Clamping, Telescoping Pole with integrated Pruning Saw

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Sale Clamping, Telescoping Pole with integrated Pruning Saw
Changes a handsaw into a pole saw in seconds
23K04.40 Pole Saw + Pruning Saw

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68C01.05 Telescoping Pole

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This Telescoping pole-style frame is beautifully designed. Easily and very securely clamp our top selling 22" Folding Japanese Saw at a variety of angles. Or swap in your favorite hand-held pruning saw you may have (the handle cannot not exceed 1" in thickness). This special clamp head is securely mounted on the extendable pole which can be easily locked at any length from 30” up to 53", just twist the handle to engage the lock. With the saw mounted in the clamp and the added length of your arms, that’ll give you at least 6-feet of extra reach.

The saw included in the set is our best-selling Japanese tooth-pattern folding pruning saw. The blade is a full 10" long with a tooth depth of 3/16" - this is a very fast cutting tool. The saws opened is 22”, closed its 12” long. The rubber covered handle is all steel, the pivot is robust and the blade lock is totally secure with a push button mechanism. It cuts on the pull stroke for more control & precision.

Highly recommended as a great pole saw on its own, and as a way to turn your favorite hand saws into a telescoping saws.

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