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Winter Sale Collapsible Drinking Cups
Made of Stainless Steel
43A02.01 Large Collapsible Cup

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Beautifully designed, the cups can be pulled to their full height (2" or 3") instantly but then are easily collapsed, and you snap the stainless cover back on them for storage or further travel.

The Small size is essentially a large "shot glass" and the Large size (5 oz.) a decent drinking cup. Needless to say, they will never break.

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Overall Rating
  • Small but sturdy

    Janet Peterson , 12/24/2016 The small collapsible cup is very sturdy. It is excellent to put in the bathroom and take an evening pill. The cap keeps everything neat and tidy. The overall image is eloquent.
  • Quality Item

    Scott Hagan, 12/16/2016 This is a sturdy, well constructed collapsible stainless steel cup. It's made of fairly thick walled steel and the cap snaps on firmly, I only hope the fit relaxes a bit with use because it can be a bit tough to remove the cap. An upside to this cup over others is that is does not have a short chain and key ring clasp, so it is clean and smooth, with nothing to get snagged on.
  • Useful camping item

    Jane, 6/21/2016 The order was handled expeditiously. The cup is perfect for my needs and is sturdy and will last.
  • Excellent Small Cup.

    Anice King, 6/12/2016 Received my two small collapsible cups today. Very well made and glad they are stainless steel.. My mother had one which was plastic. After she died I kept it for several years until it cracked. I really didn't think they were still made and was delighted that I found your company. I keep one in my purse and my son keeps one in his car so that when I take my Chihuahua out during summer months, I can give her some water as she is only small - five pounds. And she doesn't like to stick her head in a large cup, so she is happy and I am happy. I thank you and Sassy (my dog) thanks you for still making the small cups!
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner June 2016 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Anice!!
  • Outstanding!

    Tony Shawley, 12/29/2014 Even though it was a small, inexpensive order, it was handled quickly and without error. The item was exactly as described and arrived in perfect condition. I discovered the only error that was made Christmas morning when my wife opened the package and that error was mine. I didn't remove the catalog enclosed in the shipping box. Now I have a whole list of upcoming gift giving occasions as well as an accompanying item for each day. Did anyone know Feb. 8th in Boy Scout Day. To celebrate, she wants the Universal Knife Sharpener.
  • Good Solid Quality

    Bill, 4/2/2014 I travel a lot on business and after watching a segment on the national news about some hotel housekeeping staff not washing those room glasses, or worse, cleaning them with the spray cleaner they clean the bathroom with, I thought of getting one of these to carry with me and use on my trips.
  • This is Not a Cheaply Made Product

    Little Timmy, 1/17/2014 Very much the high-quality product I expected--as usual for GW. Pricy, but worth it. The high-grade stainless and overall workmanship AND the absence of all scratches. Don't know how to give it as a gift . . . perhaps for a lunch or picnic kit.
  • Classic Cup

    Michael Crisp, 12/31/2013 Classic cup - my grandfather had one, and when I saw it in your catalog, I had to get one for myself and 3 sons. My uncle was in for Xmas, and when he saw what I gave my sons, he wanted one as well - so I gave him mine. These classic collapsible cups are traditional from the 30's - 60's, are unique, and make great gifts. I'll be buying another one for me, and then will buy more as gifts to my key staff and friends.
  • Stainless Foldable Cups

    Marieanne McCullough, 7/20/2013 I like them a lot. They are sturdy and compact. A bit heavy but good quality. Look forward to years of use!
  • 5 Star Backpacking

    Bernard Josephson, 7/14/2013 Space and weight are the primary concerns of a backpacker. These handy, light and strong cups are great. They fold up into a really small size and weigh next to nothing. The mess gear is also great it attaches together to make a small package. I was pleasantly surprised by the combo of a spoon, fork and a sharp knife with other gadgets attached. Very satisfied with my purchases. Joe
  • Collapsible Cups

    Mark Hammell, 6/18/2013 Excellent product description, immediate response to the order, plenty of follow-up information, quick delivery. I'm very pleased with the entire process.
  • Stod

    GW Stoddard, 4/19/2013 I will tell you what he reported to me. They were sent as a birthday gift to my brother. As a missionary family spend about half their time in the fields of Thailand. He said they will work well because of there being made of stainless steel and are collapsible.
  • In your CUPS

    Mike Neal, 2/22/2011 good for reinacting from the revolutionary war through civil war. even if they are stainless steel
  • wonderful

    Robert Lanktree, 12/25/2010 wonderfully made, great workmanship!
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