Carlyle Lynch's Measured Drawings of Classic American Furniture

Carlyle Lynch, who lived in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia until his death in 1989, was well known to Garrett Wade, having first made our acquaintance in the early 1980's. A first rate craftsman who specialized in classic colonial furniture styles and an extraordinary draftsman, he had approached numerous museums in the South requesting that he be allowed to study furniture in their collections and produce professional measured drawings of the 18th and 19th pieces so that the woodworkers could be inspired to replicate them and so improve their skills. Carlyle was a charming man and many agreed with his proposal.

When we discovered Carlyle, we offered to purchase these measured drawings and make them available to our customers - an activity that went on for years. But upon his death, we ceased to do this and for various reasons the inventory that we had in stock was set aside – until earlier this year when it resurfaced. Carlyle Lynch encouraged all to make changes to the plans that pleased, knowing that the starting point, the original plan, was authentic, not a watered down compromise.

These plans (measured drawings) are prepared in the classic style - with all dimensions and notes typically distilled onto a single printed sheet about 18 x 24" in size. If you are unused to looking at such plans, do not be dissuaded. Study them carefully for a while, and they will clearly and easily reveal all the detail you could ever need. Many of the plans also come with personal notes Carlyle made that he thought would either help the craftsman or would give some interesting history on how the piece was used in the colonial home.

There are a total of 75 plans available. Click Here to see all of our Carlyle Lynch Furniture Plans.

Even though quantities are strictly limited, we want to encourage customers to take advantage of Carlyle Lynch's unique legacy. We have generous quantities of some plans and very little of others.