Woodworking Chisels & Vintage Mallet Set

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Woodworking Chisels & Vintage Mallet Set
63A04.70 Chisel Set + Roll + Mallet

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Our set has the four chisel sizes you almost always reach for (¼, ½, ¾, &1"). The ash wood handles are a traditional, comfortable shape, and tip guards are included. Overall length is 9," and the Rc hardness is a desirable 57-59. It comes in a protective denim roll ($13.50 value) to secure the set. We have added a beautiful, French-made, Solid Ash Vintage mallet ($25 value). These 50-year-old Mallets were found in a warehouse of a long-time supplier in very limited quantities. Made during the heyday of hand-tool manufacturing, from tight grained wood, and so well assembled the head and handle joint are as solid as a rock. They’re in new condition. The round heads are 2½" diameter, overall 10½" long. You don’t see this quality anymore. A real bargain. Limited Quantities.

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