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Has as much utility today as 75 years ago
96S03.01 Rattan Carpet Beater

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Your grandmother would have been very familiar with it. You simply hang your carpets outside periodically and literally beat the dust out of them. The natural Rattan is flexible, yet packs a real wallop. And they have many home uses that vacuums can't touch - like beating the sand and grit out of beach towels and picnic blankets (before they clog the washing machine), cleaning the front door or car mats, and so on. This classic household tool has stood the test of time. It is also great fun.

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  • Impressive results

    JB, 9/18/2019 5????+ I love it; wife hates it. Complains everytime I send her to fetch it. Durable but just "whippy" enough. Impressive results every time.
  • Some things stand the test of time

    Susan , 9/27/2018 Worked as expected :) Sturdy and light. Does the job well. Low tech and that's a plus. We are happy!
  • Carpet beater

    Anna, 7/5/2018 Great carpet beater. I'm satisfied. Thank you.
  • Simple rug tool

    Norma, 6/1/2018 What’s historically good for cleaning Oriental carpets has been a great purchase for dusty Taos, NM. We use it on our smaller rugs. Vacuuming just doesn’t do the job!
  • Gets the job done

    Barry, 5/9/2018 This item is strong, durable and practical, and it gets the job done. An excellent buy, and good value.
  • old ways are best

    dawn bernardin, 3/1/2017 absolutely what I was looking for and at a Very reasonable price, even with the exchange rate it was still half of what I would have paid for one in Canada. and it works just like my nannas did spring cleaning will never be the same
  • A cleaner rug with rug beaters

    Ruth Stuhr, 12/30/2016 The old tried and true rugbeater comes through. Because my very first one lasted so long and is still in use. I was pleased to see them on your website. I gave them away to my daughters.
  • Best rug beater

    richard carabillo, 12/8/2016 This beater is well made and is perfect for beating bed spreads and bed quilts at the change of seasons. Sure beats the task of shaking large spreads and quilts by hand. Great product at a reasonable price.
  • Rug Beater

    Bonnie Coghlan, 7/26/2015 I live by the Gulf of Mexico and sand is an issue. Vacuuming never seems to get it all out. My sister and I were talking and she was wondering if rug beaters were still made. I found your website and ordered 2. These work wonderfully well and are durable, They're beautifully made. Sand isn't an issue for us any longer. Thank you so very much!
  • Rattan

    Deirdre Baker, 12/26/2014 The rattan carpet beater is excellent. Works really well on all our carpets. It's is made very well and is very sturdy. Better the using a vacuum and ruining carpets! Love it!! Thanks!!
  • (Really) Oldie but Goodie

    Barbara Needell, 8/1/2014 We have several wonderful rugs from a Tibetan Refugee Center in Nepal. I realized that these gorgeous carpets have been around much longer than vacuum cleaners, and that an old fashioned carpet-beater was the tool I needed. This one is a classic and perfect match. Thank you!
  • I am from Finland

    Sarah Kotschack Simmons, 6/15/2014 I am from Finland and now live in Dewitt, VA in the middle of 'RED CLAY AND DUST'. Childhood memories came back of beating rugs at our summer home in Gumbo Strand so decided to look for one on Amazon - my first go to for anything I need including Finn Crisp and Fazers Chocolate. So happy to have found these. Am ordering 2 today!
  • Rattan Carpet Beater

    Tuula Wynne, 7/3/2013 I love my Rattan Carpet Beater :)!! I grew up in Finland and as a child spent many a day alongside my mom whipping them rugs- Not until I was an adult did I realize how mentally ''cleansing'' this weekly ritual was:) --get OUT those frustrations...+ get a clean rug:)= win win,no? Thank you again for up lifting my life .
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner July 2013 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Tuula!!
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