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Winter Sale Chalk Line Marker
An easy-to-use professional marker
25T21.01 Chalk Line Marker

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When you need to mark a long straight line an ordinary chalk marker will do, but ours makes the job much easier, and much more professional with its very fine line. The chalk line is 40 ft. long, and a folding crank is used for rewind. The line passes through a felt block to ensure an even distribution of powder. You have a choice of three chalk colors to use. Made in Japan.

Note: Due to a cosmetic design change, the appearance and color of this marker may be slightly different from that pictured.

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  • Great tool!

    James Griffin, 10/31/2018 This is so much better than the typical hardware store chalk line, because it uses a very fine string, so the line is more precise. It's not for rough construction, where you might need a thick line. But for finer work it is great. I use it to scale up sketched for large paintings on canvas. It's an essential too;!
  • Only One Good Feature

    Mark Rhodes, 5/29/2015 Only thing I like is the pin on the end of the line, but I'm upset with (Garrett Wade online site), the picture show's chalk with the chalk line, not sure that the chalk came with the chalk line, so I called, the person at Garrett Wade said yes, the chalk line does come with chalk, he lied, no chalk came with the order, I wont be back.
  • Precision Chalk Layout

    Robert Koch, 10/24/2013 There are times when a standard carpenter's chalk box is not precise enough---the line is too wide and the chalk is too messy for inside work. The Neo chalk line marker is just the answer for accurate layout lines with no mess. It produces a fine line required for precise cutting in finish work.(I also use it when cutting drywall as it does not leave smudges.) The stickpin is especially handy to secure the line while working alone chalking lines on wood. The provided hook allows layouts on hard materials, too. I have two of these chalk boxes with different chalk colors for more complex layouts. All-in-all, a very good tool that I use quite often!
  • Awesome

    Mike D, 1/3/2013 Great product. Fine line. Easy to load.
  • 12 Years Of Flawless Function

    Anthony Francis, 1/21/2012 I've had this chalk line for about 12 years and it has outlived and outperformed every other tool in my inventory of tools used for boat building and house carpentry. I use it not only for layout of cuts and positions, but also to check alignment of studs, joists, rafters, anything that I need to check for proper alignment. The key to its utility is the pin at the end of the line. The pin is infinitely more useful than a hook because I can set it anywhere, not just at edges, and it stays there as I move to the other position. The pin leaves a tiny inconspicuous hole. My favorite part of the chalk line is the crisp, fine line that it leaves--as fine as a well-pointed pencil.
  • Great Marker

    George Fish, 1/21/2012 Does what it was meant to do. Pin is a great addition. All three chalk colors stand out.
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