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Vintage Schuco VW Beetle (White & Black)
$ 39.95 48.95
Last made 30+ years ago in Europe, classic Schuco windup cars have become very popular collectibles. We’ve been keeping our eyes open, and while the overall supply is drying up, we are happy to be able to offer a few new models this year. They feature the standard Schuco windup key, on-off switch, and, of course, the directional adjustment knob, allowing you to send it zooming off in a straight line or a wide circle. The classic white or black VW Beetle is equally gorgeous and curvy. We can’t get enough of these, and we bet the folks on your list will love them too. Quantities are
very limited. Very collectible – especially as the Beetle is no longer made.
We are sorry, this product is currently unavailable.
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