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45T01.01 Standard Chain Sharpener (22 mm Arbor)

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45T01.02 Quick Feed Chain Sharpener (22mm Arbor)

Available 02/11/2021


45T01.03 4.5 mm Replacement Wheel (10mm Arbor)

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45T01.04 3.2 mm Optional Thinner Wheel (10mm Arbor)

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45T01.13 4.5mm Repl. Wheel (22mm Arbor)

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45T01.14 3.2mm Repl. Wheel (22mm Arbor)

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If you use a chainsaw at home, or on the farm or ranch, you know how important it is for speed and safety to be using a chain with sharp cutters. Yet cutters can be dulled quickly, even through plain heavy use.

Until now, you've had three choices: replace the chain (expensive); resharpen it yourself by hand (very slow, and difficult to do accurately); or take it to your local chainsaw shop and get back a chain that may or may not be well sharpened.

See below for more information on the Chainsaw Sharpener.
More Info
Now, an Italian firm has designed (and makes) a revolutionary new grinder for you to do this job. It's very affordable and does the job quickly and very well. We know chain saws and we've tested these extensively. They use standard 115V current and the same style of shaped grinding wheel that the pro chainsaw shops use.

Once mounted, initial setup takes about 5 minutes, after which the grinder is set to go for repeated resharpenings with the same chain

Both machines sharpen in exactly the same way. The difference between them lies in the way the next tooth is advanced and clamped into position for the grindstone to recut it. In our experience, after initial setup the Standard Sharpener takes about 15 seconds to cut each tooth. A chain for a 20" saw with 34 teeth would therefore take about 12 minutes from start to finish (halfway through, the positioning turret needs to be shifted). Time taken using the Quick-Feed Sharpener would be less than half that - i.e. about 4 minutes.

These are terrific units that not only do a great job, they will save you real money quickly and a lot of time right away. Full instructions included.

The 4.5 mm grinding wheel comes as standard with both Sharpeners. The 3.2 mm Optional Grinding Wheel, which is thinner, may work better on the smallest chainsaws.
Chain Assembly Video
Manufacturer Video

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Overall Rating
  • Essential tools

    Steve , 12/28/2020 Sharpens chainsaw chains effectively once you learn the tricks . Short grinds over continuous grinds work much better than prolonged grinding as it prevents overheating and excessive wear on the grinding wheel. Go over the chain a second each tooth.ond time if necessary for a complete job instead of prolonged grinding dressing.
    The Rounded shape of the wheel face can be accomplished by hand using a diamond sharpening tool. Safety first - wear eye protection when you are sharpening the chains or dressing the wheels.
  • Great value, great price

    Katrina Thraves, 12/27/2020 Best birthday present ever! My husband and son are both busy cutting up downed trees at their homes and I happened to see this in your catalog. My husband is very impressed with the quality for the price, and the sharpener works great! A few initial adjustments and the chains are sharpened perfectly. Thanks for the excellent customer service through the order process.
  • thanks to JOE WOLF

    KEN HULSEY, 9/30/2020 my daughter bought the quick feed sharpener for birthday i had problems with tongue hitting the clamps so i called and talked to JOE WOLF who helped me very much and recommended different things to try which i did still had problems so JOE offered the standard turret and try that which i did and it works very good decided my 14 inch chain might be too small for quick feed JOE also refunded difference in price i want to thank JOE very much for all his help he stayed with it till i was satisfied the sharpener works great now thanks again JOE for all your help
  • Old Chains

    Scott, 7/10/2020 It works pretty well. I have a few old chains laying around and it sharpened them quickly.
  • Nice sharpener for a homeowner

    Joe, 6/27/2020 I just purchased the smaller grinding wheel and for the average backyard warrior this sharpener works great. Hats off to the gentlemen I spoke to in Technical Support. I believe his name is Joe and he spend a fair amount of time explaining how to size the a wheel for the type of chain you are going to sharpen.
  • Great value

    Gregory Spayer, 6/14/2020 This tool is a great value for an average user. Very easy to use and does very well to sharpen the chain. I am more inclined to sharpen the chains when they should be sharpened and not "oh my gosh it's too late".
  • Tool good but not great

    Gary, 6/10/2020 I rate this tool as average, good but not great. Motor in under powered. Bogs down with a little pressure on grinding. Even though it could grind and sharpen ripping chain the housing stops on a tooth when the setting is under 15 degrees.
  • Chainsaw Sharpener

    Tommy, 6/2/2020 My experience was the same as "Bkeeper Tom" comments on 4/16/2020 - not quite as precise and "tight" as expected. The bottom heel of the motor housing that bumps the depth stop adjustment should be metal and not plastic. The turret lock knob would be easier to adjust if it projected lower, outside of the hood where it's located.
  • Chainsaw sharpener

    Karl, 4/24/2020 This chainsaw sharpener is just what I wanted it to be. It works great! A whole lot better than a file!
  • Always have a sharp chain

    Allan , 4/17/2020 After taking everyone’s suggestion and watching the video, I had the sharpener assembled and sharpening chains in 10 minutes. Perfect for someone who needs their chains sharpened 3-4 times a year. Mounted on a 2x6 board and hang on the wall.
  • A decent grinder, good but could be improved

    Bkeepr Tom, 4/16/2020 This is a reasonably good sharpener, although honestly not as solid as I expected from Garrett Wade. There is excessive play in several of the moving joints, including the pivot for the motor and the locking device for the chain, which makes precise repeatability of the grind on every tooth difficult. Also, the 3.2mm "optional grinding wheel" is recommended by GW for small chains, which I'd suggest includes 18" bar or smaller (I can use the standard wheel on my Stihl 18" saw, but only just; absolutely need it on my 14" saw). So if you have an 18" or smaller saw, make sure you also buy the additional grinding wheel. Unfortunately, the thinner 3.2mm grinding wheel that GW shipped to me in my order only fit an older sharpener design, and will not fit the current production model...and nearly 3 weeks later and I'm still waiting for the correct 3.2 mm grinding wheel.
  • Easy

    Scott Landry, 10/1/2019 Easy to set up. I highly recommend that you use the video that is at this website instead of the book that comes with the saw.

    Set it up and sharpened my first chain in about 5 minutes.

    There is a little slop in the mechanism but it only results in taking a little more out of the chain with each sharpen..not a lot. May reduce chain life a little but certainly still worth the price.

    This is my first time doing this. I am fairly handy but had never sharpened a chain in the past...
  • Excellent!

    Richard Siller, 4/7/2019 Why why why didn’t I find this years ago! Did all my chains to like new condition. After I used it a few times to get the rhythm down, I dug out an old chain that got toasted on an unseen rock that was under a tree I was cutting. Could never get it to sharpen or cut right. After doing 4 passes (and filing the rakers for correct depth) the chain cuts like butter. This is a must have if you cut a lot of wood.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner April 2019 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Richard!!
  • Chainsaw Sharpener

    Bruce Roberts, 1/19/2019 I received the standard chain sharpener as a gift from my wife. After watching the video and reviewing the instructions I was able to assemble the sharpener without much difficulty. Unfortunately, one part (the grinding wheel guard) was not included in the package.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Chainsaw Sharpener. We're pleased to hear that you're happy with it but sorry that the grinding wheel guard wasn't included. It's on its way to you. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.
  • Great friendly personnel

    Mexi Shriver, 12/18/2018 I read great reviews and ordered it for my husband for Christmas. He has not opened it yet but I am hoping he likes it. I am very pleased with the shipping and handling portion of this product. It arrived nicely package and the personnel was very kind over the phone when I called to get details of when I was going to get my package while I was out of town.
  • Good fast chainsaw sharpener

    Terry A. Lang, 12/8/2018 I was concerned that I was unable to tighten the nut holding the stone but after watching the video I was able to do so. Otherwise, very nice tool and works very well.
  • Retro Top

    Karen Cramer, 12/7/2018 I wanted to give this 5 stars because I love it-I've looked for them. But after a few minutes of playing with it, the children discovered that the bottom suction cup pulls out with it's couple inch post and can be left on the floor to step on.
  • Speed Sharpener

    Karen Cramer, 12/7/2018 I am very pleased with the quality of everything I ordered from Garrett Wade. I like their catalog and have a list of things to get. I have assembled the speed sharpener and watched online videos and it is the machine for people with other things to do! The insert Garret Wade included with the instruction were more informative that the "manual" that came with it. However, it would have been helpful to include mounting instructions. Alaska's firewood gathering season is over for this year, but I am looking forward to the sharp saw I'll be using next year and the savings to keep it that way.
  • Chainsaw Sharpeners

    Jeff Tipton, 11/5/2018 Easy to assemble, easy to use. Good quality and my chains cut easily through oak trees after each time I sharpen them! I Love this tool!
  • Grindstone

    Frederic, 10/21/2018 Love my sharpener and the speed and accuracy that it provides. Sharpened six chains the other day in the time it would have taken me to do one by hand. Bought the narrower grindstone for a smaller chain I now need for a limb pole saw.
  • Always have sharp chain when you can do yourself

    Joe Fahy, 10/14/2018 Bought same one 8 years ago sharpen my own chains 8 to 10 times as opposed to shop 3 times need new chain rear motor bearing finally wore out very happy with product saves life of saw when chain is sharp has to work less.
  • Great little machine

    Tommie Folker, 8/11/2018 I have about 12 chains that need sharpening and this little machine will pay for itself already. Works great and is easy to setup and use. Well worth the money1
  • Replacement wheels for the chain saw sharpening tool

    Woody, 7/13/2018 I bought both the 3.2 and 4.5 replacement and optional wheels mainly becasue at some point, I'll have to replace the larger wheel. Since I don't use my smaller chain saws as often I don't expect to sharpen them as ofter.
  • Does the required work - sharpens the chain

    Woody, 7/13/2018 IT's small and compact. Since I use my chainsaws on a somewhat regular basic this now allows me to get a consistent grind on both sides of the chain. At the end of the day I can sharpen each chain. I bought extra sharpening wheels for larger and smaller chains.
  • Well worth the money

    Richard Turner, 5/5/2018 Although it doesn't feed my chain consistently, I still rate this high. It usually feeds the chain but not always. That said, this sharpener is great. I am a woodworker that gets his wood from craigslist for free. As such I am frequently surprised with nails in the wood that dull the chain. In the short time I have owned this it has more than paid for itself. I stink at hand sharpening and at 10 bucks a pop for professionals to do it for me it adds up quickly. I love this sharpener as it is quick and easy to use providing consistent quality sharpening.
  • Amateur Lumberjack!

    Bob Dalton, 5/5/2018 I'm probably only about 50% proficient at present. Your video is excellent - I've watched it several times and still return to it before using the machine.
  • Nice chain sharpener

    Steven Schroeder, 4/16/2018 The sharpener works pretty well. It doesn’t feed my Stihl 0.325” pitch chains easily, I have used the sharpener on two now; the feed mechanism doesn’t catch and feed the Stihl chain very well. I have been having to lift the link up to then catch and push forward. I may grind down the feed 0.050” to see if it will drop down and allow one hand advancement of the chain. The lack of sizing information on how to select the correct grinding wheel size leaves me wondering if the standard wheel is the correct one? Assembly wasn’t difficult. The how to operate video on the Garrett Wade Company website is excellent!

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Chainsaw Sharpener. We're glad to hear you're satisfied with it! Our technician will be contacting you to answer your questions.
  • Perfect man gift!

    Patty Mc, 12/14/2017 My husband never asks for gifts...but he *specifically* asked numerous times that someone buy this for him this Christmas!!! He even left your catalog out with the page earmarked so I could see if often! Can't wait for him to unwrap it on Christmas morning!!
  • Christmas gift

    Sandra Braford, 12/14/2017 I bought the chainsaw sharpener and extra grinding wheel for my husband for Christmas. He hasn't received it yet but I have been very impressed with your service.
  • Merry Christmas

    Sandra Braford, 12/14/2017 This was a Christmas gift and I am very pleased with the fast efficient service I have received from your company.
  • Made My Dad Happy

    Elizabeth, 11/19/2017 I got this as a present for the man who has everything, my Dad. He had it set up and was sharpening all his chains within the hour, in two hours he had them all done. Dad is an arborist and has declared this the best gift ever.
  • Impressed

    Scott Gold, 11/19/2017 I was super impressed with this sharpener. I have had sharpeners that did not perform as well and paid much more. It is reasonably easy to use and the price was reasonable.
  • Worth the money.

    Paul Christensen, 11/10/2017 This is a great tool and beat the file and also can save dollars. One problem I found is that is is missing the angle set marks. While it is true you do not need it to be exactly 30 degrees. The marks can be used to make sure the angles are the same for both cuts left and right. This allow one to sharpen evenly so the chain will cut evenly. Youy can work around this if you are handy but it would help prevent some hassle.
  • Needs scale

    Paul, 11/9/2017 Good for what it says it will do. They used to have a scale one their product have eliminated it. The claim is that the exact angle does not matter and that is so but the problem with the elimination is that it is difficult to tell if the right and left cuts are set to the same angle. It is important and both cuts be set to the same angle so the saw will cut straight. It is hard to tell what the angle set to without the scale.
  • Chainsaw Sharpener

    james g mcninch, 10/24/2017 Well i haven't had a chance to use it yet, but with all the other things i have gotten i expect i'll be satisified ..
  • Good Tool, Good larification on manual

    Darwin Fornander, 9/30/2017 just set up and used the sharpener for the first time and I am delighted. It did a wonderful job on the old chain that I thought was too far gone to sharpen, but it seems like I will get a little more use from it. I ordered the thinner wheel, but have not used it yet. The original wheel does a great job on my Stihl chain. What I really appreciated was the pages of extra material from Garrett Wade helping to explain and clarify the instruction manual in order to assemble and use the sharpener. Sometimes understanding the English instructions can be challenging, but Garrett Wade did a good job at clarifying the instructions.
  • 3.2mm Thinner Wheel

    Bucky Walsh, 9/17/2017 I have used the sharpener for years, it does a great job. I just switched to the thinner wheel, which lets me improve the angle I sharpen my homeowner-size chainsaw. The more aggressive angle really improves the cut from the chain. If you have a smaller chain saw this might be worth the extra bucks. Remember when "grinding" you really just kiss the chain with the wheel - you don't need to "grind" off a lot of metal to get the job done. And you don't want to overheat the chain either which might soften the edge.
  • Gets job done

    Eric Mann , 9/16/2017 Decent quality and gets the job done. Couple of issues, the chain guide will not stay in adjustment, needs a nylon lock nut and the depth stop is not positive.
  • owner

    Neil, 8/26/2017 Several years ago I purchased the basic chain sharpener from Garret Wade. It turned out to be a trusted tool. I live on a small farm and use my saws frequently. I could always depend on the sharpener to keep my chains in good order.
    My son recently bought his first house with some acreage and bought his first chain saw. I gave him my original sharpener and ordered myself a new one from Garret Wade. It is now a second generation Garret Wade tool.
    I cant say enough about this sharpener. It's well made, easy to use, and dependable. I cant say that about a lot of tools on the market today.
  • Mr.

    Gary Willey, 8/25/2017 Assembly is easy and it sharpens chains great. It will pay for it's self many times over.
  • Ok for the home.

    Michael Finnegan, 8/12/2017 Seems very cheaply made. I guess it will be fine for once in awhile home use but if you are sharpening very often, I would look for something of better quality. This is all plastic and is not going to take abuse. I wish they would have made at least some of it out of metal. I would have paid extra. I like the design, not the execution.
  • Best Sharpener I have ever purchased!!!

    Chad, 8/8/2017 Very easy to setup and quick to sharpen. Works Awesome!
  • Assembly instructions are lacking clarity.

    Fred , 7/22/2017 Everything that Blain said is true about assembly. Instructions are terrible. One needs to start cover screws before wheel is installed. One of the little plastic tabs for the cover was received bent and broken. I don't think they could have made the cord any shorter. I am concerned that depth control will wear. Unit must be clamped or screwed to a surface and overhang due to depth adjusting screw hanging below.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank your for your review on the Chainsaw Sharpener. The instructions which came with this particular sharpener at the time of your purchase were a common complaint. We addressed this with the manufacturer, and they provided us with a clear, concise manual. We also currently have a video which appears on this page. We apologize for this information not being available at the time of your purchase.

  • Great sharpener. Much sharper than by hand...

    Tom Bauman, 6/12/2017 Bought one a few years ago, and used it a lot. works great. chain gets sharp, easy setup, very quick. Just got a new Stihl that uses the piccolo (1/4") chain, and found it too large for the little chain. Checked here, and found the thinner wheel. Changed out wheels easily. Glad I can use it on both saws.
  • a good product for the money

    Blain Hunt, 2/28/2017 I had a real problem tightening down the grinding blade. Finally, after much frustration, I saw the little hole that you stick a screw drive through to keep the shaft from turning. Then there is the issue of attaching the blade safety cover. It is clearly impossible to hold the nut in place on the inside while one screws in the outside bolt. I ended up gluing the two nuts into the cover plate with Gorilla Glue. Same problem with holding the nut in the black height adjustment knob that screws in underneath. That bolt is loose and it took me several minutes to get it on. Glue that nut onto the black knob with G. G. and it’s easy. Be careful you don’t grind the chain-link between the two teeth! But for the price, this is a good machine that pays for itself after three or four sharpenings. We use it all the time at the Oakland CA zoo where the chimpanzees who use the chain saws used to throw the blades out after they got dull.
  • Excellent Sharpener

    Jason, 12/18/2016 Assembly is easy enough, but the directions left out how to lock the shaft to tighten the nut for the grinding wheel. Figured it out, but took a few minutes. Once together, it was easy to adjust to fit my chain. Did an excellent job sharpening. My chain had become uneven from hand filing (one side sharper than the other). Two passes on this sharpener got me back to even and the chain was good and sharp. The video is useful to get you going.
  • Chain Sharpener

    Tom Goodyear, 12/15/2016 Works well as promised. But, I'm very glad I spoke first to Joe Wolfe and got the manual feed rather than the auto-feed. Joe Wolfe is your most valuable asset!
  • Chain saw sharpner.

    Bruce, 10/31/2016 I love it. Makes sharping quick and easy.
  • Good

    John, 10/31/2016 Works good
  • Grinder wheel

    John, 10/31/2016 Good sharpening wheel
  • Sharp one

    John, 10/31/2016 Just like it is supposed to do. Make a chain sharp
  • Ok

    David, 8/19/2016 Concerned about longevity of product. Stops for grinding wheel and chain guide are plastic. Does OK job of sharpening.
  • chain sharpener

    Donald, 8/1/2016 completed the initial set up and have sharpened one chain. After I get the adjustments dialed in, I believe chain sharpening will be super quick and efficient.I think I will be very happy with this sharpener.
  • Chain saw chain sharpener

    Ronald, 8/1/2016 Once adjusted (instructions could be a bit better written and in a larger font) it works great. Had a number of chains to sharpen and the money I saved already has this half paid for. Easy to operate
  • works good

    Frank, 5/29/2016 little getting use too but sharpens alot faster then doing by hand
  • DaveL

    David, 5/23/2016 Very good product. Assembly instructions a bit vague but otherwise product does as advertised. The reason I ordered a new grinding wheel was that the original arrived in about 8 pieces; it wasn't wrapped anywhere near as well as what I just received.
  • Great

    Len Smeenk, 5/7/2016 Works fast and easy. Well worth the money
  • Sure beats a file

    Rob, 4/11/2016 I thought I had to order the standard sharpener plus the quick feed. You only need one so just purchase the standard sharpener quick feed for 97.50. I was impressed with this: very quickly I was able to sharpen a chainsaw blade with out spending hours on reading the manual. The video was all I needed. There are more expensive professional systems but as a homeowner who needs occasional chain sharpening this was all I needed.
  • Motorized chainsaw chain sharpener

    Joel, 3/4/2016 Works as advertised but would like the raker grinder attachment to properly set the height of the chain at the same time.
  • Great piece of equipment

    Thomas, 3/4/2016 Once setup completed, chain sharpening becomes very fast and accurate. Very glad I got the auto chain feed attachment. Now sharpening chains for all my friends.
  • Best Purchase Yet

    L N Mitchell, 10/12/2015 Easy set up and clearly written instruction, one of my favorite tools purchased. Now I don't have to get frustrated with dull chains. Could have bought cheaper product but wanted the best.
  • Great Tool!

    Russell, 9/16/2015 After years of hand-sharpening and paying a shop to sharpen my many chains, I took the plunge and got this. There are many others available, but this one seems the best in value and function.
  • Plastic

    Reg, 8/31/2015 The plastic structure does not lend itself to exact repetition of sharpening cut. The clamping device distorts the chain if tightened too much and there is no control to provide a standard tightening torque. The dog that holds the chain in position for sharpening does not clear the grindstone when the chain has been sharpened several times and winds up being ground down by the stone. The motor gets hot when used on a long chain and mine eventually burned out (three seasons). This is ok for limited use.
  • Great Product

    Steve, 8/17/2015 Have not used the wheel yet had to order as the wheel that comes with the grinder would not fit between the raker and the tooth on a 16" Husqvarna brand chain. Did a visual check of the clearance, appears to now clear the raker.
  • Works Well/Great Value

    Steve, 8/13/2015 I purchased the quick-feed version and ordered the smaller grinding; the larger thickness wheel is too large to fit between the rakers and the cutting teeth on the Husqvarna chains. I have sharpened 4 chains and am quite satisfied with the results, it takes a little time to set the adjustments, I wasn't sure how far I should set the depth. After sharpening the first chain which I did very lightly the results were good, but only for a few logs, took the chain back off and compared it to a new chain, my problem was not going deep enough and sharpening the “gullet” portion of the chain. Sharpened it a second time using a little more depth, reinstalled the chain and it worked better than a new chain. I mounted my unit on a piece of 2x6 board and clamp it to my work bench for use. The only issue I have seen is that the pusher" can get hung up on the metal channel that guides the chain under the cutting wheel. The video and additional instruction sheet was helpful compared to the sheet you receive with the machine. There were no instructions on how to "dress" the grinding wheel with the included stone. Take your time with setup and visually check the depth on each tooth to make sure the grinding wheel grinds into the gullet portion of the chain. I ordered the machine and wheel separately after I found out the bigger wheel didn't fit between the teeth on one brand of chain. I felt the shipping costs were a little pricey although they provide a pre-paid return label. "
  • Works Well

    Jerry, 7/1/2015 I purchased the quick-feed version and smaller grinding wheels as I am using 3/8 pitch (.325) chains on my Jonsered and Craftsman homeowner saws. So far I have sharpened 3 chains and am quite satisfied with the results. I am cleaning up a 7 acre parcel in central Colorado that has a lot of dead aspen and some pine on it. Because much of the wood is on the ground I occasionally hit dirt which dulls the chain rapidly. Per video, I mounted my unit on a piece of 2x6 board and clamp it to my work bench for use. The only issue I have seen is that the pusher" can get hung up on the metal channel that guides the chain under the cutting wheel. I took a small 3-corner file and slightly tapered the leading edge of this channel so the pusher slides into position without a hitch. This device does not address the raker (depth guage) teeth on the chain. To do a complete job you still need to occasionally file the rakers down with a guide and flat file. Do not forget to do this or your chain will not cut correctly after you sharpen it. After watching the video I had no problems assembling or using the sharpener. I look forward to using it many times over the next few years as I clean up my lot. "
  • Seems To Work Great

    Doug, 6/23/2015 The sharpener works well. I have an 18 chainsaw, and 3 blades. I can sharpen one of the blades much faster than I can go to the big box store and get a new one, which is the real value for me. My fiance and I take turns cutting and sharpening, so we can work pretty much non-stop. She likes it as much as I do."
  • Good Design

    Dan McDermid, 5/1/2015 1. Followed videos provided on web site to set-up and sharpen first chain (028 stihl). Had no difficulty and chain was sharpened within 10 minutes. The teeth are razor sharp (be careful). 2. The Italians have a way of keeping life simple. The sharpener is compact, light and seems to have been manufactured with care. 3. The over all cost was less than any other sharpener researched on line with confidence to buy unseen. The video helped sell the deal. Good job. 4. I purchased the quick chain pull which is very useful on first attempt. Some manipulation is required if all links are not in sequence such as a missing link from chain shortening. 5. I also purchased extra wheels to have for stock because now I can help my friends if they need their chain sharpened. Should be great for small chains too.
  • Works

    Bob, 4/17/2015 Easy assembly/Easy Setup/Sharpened 10 chains in 30 minutes...Works very well. Recommend it HIGHLY. I use a saw daily.
  • Long Overdue

    William Wyman, 3/28/2015 Only two things I regret 1.) I waited to long to get one and 2.) Should have got the quick feed model I have five chain saws and over $700.00 worth of chains and @ $5.00 per chain sharping it becomes a no brainer. I had all the chains done in two days. I'll never have to pay for sharping chains ever again. P.S The shipping was AWESOME! Thank You Garret Wade . Only two things I regret 1.) I waited to long to get one and 2.) Should have got the quick feed model I have five chain saws and over $700.00 worth of chains and @ $5.00 per chain sharping it becomes a no brainer. I had all the chains done in two days. I'll never have to pay for sharping chains ever again. P.S The shipping was AWESOME! Thank You garretwade
  • Buy Now Don't Wait Like I Did

    Phil Derr, 3/17/2015 Over the course of my life time I now own and use four chain saws. I sharpen a lot of chains by using files. I felt there had to be something easier out there. So I purchased an electric chain saw sharpener from a local tool supplier. I took it home and during the course of that same day opened my emails. There was Anthony demoing the Quick-Feed version. I watched it three maybe four times looking for something that I must have missed. I had not missed a thing. I was impressed and took the just purchased sharpener back to where I purchased it. They asked why I was bring it back. I told them that Anthony" had showed me a better one. Bottom line it is easy to assemble, operate, and the best part... to sit back and feel good about quality produced, time and money saved. Oh yes, also bought two extra sharpening stones. "
  • Does The Job

    Al Gramprie, 3/1/2015 Once you learn its quirks, it gets the job done. It's not a commercial sharpener, but it doesn't need to be, and it costs 1/4 as much. I sharpen three chains at a time and get the job done in about half an hour from setup to cleanup. One thing, though. I got the model with the quick feed and the next time I do that, I won't. It adds an extra layer of complexity and really isn't that much faster. You need to get the feel" of how hard and fast to slide the feeder in order to seat it securely and the tension on the chain holder must be set just so to allow the feeder to slide freely but to prevent the chain from sliding too far forward away from the cut depth stop. As I say, that adds another level of variability that must be checked before you lower the wheel. The manual feed can be operated almost by Braille, if you know what I mean. Still, I think for its price it's a good deal and I would recommend it to a friend for personal use."
  • Chain Saw Sharpener

    Pamela Kennett, 12/12/2014 My husbands hands get so sore and tired in the winter as he suffers from neuropathy and he was having to sharpen his chain saw blades all by hand. He is so grateful for this because he says it is so much faster and the blades get much sharper with using it. Thank you for saving him from the pain of hand sharpening!
  • Son Gift

    Nate Whitaker, 11/12/2014 This will save both of us time. His for running to the local chainsaw dealer for a sharping , and me for trying to do a decent job on the tailgate for my pickup.
  • The Quick-Feed Chaisaw Sharpener

    Ronnie Landry, 7/18/2014 This one of the best tool I have ever owned .it fast and easy to use. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to save money and time. Replacement chains can easily add up. There are those times where the stores are a matter of minutes your back up and running.
  • Chain Saw Sharpener

    Louis Dodds, 5/9/2014 Like the tool, but got confused when ordering, I thought I was getting the one they showed on the video! other then that the sharpener does a great job, decided to keep this one but it does take a bit more to line everything up.
  • Works Good

    Jon, 4/19/2014 Very easy to use (after reviewing the directions and the video here) and quick! I have .375 24 chainsaw blades cut to 25 degrees and the sharpener worked very well. I do have a .375 blade with a 10 degree angle for ripping and I found that this sharpener would not allow me to cut that angle because the chainsaw links interfered with the body of the sharpener. I was able to sharpen that blade with a 15 degree angle instead; we'll see if the ripping chain still works properly with that angle. Also, I found that I will need to order the thinner wheel because the thicker wheel won't work with a smaller chain (.325)."
  • Back-A-Ward

    John, 4/12/2014 In trying to understand the directions in assembly and then to use the narrow grinding wheel and the picture shows to some degree that a small washer goes on after putting the thin wheel and from there I continue and put the large over the small washer, and just barely tighten the nut and pieces of grinding wheel went all different direction. So one other thing to do is pick up and place another order for this wheel since I didn't order (2) at that time. and most people might call this trial and error. and then some learn the hard way---lets have an A-men on this. Just funning a lesson learn for not being to old on with new equipment. That's it for this evening folks and don't laugh to hard, I didn't cry over the miss-up. John and over the hill and looking down to how far I gotta go.
  • OK

    DL , 3/16/2014 Sharpener works OK. Don't even bother trying to read the instructions supplied- they are useless. Videos explain assembly and operation much better.
  • Sharpener

    Robert, 2/4/2014 I liked the quick-feed sharpener well enough to order a second one. I now have a sharpener dedicated to larger chain and one dedicated to small chain.
  • Best Ever

    Neil Craig, 1/25/2014 This sharpener worked much better than another one I bought from another company.
  • Stepped Up A Notch

    Jeff Schmucker, 1/21/2014 I had previously purchased the standard Chain Saw Sharpener which got damaged during a recent move to a new state. I re-ordered and stepped up a notch and ordered the Quick Feed version. The results are as good as a professionally sharpened chain but it gets done in 4 minutes in my own garage.
  • Works Great

    JRK, 1/4/2014 Bought the Quick feed sharpener in 2012. I've use it a lot I keep 4-20 chain as backup. This sharpener has payed for itself many times over. Very Happy"
  • Sharpener

    Ron, 1/4/2014 After sharpening chain saws by hand,the quick feed sharpener is a 100% easier.
  • Mrs Taffy, 1/2/2014 Oh my goodness, I'm going to buy this sharpener solely because I can understand the video instructions. Thank you so much for the clear understandable directions." "
  • Quick and easy sharpener

    Gene Bianchi, 12/14/2013 Your assembly and use video made it simple to put together and use. I had my first chain sharp in no time. After that I was all set up and sharpened 3 more chains in minutes. This sharpener will pay for itself before I know it.
  • Question

    A Leery Wife, 12/13/2013 Did anybody else's chain saw sharpener come with all the pieces just rattling around loose in the box? I ordered this for my husband for Christmas and I'm a little leery that maybe all the parts aren't even there??
  • Chainsaw sharpener

    Ed Wright, 10/5/2013 I am very impressed with this tool! I read about it then watched the video and decided it was worth ordering and must say I am very satisfied. The instructions were well written and the assembly video was a great help in setting up. It only takes about 5 minutes to have a professionally sharpened chain. It is well worth the money.
  • Good Videos

    Donald, 8/7/2013
  • Good Product, Well Made

    John, 8/1/2013 I received the product promptly and it appeared to be well made and easy to assemble. I skipped the user manual and went straight to the online video showing how to assemble and another one on how to operate. The video is very good quality and explained all the assembly and operations very thoroughly. I had the item assembled and my first chain sharpened in 20 minutes. Very easy assembly. I would guess it will take 5 minutes to sharpen the next worn chain. I have not put the sharpened chain to use yet, but it appeared to be very sharp compared to the manual file method I used before. The housing is a heavy duty plastic and the product appears to be well made and operates as advertised. As the average DIYer, I bet it will last a lifetime if treated properly and over the long haul will more than pay me back what I would have spent traveling to the repair shop and fee's for professional chain sharpening. I am not a professional, I just have some standing dead trees on my 15 acres, so I am satisfied with my purchase and would have no problem recommending it to other DIYers that use a chain saw frequently.
  • A Money Saver

    R W. Hopper, 3/24/2013 A great tool. I have two big chainsaws and twenty chains and was paying $5 per chain for sharpening. Then they raised the price to $7.50. Buy you people now. I sharpen my own no sweat easy quick and will pay for itself in no time!!
  • Quick Feed Chain Sharpener

    BlueRidgeRick, 3/22/2013 Wow" Sharper than a factory Stihl chain. It took about 45 minutes to figure out the various alignments for set up, even with viewing the video. The maybe 15 minutes to sharpen my chain for an 18" bar. Now that I understand how to set it up I think I'll only need 10 minutes to get started next time. So much sharper and way less work than a rat tail file."
  • Very Poor

    Dennis Wilson, 3/18/2013 One look and I returned this. Cheap plastic construction, 1 foot power cord, terrible instructions and tiny print. I found far better one for a little more.
  • Owner

    Robert Warner, 3/16/2013 The sharpener seems to work very well, I have sharpened several chains with it.
  • Great

    Craig, 1/24/2013 Saves time and money.
  • Chainsaw Magic

    Ed Berkley, 1/2/2013 I am very fussy about my tools-they must work well without a lot of fuss. This tool works very well and makes my chains perfectly sharp. This tool is well made and yet simple to operate. If you use a chainsaw this tool will be your best friend for a long time.
  • Best Chain Sharpener

    Don Brurud, 3/12/2012 This is the best chain sharpener I have used. One was a knock off of a brand name sharpener. It was cheap,setup was constant. You get what you pay for. I tried my neighbors Oregon sharpener,(it is more than twice the price of Garrett Wades Italian sharpener) and it is not as easy to use.
    Garrett Wades Italian sharpener setup and use is intuitive. I set it up using the Garrett Wades re-written instructions. I first sharpened an old 28 inch chain that I didn't care if I screwed up. Once the sharpener is set up it is very quick. Even working carefully to make certain the set up had not changed,I spent much less than a half hour sharpening the entire chain. I spent some time cleaning up a few links and tried it out. FANTASTIC!!! It actually cut better than a factory chain! I am impressed. I highly recommend this sharpener, especially if you are a casual wood cutter and have trouble sharpening your chains. Over the years, this sharpener will save you time and money, to say nothing of the safety of cutting with a sharp chain.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner March 2012 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Don!!
  • pretty good

    Teddy Deane, 12/18/2011 Nothing is perfect. If you're careful and mindful of what you are doing this sharpener works great. It still takes time as each tooth must be double checked for alignment before bringing down the sharpening wheel. It's much faster and easier than doing it by hand, but I would question the time it takes to sharpen a chain that's advertised. Delivers a nice sharp edge when you take your time and are vigilant about alignment.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for posting. We are very pleased to hear that you are overall quite happy with the Chainsaw Sharpener.
    If you have any technical questions, please feel free to contact our technician at 1-800-221-2942. He would be able to tell you how long it would take to sharpen a chain such as the one which is pictured.
    We are  always grateful to hear what our customers have to say. Thanks again.
  • Good Product

    Sam Ebersole, 12/2/2011 I bought the manual" chain saw sharpener about a year ago. It is easy to set up and operate. I use my saws a lot, so I have chains to sharpen frequently. I was taking them to a local shop, but this is so easy to use that I figure that I've paid for the grinder and saved a couple hundred dollars by sharpening them myself - PLUS I have sharp chains on hand virtually all the time."
  • Motor burned out

    Thomas, 6/10/2011 Sharpener worked fine until motor burned out (about 20 uses).
  • easy to use

    kurt b, 1/3/2011 directions make this product seem harder to use than it is very easy to line sharping wheel up with the teeth on the chain and your ready to go. Adjustment from chain to chain are quite minimumal.
  • Pulse the motor?

    Bill, 1/2/2011 Some people have said their motor was overheating.I nestle the wheel into the chain gullet and then back it off slightly and hit the switch as I then gently touch the wheel into the gullet.The motor only runs for second but also,the chain metal doesn't heat up too much.You don't want to see burning or color changes because that might mean the metal is losing its temper.The human/machine connection is critical with this (as with many tools) since its operation requires a bit of feel and learn"."
  • chain saw sharpenr

    peggy, 12/21/2010 We heat our home with a wonderful wood stove, cut all our wood from fallen trees on our property. The sharpener will pay for it's self quickly and we won't have to make a trip to town to get chains sharpened and then wait for them and then make another trip to town.
  • Will pay for itself

    Tim, 12/18/2010 The quick feed works well - takes time to set up but then is good - will pay for itself in less than a year
  • Sweeet

    H Reynolds, 12/13/2010 I appreciate the fact that Garrett Wade took the time to write a revised set of instuctions for using this. It works really well and saves a lot of time I used to take driving to and from the nearest dealer.
  • Chainsaw Sharpeners

    Johhny Chainsaw, 10/5/2010 What a Dream these Chainsaw Sharpeners are! What an idea! What took so long for someone to come out with an item like this? Why didn't I? Regardless, get one if you have a chainsaw chain to sharpen, especially before the winter season.
  • Great Value

    G.A., 8/30/2010 For a non-pro, heavy firewood cutter this is an excellent value. Fifth star missing only because of the various minor issues mentioned in all the other 4 and 5 star reviews. Using an electric touch up sharpener 3 - 5 times between chain grinding works much better than file. Wheel came loose on first sharpening, tooth needs holding down firmly in guide, consistent pressure at wheel limit and few other little details make it quick and consistent high quality sharpener. G-W added instructions essential and should be upgraded. Excellent value for a non-pro, wish I had it long ago.
  • Best of Breed

    Rick Glackin, 8/19/2010 Sharpening 10 to 20 chains per year, I've tried a variety of chain sharpening methods. This is the best I've found to date. It works and it does actually cut down on the time. The only real draw back is that the motor when you tilt it into the tooth to sharpen has flex such that you can push to hard or not enough resulting in varying cutting depth. This is an advantage when you have a couple of damaged teeth that need to be ground further than the others but if you want consistency it is a disadvantage. To be sure this is not a serious draw back but one that requires a little skill and/or practice to get it down. Overall this is a very good tool and is worth the purchase price.
  • Tighten all nuts

    Chuck, 7/1/2010 I made sure all the angles for sharpening were correct and sharpened a chain. When I was sharpening, I thought the grinding wheel was rotating oddly. Once all angles are correct, it is easy to sharpen a chain. The problem I found was the grinding wheel was never tight to start with. Looks like I need a new wheel because the wheel is out of round. I have sharpened 3 chains and one must always check the angles and tighten all nuts. I use a piece of flashing to catch the sparks. You will need an extension cord and a small block to fasten the sharpener to. I place the sharpener in my vise and with good lighting I sharpen a 68 link chain in 20 minutes. The chain has to be kept in the guides for proper sharpening. When you move the chain from link to link it wants to jump out of the guides. Good Luck CS
  • Best sharpener I've ever owned!

    Scrollman, 4/19/2010 This is one of the best sharpeners I've ever owned. The setup is quick and it does the job in a quarter of the time with the way i used to do it. I have saved many hours sharpening my Alaskan Sawmill chains...and those are long ones to boot!! I would recommend this sharpener to anyone that uses alot of chains as I do.
  • Std. Chain Sharpener works well

    Maurice , 4/19/2010 Another re-do on the setup instructions would have eliminated most of the complaints. An order for assembly, together with clearer photos (Or even simple drawings) than in the Italian book would have resulted in users setting the wheel guard nuts and screws on the inner wheel guard before mounting the wheel, and then mounting the grinding wheel and sliding the outer wheel guard on the loosened screws. This would have kept one frustrated user from substituting tapping screws for the mounting screws and nuts. An explanation that dado m8" is an ordinary nut and "dado autob.m8" is a locking nut would have avoided their placement on the wrong bolts with resultant problems...and the hint to seat the nuts with the plastic locking element on the outside would have also helped someone new to this assembly. However, once assembled, the Standard Chain Sharpener holds the chain firmly in place when sharpening the teeth, and the chain can be advanced by hand and repositioned so quickly I doubt that putting up with any possible sloppiness in a quick feed is necessary. My really dull chain came out of the process as sharp as when it was new, and this was after my very first attempt at chain sharpening. What else can one ask? "
  • Time Saver

    Bob R., 4/18/2010 I gave this 5 stars because of the time it save and quality of job it does. It takes less than 1/2 the time shapening with a file does and cuts like a hot knife through butter when your done.
  • 45T01.02 Quick Feed Chain Sharpener

    RM, 2/25/2010 Just finished the 5th chain and the more I use the 45T01.02 Quick Feed Chain Sharpener the faster I get with it. I'm satisfied but will right another review if I have motor problems. I found that the quick feed works great after spraying it with silicon spray.
  • Quick Feed Chain Sharpener

    Fred, 12/18/2009 The sharpener seems to work fine now that I have made a few modifications, with one yet to be done. First off, the screws furnished to attach the Wheel Guard were machine screws with nuts. These were too short and, even if long enough, there is no room to attach the nuts. I substituted sheet metal screws. The Depth Stop Adjustment is too long. It bottoms in the Base before tightening the Turret to the Base. I added a washer to prevent that from happening. The Slide Interval Adjustment screw is too short. It has to be screwed all the way in for even 3/8 pitch chain. The Chain Stop Adjustment Screw is too short because even when bottomed (screwed all the way in) the Chain Stop Tongue does not properly seat the chain cutters. I fabricated a new Tongue out of sheet metal, which is longer than that provided. There isn't any way to adjust what their literature refers to as the top-plate cutting angle, but which Stihl saw company calls the side plate angle. Stihl, and possibly other companues, specify various angle for their different chains. Since the motor, and by extension the grinding wheel rotate about a bolt (item 12) the angle is set by, and varies as, the grinding wheel is worn. Therefore, there isn't anyway to set this angle to meet the chain manufacturer's specification. Given the price of the sharpener when compared to those for professional use, it seems overall to be a good deal; and it certainly beats sharpening with a file!
  • Standard sharpener

    Earl, 11/4/2009 I found the tool very easy to set up. It took about 10 minutes. Without the addendum from Garret on the set-up it would have been much more confusing
  • rancher/woodcutter

    Bill, 10/31/2009 I have sharpened chains with a file for 45 years.Since my eyesight is not as good as it once was, I decided to try the standard chain sharpener. It really does a great job, really fast. The new" instructions furnished by GarrettWade were helpful in initial setup. A good tool I would recommend to anyone."

    Terry Lease, 9/28/2009 We take our time sharpening our chains, and were still learning on our quick feeder set up and sharpening. We did 8 chains from a 20 to an 18", and finally our 14" chains. After set up, we sailed through each one, it was easy and fun. We even told our friends about how great this product is. Buy it, take your time and you will greatly appreciate the purchase. We are just renters who are taking care of an acre of trees and old barns that we needed to take down."
  • Great Tool

    John Chlpka, 8/18/2009 I cut wood on a semi-professional basis, and got tired of paying someone to sharpen my chains. This was the perfect solution. It set up in minutes, and with a little practice it has been turning out quality sharpenings!! I highly recommend it!
  • Quick feed sharpener

    ferg, 6/3/2009 Just a few notes about the operation of the sharpener. Jam nut (#9 & 10) on bottom of angle setting is too stiff to adjust tight enough by hand, I had to use pliers to grab the Knob" so the angle setting would not change. I know extended use of the pliers will ruin the knob. I am thinking that I will replace the nut with a "non-jam nut". Slide interval adjustment (#8), is of no use. It will not screw in far enough to do any good, don't think we need it anyway :) Don't get the need for the construction of the "Handles". A single handle would do just fine. If I tighten the screw "F" so the chain is held securely it will not allow the chain to be advanced. Chain clamp is very loose in its carrier slot, not where the spring clip presses against it but in the fixture. When I move the chain to next tooth the clamp next to me flips up and catches the chain. Chain stop needs a spring on the rod which it rides on. This would give the chain stop some tension to keep it where it belongs. Otherwise you have to hold the chain stop against the end manually or the chain will move. Without sufficient tension on the spring clip the chain is too loose in the channel making the tooth you are grinding raise out of the channel slightly. This makes for a sloppy grinding job. I have a Stihl and Husqvarna chain saw. The gullet that is ground from the factory does not match the profile of the grinding wheel except for directly under the "Top Plate". I don't think this is going to be a significant problem, I haven't used the chain I ground on the saw as yet so I don't know how it will cut. Also: I did not attempt to grind the gullet to the shape of the grinding wheel. After I grind the chain a few times it will undoubtedly conform to the wheel profile."
  • chain saw blade sharpener

    Wayne Heyer, 6/3/2009 I purchased the chain saw blade sharpener. It takes just a few minutes to make a used blade as good as new.
  • No Ka Oi

    Makolelau, 4/21/2009 Standard sharpener works perfectly. This is the best chainsaw-related tool I've ever purchased. Nothing else I've ever used can compare to its simplicity and effectiveness. No Ka Oi (The Best).
  • Great

    Jim, 4/15/2009 Use it all the time. Save a lot of money.
  • Super

    Patrick, 4/15/2009 This is a super deal and works super.
  • Trip-saving chain sharpener

    D. Toaspern, 4/15/2009 Several year's experience with an expensive, pro-quality chain sharpener in my dealership probably skewed my evaluation of the Garrett Wade Quick Feed Chain Sharpener, but that doesn't mean that it's not worth the money. The QFCS (I'm a bit lazy, I admit it) is certainly quick and it also sharpens with acceptable accuracy. It does feed quickly, and basic setup is easy. Repeatability--the hallmark of any quality tool, is good and the switch from left to right cutters is simple. Grinder wheel speed and motor horsepower are in the proper ranges and the dreaded Blue-Tooth" issue is kept at bay by using the pecking technique to minimize heat buildup. All in all, sharpening a 24" chain is a low-hassle affair. A couple of things could be different, however. There's too much "stickage" in the feed mechanism and dry-lubing with graphite is only a partial solution. It remains somewhat herky-jerky. Dressing the wheel is a freehand operation, as there is no mounted diamond dresser to ensure the exact radius is applied to the wheel. This may or may not be a biggie, depending on your personal degree of fussiness. It really has a minimal effect on the cutter tooth shape and performance. Overall, I'm very happy with my unit and it has very good value for the price. I would certainly buy another if the occasion arose. It sure cuts down on the double trips to the pro sharpener down the road that I used to patronize after 4 or 5 hand filings."
  • sharpner # 1

    Gary Beaupre', 4/15/2009 Quick & great tool to have.
  • Works Good

    J Maxey, 4/15/2009 The chainsaw sharpener did a good job sharpening the Oregon chain. I have never sharpened a saw before using it and had very good results. Don't expect a heavy duty commercial sharpener but it is very functional for someone like me who cuts down a trees around the house. I am happy with the result and am sure it will fit my needs.
  • The Italian-Made Chain-Saw-Sharpener Is Excellent

    John Marchi, 4/1/2009 The Italian-made chain-saw-sharpener is excellent. But you don't need the quick-feed model unless you are doing chains all day. It has a tendency to hang up on the feed slot and is annoying. I advance the chain the slow way and it works fine. Also, a thinner wheel is now offered but the spindle shaft is designed for the thicker wheels. The shaft is not threaded far enough to allow you to fully tighten the retaining nut. You have to add a washer and since the shaft is metric, it is a little hard to find one that fits. A close fit is important because at those speeds an out-of-balance washer will vibrate and could possibly cause the wheel to break. The thicker wheels work fine for most common chains. All in all an excellent sharpener.
  • Chain Sharpener

    Bill, 4/1/2009 I recently purchased an electric chain saw sharpener. I burn firewood all winter and cut a lot of firewood. After some practice, I have found it to be an outstanding tool. My chains are now sharper than they were when I took them to the saw shop. Bill
  • A Huge Help

    Steve, 3/30/2009 A great tool. Saves me from being without my chainsaw for days when I'm waiting for my local guy (I've only got one chain). It also stays sharper longer.
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