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Classic Stylized Avian Target Practice
50 years ago (in the mid 1960’s) a small family-owned German toy maker who loved to hunt came up with the idea of making appealing targets for children and young adults to practice their marksmanship skills – hence this Classic Stylized Avian target. Although the vibrant color scheme might put you in the frame of psychedelic art of that period, this is in fact a traditional German folk-art pattern. Get this beauty along with either Double-Barrel Dart Gun shown here or the traditional Bavarian Toy Crossbows to give any young hunter a fun target. (Both can be found in our holiday catalog and on the website.) This puts the fun in functionality.

The Target is made up of 10 removable parts that depending on your aim will fly off when hit by a dart/arrow. It measures 19” wide by 15” high. Easily assembled and re-assembled. It comes with a stand and clamp.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Toy Contains Small parts. For ages 12 and Up.
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