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Classic Fruit Press
$ 119.9500
Our traditionally styled Classic Fruit Press features vertical oak staves secured with metal bands, and wooden press plates that slowly squeeze out the juices. Operation is easy and full instructions are provided. Just slip the mesh sack (keeps fruit detritus out of the cider juice) over the center rod and fill with cut up apples or other fruit. Place the wooden lid halves on top, followed by the steel-reinforced press plate. Spin the cranking hub onto the rod, insert the crank arm and start cranking. Slowly but surely, the juice begins to flow. When the cranking assembly gets too low, slip in the pair of included wooden blocks to raise the press plate, and resume. Easily sprays clean with a garden hose.

It’s great fun to use—kids and adults will really enjoy this old-fashioned technology. If you’ve ever visited an apple orchard in the fall, you may have sampled delicious, hand-pressed cider. Now you can do it yourself anytime at home with our Classic Fruit Press. You can also use pears, grapes, or even stone fruit like plums, peaches or apricots (after removing the stones, of course).

(Note: Although you can cut up your own apples for the fruit press, our Fruit Crusher, available here, is ideal for this, and will quickly crush a large amount of fruit to the right consistency for pressing.)

Capacity: 18 Liters. One barrel of fruit will make about a gallon of cider.
Overall height: 25”; Diameter: 14-½

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