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01A04.01 Standard Clamptite

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01A04.02 Large Clamptite

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01A04.03 Roll .032 Wire

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01A04.04 Roll .041 Wire

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01A04.05 Roll .051 Wire

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01A04.06 Roll .062 Wire

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01A04.10 Standard Kit

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01A04.20 Large Kit

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Tighten single or multiple bands of wire around any type or size of material with virtually no flat spots, and then permanently lock the wire in place with full tension. Clamp or band anything - any size, any shape - anywhere.

Permanently repair cracked tool handles and torn or cut air or water hoses, create hose clamps of virtually any size or shape, secure the ends of rope, repair cracked or failing structural posts - you get the idea. There are hundreds of potential uses around the house, boat, farm, RV, or in the shop.

These two Clamptite tools and the range of wire sizes give you a 99 capability. (Although our stainless steel wire is best, in an emergency any decent solid wire can be used.) The Standard Clamptite with the bronze bar nut can be used with all the wire sizes listed above, but it will be easier to employ the thicker .051 and the .062 wire with the Large Clamptite tool.

The .032 diameter wire is for small clamps less than 1/2" in diameter. The .041 wire is good for up to 1-1/2", the .051 wire is best for objects up to 3" in diameter and the .062 wire for over 3" and up to 6" in diameter. Wire bundles range in length from 50ft. to 105ft.

The Standard Clamptite kit includes the Clamptite, plus one roll each of the .032 and .041 wire. The Large Kit includes the Large Clamptite, plus one roll each of the .051 and .062 wire.

Made in the USA.

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Overall Rating
  • Clamptite tool

    Bob, 10/28/2018 i am old and used this type of tool in my youth but have not seen them around since. The price of this tool is somewhat prohibitive but the usefulness is undeniable. Any size clamp. Anytime. Without shopping or scrounging for the right size or strength clamp. Its so much easier.
  • Great Little Tool

    Robert, 6/26/2016 The Clamptite tool (I purchased the smaller of the two offered) works very well. I used it to bind together some homemade tomatoe cages constructed out of 1/4 inch steel bar. After making 25 "clamps" I am impressed with the simplicity and strength.

    Two weaknesses that I would mention. First, the instructions that come with the tool are not very good. Remedy, YouTube or the Clamptite site. Second, there is quite a bit of wasted wire with each clamp. Really no remedy for this and it's not a big deal as even a pound can of .032 SS wire (~230ft) was only $20. Just hate to waste it
  • Wire clamps

    Pat Cray, 3/5/2016 The products itself is great. My only issue was lack of communication between myself and the company. I ordered the product in mid December for a Christmas gift. Didn't hear anything until January after I inquired as to when to expect delivery was told it was on back order be delivered by Jan. 22, never showed, inquired again in Feb, finally received it about two months after initial order.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thanks for commenting on the Wire Clamps. We're glad to hear you are satisfied with them. We apologize for the lengthy delay.
  • Bamboo Structures Work

    Fernando Partida Pinto, 2/17/2015 Very versatile tool I use in construction in bamboo, when the repair of cracks suffers a trice and is doing its structural function in all types of construction, which allows me to continue working without delay. Recommend it widely.
  • Awesome Tool

    Shakee, 1/26/2015 Great tool use it all the time.. Simple and affective.
  • Elegant Solution

    Dave Bradley, 12/12/2013 Well-built tool for a simple idea. I have both sizes of the Clamptite. They are both a bit pricey, but they are extremely well made, work as advertised and provide a solution that a hose clamp can't cover. A necessity on a farm.
  • Awesome Tool

    BAH, 2/16/2012 Fixed a garden hose to better than new. What a great handy tool to have. I feel like MacGyver with this thing in my hand!
  • You should not leave home without it.

    Tony Hollins, 11/29/2011 I concur with Brad. I've owned the smaller version for 7 years. I've been able to make repairs on several items. It is always in a mechanic's bag that travels with me whenever I've traveled. One time while fishing the fuel line on a friend's boat started leaking. I removed the old plumbers' clamp cut off the damaged portion and made a new one. This was 5 years ago and it is still working. My friend was amazed on how well it worked. It is worth every penny.
  • The Best Back-up Plan

    Brad Gray, 1/13/2011 If you always like to be prepared, this tool needs to be in your box. Period. With this and a simple roll of wire (even stainless is pretty cheap) you have a hose clamp to fit ANY situation for the rest of your life. The pressure it can exert will astound you. As an experiment, I applied it to the end of a plastic washing machine drain hose. This type of hose is a flexible plastic with a solid pipe approximately 10 long at the end to insert in the house drain behind the washer. The Clamptite was able to make a significant indentation, evenly, all the way around the pipe. Keep in mind this was the small, original version of the tool. I now have the large stainless steel version in my boat tool box and so does my brother. Practice its use a few times and you'll find it fairly easy and straight-forward. It's worth every penny if you're miles from nowhere and blown an old fuel line clamp."
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