Collapsing Garden and Leaf Rake with Extendable Handle

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Collapsing Garden and Leaf Rake with Extendable Handle
extraordinarily light and versatile
33A02.01 Collapsing Garden and Leaf Rake with Extendable Handle

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Made of steel, this beauty reaches as far out as 5 ft. or as near as 3 ft. With 15 springy steel tines that can be compressed as close as 7" or spread to cover as much as 22". A simple twist-lock governs how long the handle is and a locking lever how wide the tines are spread. Superb for rapidly raking large lawns or other surfaces of loose debris.

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Overall Rating
  • Perfect rake

    Kenna Mercer, 10/13/2020 This rake is great. Sturdy and well made. The handle extends to fit the person using it, even down to a young person. Big box stores do not have this.
  • Clever, lightweight, and tough

    Matthew Phenix, 9/3/2020 I despise leaf blowers, so for the jungly gravel garden space in my new home, a good rake was a necessity. After a failed attempt to find a durable classic bamboo-tine rake, I settled on Garrett Wade's collapsing steel beauty. I couldn't be happier. It's clever, lightweight, and tough — one of the few good tools I've found that looks and performs more expensive than it is. Highly recommended.
  • wonderful Rake

    Armando , 6/13/2020 Beautiful rake, powerful tool , very happy
  • The joy in this

    Toni, 5/25/2020 This expandable rake is extraordinary. Truly a delight. And so worthwhile. I can't imagine my garden life without it.
  • Collapsing garden rake

    Edward Feinberg, 5/3/2020 Works exactly as advertised and fits into small places easily..
  • Best rake

    Edward, 4/27/2020 The adjustable width makes it ideal to get into tight corners or in-between stepping stones. It also makes it easier to get the leaves or weeds without getting the dirt. Collapsing the tines and handle makes it easy to store.
  • gardening made aesier

    Adam Roses, 12/1/2019 I wish that I had this rake 30 years ago. It is light and flexible and although I have a Honda dethatcher. This is much easier on my back also. I find it so much easier to do a smaller section of the lawn at a time and not have a mountain of dead grass to deal with, I can go on my own schedule, My neighbors are also interested in this item.
  • Useful and versatile!

    Sandy, 7/20/2019 This is so useful in my garden beds! It adjusts easily and smoothly. The narrow size has been useful in reaching the difficult back parts of my flower beds.
  • Nice Rake

    Cliff, 5/20/2019 Nice rake. Seems very solid. Very convenient to have a large and small rake in one. It takes up a very small amount of space which is importnt.
  • Expanding Rake

    Dean L., 5/16/2019 Excellent product. Was looking for a rake like this, and found it at Garrett Wade. Using it in a number of different situations, all with great results.
  • Heavenly

    Maddy Wennerstrom , 5/11/2019 70 years old, 2 husband's down (RIP).Don't need # 3....Have Versatile Garden/Lawn Rake....Don't you just love the word...Versatile!
  • Collapsing Yard rake

    Richard, 2/25/2019 The collapsing yard rake is great! It is lightweight, versatile, and easy to store.
  • You will not go wrong purchasing this rake.

    Carla Hornock , 2/24/2019 I love this rake. It was so hard for me to find this so I bought two. The quality is 5 star. The ease if using it and storing it is also 5 stars. My first one lasted 21 years and that isnt a lie.
    Another reason why I bought two was one for my husband. He was always taking mine.
  • Where have you been?

    JP, 2/4/2019 Finally, a compact rake with varying width ... where have you been hiding?
  • Great Idea

    Peter, 12/27/2018 Part of my property has an incline with numerous scrubs and trees. This rake allows me to vary the width while working through and around all of the different plants and crowded areas. Plus the telescoping handle helps when there isn't much room
  • Collapsing rake

    Charlotte , 12/19/2018 Just what I wanted
  • Perfect rake

    James Archer, 12/17/2018 This rake works perfectly in and around the surface plants around our bushes,,
  • What a deal!

    Shira Smith, 11/11/2018 This is exactly what we wanted! We're able to reduce the width just enough to rake between shrubs. It's also the perfect light-weight leaf rake, and it's so reasonably priced!
  • Great rake.

    Susan Tidbit McCann, 11/5/2018 This folding rake turns into an efficient and well made rake that causes my leaves to tremble and makes for a quick job.
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