At Garrett Wade, we believe that a good tool is at its best when used properly, and that tool users are at their best when equipped with real knowledge. We also believe that hands-on experience, combined with face to face instruction, beats watching online videos nearly every time. Our staff have a broad range of experience in a variety of trades and crafts, and we are happy to be able to share their knowledge in an ongoing series of workshops in our spacious Dumbo offices.

From knife sharpening to wood splitting, to meetups with tool makers, as well as free demos of new tools we offer, this is a great way to get acquainted, deepen your knowledge, or pick up new tricks in an engaging and encouraging environment.

Our primary instructor, Anthony Francis, is a Product Developer here at Garrett Wade. He brings a deep and extensive background in a range of skills: wilderness leadership, timber framing, boat building, as well as the finer points of tool use and care. His approach is an equal blend of theory and practical hands-on application. He, along with Garrett Wade staff and guest instructors, will cover all kinds of subjects such as knife handling and sharpening, joinery, DIY, home repair or gardening issues.

Bookmark this page for detailed information about, and to sign up for, newly scheduled classes (also on our Facebook page). Suggestions are more than welcome. Email Anthony at and let us know what class you’d be interested in.


We’re working our new schedule. Feel free to email us a if you want to get on the class mailing list.