Carry It Anywhere Utility Knife

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Carry It Anywhere Utility Knife
Exceptionally lightweight but rugged
62C01.03 Lightweight Knife

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An exceptionally lightweight, single blade folding knife (only 3-1/2 overall folded, weighs 1-1/2 oz.). It's the lightest pocket knife we have ever run across. Easy to carry anywhere in your pocket or clipped to your belt and it'll be accessible for a job when one comes up. It caught our eye right away. And it's inexpensive so an easy gift for friends and professional colleagues.

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Overall Rating
  • GREAT Little Knife!

    M.E. Shropshire, 3/11/2013 I carry this little knife everywhere with me, and mostly never know it's there! The exception, of course, is when I need a knife--at that point, it becomes a *very* handy tool. But be careful: I actually sliced the very tip of a finger off recently, cutting open a stubborn box of detergent while doing laundry! Oops! :-o AND, I didn't even realize I'd cut myself, until I began to wonder where the blood was coming from! This knife WILL take--and hold!--a super-sharp edge! (Fortunately, only a Band-Aid's worth of harm done: a small reminder to be cautious using *any* knife, no matter the size!) This quick-opening, solid-locking little pocket knife has become a favorite in a very short amount of time, and I thank the friend who gifted me with it every time I use it... which is almost daily!
  • Easy on the Pocket

    David, 8/29/2012 Fair inexpensive knife.
  • Don't judge a book by it's cover

    Dan, 7/20/2010 This knife appears to be a tough little hombre. It's not. Pivot pin and thumb/opening pin were loose within first days of use and the spring which locks the knife open randomly failed, dangerous. Not the quality I associate with Garret Wade.
  • way below regular GW quality

    Leon, 4/16/2010 There were 13 items in my last order from GW. Eight made me happy. Four made me very happy. These knives (I got a pair) go right back. Reasons: 1. Too small to hold comfortably (and I wear L size gloves). 2. Too flimsy for everyday use on a farm. The blade seems to be a good quality steel but everything else is not. 3. Difficult to open with one hand. Impossible if you're wearing gloves. 4. One knife is simply broken - it folds under even very light load. The mechanism that's supposed to hold the blade open is not very solid generally and since they're very sharp (as they should be) that's an accident waiting to happen. 5. For a knife of this quality, $9.95 is way too much - you can find similar knives for a dollar something in many hardware stores.
  • The slide-by

    Beaver Boy, 1/12/2010 I call this type of knife a slide-by as you can easily slide the blade up single handedly. They are so handy and easy to close with a lock open device that does take a genus to figure out. It is also very sharp and just the right size for the pocket. 5 STARS
  • Great Gift

    Jay, 12/20/2009 I liked this knife so much I gave out 36 of them as Christmas gifts at work. They were a big hit with both men and women and I spent less than seven bucks a pop! By the way, everyone was able to figure out how to close it.
  • sooooo

    richard alvord, 11/10/2009 do you close it !

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    The locking mechanism is called a Liner Lock. The knife is built such that when the knife is open, it is held in place by a leaf spring which is also called a lock bar. The lock bar or leaf spring holds the bottom of the blade and prevents it from closing. When the user of the knife wants the blade to close, he or she has to press the lock bar towards the handle side of the knife. This will allow the knife to snap closed. When the knife is closed, the lock bar will rest right on the handle of the knife, and out of the way.
  • Tough little knife!

    H. Kastner, 6/8/2009 Comfortable, easy to use, but had to call Customer Service to learn how to close blade.
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