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Catapult Model
$ 39.5
The coolest thing about the Catapult is that a kid can build it with minimal supervision, using instructions which look like blueprints and a box of KEVA planks, all the while being introduced to basic geometry and engineering in a highly effective hands-on manner. Once assembled, the 12"L x 9"W x 14"H Catapult uses rubber bands and beanbag projectiles to launch your child into the fundamentals of physics with experiments in distance and trajectory.

The Build-Your-Own-Catapult Kit teaches essential skills like measuring, following directions and turning 2-dimensional data into 3D reality (just the sort of cognitive skills that are measured in early IQ testing) while providing active fun and enrichment through play for the whole family. Measure, construct, launch and bombard!

From the same award-winning diabolical educators who bring us the Medieval Siege Machine Trebuchet.
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