can give it as a gift knowing the great quality.
  • Definitely get 5

    Bob, 3/12/2016 works great
  • Nice Tool...Order 5

    Darryl Carter, 7/13/2015 This tool works very well...much better than the usual razor blade scraper. Built strong, has excellent locking feature and fits the hand very comfortably while cutting or scraping. I should have bought 5 of them.
  • Easy To Use

    Dan Okrasinski, 11/19/2014 Easy to open and close non slip blade perfect for cleaning paint etc.
  • A Glazer's Dream

    George Piero, 10/22/2014 I was used to buying a glass scraper at least 4 times a year until my buddy Chris turned me onto your website.This scraper is made extremely well and I have no problem calling it the Mercedes Benz of window glass scrapers-I dare you to find one better!!
  • Not Perfect

    dvr666, 9/17/2014 I bought the 5 pack, 2 for me, 3 for xmas gifts. I tried to insert the razor blade and found it would not go into the slot far enough to be able to close. If you look closely at the picture, you will see on the area where the razor blade slides in a little black dot; when made this is a weld opening to stop the RB from going out the other side. Great idea that was not thought out well, RB will not slide around the dimple because the dimple is welded to the bottom slide and it is to0 small to permit the U shape opening on the RB. I took my knife and broke the weld and all is well. 5 Star even with this problem. Engineers design, users make it work! I bought more for gifts. A good tool so far, more later.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Razor Scraper.  We took one from inventory, and saw the problem you were having and don't  think there is a problem with the tool. We have used these before, and had the same problem. One cannot easily insert the blade by hand completely, plus, it is dangerous to do so. To get the blade in fully the last ¼ or so needs to be pressed on a hard surface and then it will pop over the weld. This is a lot safer too.
  • Best Razor Scraper

    Tom, 7/28/2014 I first found these several years ago and was immediately impressed. They are very well built from sturdy materials and do not succumb to the twisting and poor riveting failures of the typical cheaply made alternatives. The slide locks into position far more securely as well. Easy on the hand due to the rubber grip. I still have (and use!) my original, and now buy more for gifts to coworkers and additional tool kits. You won't be disappointed with this well made scraper, it's the best one I have ever used.
  • The Best Scraper

    Christian Lambros, 7/11/2014 I was very happy and impressed on how strong this scraper is made, as well as the cool look. I used it several times already for work and twice at home. My child got crazy glue on my dresser, which the top is glass. I scraped it off with some alcohol and it was just like new. I had several scrapers before and they always broke, especially the locking part. This scraper has a spectacular locking device and is very safe, by far the best! Another excellent product by the best company, Garrett Wade!
  • After Years of Searching, I Found It.

    Martin Sorin, 1/20/2014 This is the best small, glass scraper that I have found. It removes tough inspection stickers, registration stickers, parking stickers, etc. easily and leaves no trace of them. It fits nicely in your hand and is comfortable to use. And, the blade locks in place and won't slide back into the housing.
  • Looking For The Best

    Donald Fancher, 8/18/2013 I've gone through many scrapers in my work. This is by far the best. Great blade locking mechanism.
  • Great Scraper

    John Pierog, 8/10/2013 Best quality scraper I've ever owned. Comfortable in hand. Worth the extra $.
  • Real Scraper

    John Rivalsky, 2/25/2013 I've been looking for a scraper like this my whole life. After examining it I gathered all of razor blade scrapers that I accumulated over the years and threw them out. My only regret is that I only bought one because I doubted that anyone made anything this good. I will be ordering more in the near future.
  • Razor-Scraper

    Brian, 2/23/2013 Good quality and well made. Should work very well.
  • Good Scrape

    Fred Therrien, 1/2/2013 Probably the best scraper I have in my inventory, comfortable grip, and easy to change blades, very happy with this tool!
  • Great Scraper!

    Amy Kauper, 12/27/2011 Finally, an all METAL, well built scraper - you cannot find a well-built scraper in normal stores, this one even has rubber around the sides to aid in gripping and holds the blade very securely with a positive open/close slide.
  • Scraper Review

    John Christman, 12/18/2011 Scraper has a positive" lock and rubberized edge. These prevent the blade from retracting and the device from slipping in your hands. It has a comfortable feel on it so you can focus on the peeling or slicing actions. These features minimize loss of control of the tool and prevent personal injury. Both 5 to hand out to others as suggested. Definitely recommend purchase."
  • Perfect

    Ed, 2/15/2011 This is the scraper you always hoped you had when you didn't. The slightly larger length and the rubber grip on the edge make this a much more comfortable tool to use for what is among the more unpleasant of tasks.
  • Best Scraper

    Joe, 1/27/2011 Who knew Canadians were at the forefront of razor-scraper technology? This is an improved version of a timeless design, but oh, the difference it makes. After trying the first one, I'm ordering the five-pack to give to colleagues. What a hand-saver!
  • None Better

    Ivison Rowland, 12/19/2010 This scraper is made with first rate materials, and non-slip rubber in the handhold areas. The position retention mechanism is very positive and easy to activate even with arthritic hands.
  • Nicest and Safest

    Mighty Ike, 4/9/2010 The Richard Ergonomic Scraper is the nicest on the market. With greasy or sweaty hands, the rubber side panels prevent slippage. When pushing down and away, the blade never automatically retracts, which is so common with other razor scrapers. This one is safer, nicer and It is also the prettiest and stands at the top of the class.
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