Cedarwood Bat "Lodge"

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Cedarwood Bat "Lodge"
Nature’s own insect control
22B01.01 Cedarwood Bat Lodge

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Despite their undeserved “scary” reputation, bats are “good” for you and are famously known to eat thousands of bugs per hour, which makes having a bat home near your house a very attractive and green method of insect control. Bats like to live in tight, dark, wooden structures, where they feel secure, like under tree bark, in hollow cavities, etc. (This is why they may be attracted to your attic.) Our Cedar Bat Lodge offers an inviting place for bats to live, without invading your space. Our “home” is made of cedarwood, backed by poplar plywood. Plastic mesh on the interior makes it easy for them to climb and move around inside the structure. A copper ridge cap adds stability and helps vary the temperature within the lodge (Bats like temperature variation.) Should be hung at least 10 feet off the ground, ideally between 12 and 20 feet off the ground. It comes with hanging hardware and instructions.

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