Four Small Collapsing Toys

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Four Small Collapsing Toys
Painted with pizzazz and personality
Irresistibly cute "action" figures
08A03.10 Four Small Collapsing Toys

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These are four small 3" high wood toys (Monkey, Zebra, Cat & Dog) that collapse when the bottom is pressed and then spring back upright (remember those?). Made in the Czech Republic.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Toy Contains Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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Overall Rating
  • childhood memory

    Mary Ellen Murphy , 9/10/2020 Exactly what I have been looking for!
    A childhood toy that I can share with my grandchildren.
  • Memories

    Grandpa Sal, 12/11/2018 Toys to bring back memories
  • Collapsing Toys

    Harry A Evangelist, 11/5/2018 Smaller than the original and do not have the true flexibility either. Disappointing.
  • Non-collapsing toys

    Michael, 12/20/2017 Ok, here's what I think.  These little toys, having just arrived, look exactly like what is pictured.  However, the performance is disappointing.  In these modern times, any change is often viewed as an improvement.  With these toys, the threads that used to hold the parts together and allowed the animals to collapse when the spring was compressed have been replaced by fishing line.  Granted, the fishing line is more durable, but it is also stiff.  So, when the spring is compressed, the animals make some odd movement, but there's just not enough mass to overcome the stiffness of the fishing line.  If I could, I'd replace the lines and install weaker springs.
  • Looks good but doesn't perform

    Priscilla Backstrom, 12/20/2017 The painting and overall look was nice but the action was too stiff and the characters difficult to make work
  • Collapsing W

    Daniel Schlafly, 5/23/2017 A great revival of a classic toy, which I remember well from years ago.
  • A Piece of childhood.

    Andy, 11/15/2016 A fun nostalgic stocking stuffer. Everyone, no matter their age needs a toy in their stocking.
  • Great Gifts

    Thomas, 3/13/2015 I am a senior citizen and have fond memories of similar collapsing toys when I was a child. The price is surprisingly low for this kind of quality and finished detail. I was pleased to give these to my grand daughter.
  • Wooden Toys

    H Brummett, 1/3/2015 The product is as advertised. I would recommend these to other buyers.
  • Nice

    Helen, 12/3/2014 Brought back memories. Nicely crafted wooden toys and cute.
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