Charming Bird Sculptures

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Charming Bird Sculptures
hand carved and hand painted
75A03.01 Brown Wren

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75A03.02 Yellow Warbler

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These delightful wooden bird sculptures are for the birder (or would-be bird-watcher). Only 3" high and 3” (Brown Wren) or 5" (Yellow Warbler) long, these are beautiful life-sized pieces of craft-art. Set them on your desk or mantel where they can catch your eye from time to time. These lovely little birds perch peacefully on their logs and remind us of the huge pleasure the many hundreds of varieties of small birds play in our lives. The world would be immeasurably diminished without them.
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  • Love this Wren!

    Alice Edwardsen, 5/14/2018 I love this little wren sculpture. I put it in my kitchen window with some glass paperweights. It adds cheer to my day. The craftsmanship is excellent. It looks very similar to the wrens that visit my yard.
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