Carpenters Friend - Apron and Drill Set

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Carpenters Friend - Apron and Drill Set
We've Paired our USA Made Apron with our 160 Piece Drill Set
A huge savings when bought together
07C01.98 Carpenters Friend

Available 02/10/2021


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Perfect for the pro or amateur carpenter. The body of the USA-made Apron features soft, supple suede and hits at mid-thigh, to accommodate the squatting of working low, or stepping up a ladder. Includes two rows of pockets that can hold large and small items. Also, features leather straps; all-brass hardware to fit a range of waist sizes.

Our 160-Piece Multiple Copy Drill Bit Set specializes in the smallest sizes that are often the biggest problem to keep on hand because they either wear out or snap. All titanium nitride coated (for wear resistance) professional bits for drilling all woods and soft metal. There are 14 sizes ranging from 3/64" to 3/8".

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