Candlelier Candle Lantern

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Candlelier Candle Lantern
Made in the USA
Includes 3 Nine-Hour Candles
16A01.07 3 - Candle Lantern Green

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16A01.08 3 - Candle Lantern Chrome

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16A01.09 9 hr White Candles (3)

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16A01.11 9 hr Blue Citronella Candles (3)

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Designed by seasoned outdoorsmen and made in the Pacific Northwest, the Candlelier Candle Lantern efficiently and inexpensively provides safe reliable light for dining outdoors, taking an evening walk, illuminating a campsite, or getting you safely through a power outage. The Lantern stands 8" tall on a 4" diameter base for ample stability. It comes standard with 3 long lasting (9 hour!) candles specifically designed for use in lanterns. The candles are spring-loaded to provide a constant, even light level. Light all 3 for maximum illumination or burn one at a time for 27 hours of light during emergencies. Replacement candles come 3 to a package in either Standard White or sweet-smelling Citronella Blue (to naturally keep mosquitoes and other insects at bay).

The Lantern provides a surprising amount of heat in enclosed areas such as a tent, snow cave or small room, and the Heat Shield at the top of the lantern provides an emergency "hot plate" for heating water and food (in our desk-top test we made a cup of tea in a tin can in nine minutes - not a world's record, but welcome indeed if you're stranded on a snowy peak with Survivorman).

Lightweight and durable aluminum construction, with a twist-lock base for easy lighting, a glass chimney and a handy handle/hanging bail. The Candlelier, with 60 lumen maximum output, makes a valuable addition to your Home/Office Disaster Preparedness Kit. In polished aluminum or Gloss Green. Weight (w/ 3 candles), 18 oz.

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Overall Rating
  • Replacement candles

    Dan Melanson, 11/20/2018 I expect the candles work well in the chandlelier candle lantern, but the dia is too big for the Portable brass candle lantern.
  • 9hr. candles.

    David, 5/3/2016 Great quality and no smoke.
  • Just what I expected

    Baron Rojo, 3/26/2016 I have a couple of single-candle versions of this lantern, which is why I've wanted one of these ever since I learned that a three-candle version was available. It works just the way it looks, with no messy dripping.

    On receipt, I learned why this version doesn't telescope to half its length for packing, like the single-candle versions do (protecting the glass from dirt and damage); the instructions show how it can be used as a small stove. Obviously, the weight of a pan of water would cause problems if set on a collapsible lantern.
  • Love It

    Fred, 6/17/2015 Great Lantern
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