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Clearance Combination Fractional Display Digital Calipers
For those of us still metrically challenged, these meet the way you want to work
96T01.02 Steel Digital Caliper

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Calipers with digital readouts have been a godsend to American woodworkers (and non-woodworkers) who have trouble reading a rotary dial scale. Then again, many of us still like to work in good old-fashioned fractions. These special calipers meet all our needs - displaying in fractions (Polymer Caliper reads in 1/128", Steel Caliper in 1/64", and both in thousands (0.001") of an inch or tenths of a millimeter (each 0.1mm equals 0.004"). Maximum capacity (in and outside) is 6". Recent improvements include a 2X increase in speed.

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Although nominally just as accurate as the Steel Caliper, the Poly Caliper (which provides this function at a before unheard-of low cost) has a little bit of flex in the jaws if you put pressure on them in use. However, they are also much lighter and very easy to carry around. Take your pick. Both are terrific tools.
Specs (Polycarbonite)

Polycarbonite Frame Fractional Digital Caliper
Measuring Range: 0-6"
Resolution: 0.0005" / 0.01mm / 1/128"
Accuracy: 1/128"
Repeatability: 0.001"
High Measuring Speed: 120" / second
Overall Length: 9-5/16"
Weight: 1.8 oz.

Specs (Steel)

Steel Frame Fractional Digital Caliper
Measuring Range: 0-4" / 100mm, 0-6 / 150mm, 0-8 / 200mm, 0-12 / 300mm
Resolution: 0.0005" / 0.01mm / 1/64"
Accuracy: 6" / 150mm: ± .001" / .02mm / 1/64"; 12 / 300mm: ± .0016" / .04mm / 1/64"
Repeatability: .005" / .01mm / 1/64"
Measuring System: Capacitive
Display: LCD (10.0mm high)
Maximum Measuring Speed: 120" / second
Operational Temperature: 0°C to +40°C
Maximun Relative Humidity: 80%


Both use 3V, type CR2032 Environmentally-Safe Lithium Batteries
Battery life approximitely 1 year.

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Overall Rating
  • Caliper

    William Grissom, 11/15/2018 Very nice large LCD screen smooth movement better than I expected
  • Combinationbolts Fractional Display Digital Calipers

    Bill Salg, 8/3/2018 I gave it to my son for his (starter) tool box. He's measuring everything in order to purchase correct size parts for his bicycles ,scooters, ect. The calipers have already saved him several return trips to the repair shops for parts such as spokes, nuts/bolts and pins.
  • What a great product

    Prabhat, 8/4/2017 Great product.
  • Just what I needed

    Paul, 1/24/2017 Nice tool for doing what I need it for; measuring infrequent stuff when doing small projects. And it's accurate. When I received it, I measured several drill bits and it's right on the money. BUT, it wouldn't take much to damage it, so one must be careful more so that with a metal tool.
  • An Excellent Steel Caliper

    Mark Korbitz, 3/2/2015 This is an excellent steel caliper and very reasonably priced. I recommend it to anyone in the shop or lab without reservation.
  • Doesn't Work!

    Gary Reed, 2/11/2014 Looks great, but I can't turn it on. It appears to be a problem with the button switch as a new battery didn't solve the problem.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Poly Digital Caliper. It sounds like it may be defective. Please return it to us, using the return label which was included in the package. We apologize for this inconvenience.
  • Steel Digital Caliper

    Nick Macchiarolo, 1/18/2014 Very high quality - even includes a spare battery!
  • Eliminates The Guessing Game

    Ed Dela Pena, 10/2/2013 Don't always use calipers all the time but when I do it moves the project that much quicker.
  • Excellent For Most Applications.

    Larry Crowder, 6/24/2013 Aside from the ordinary utilization of a caliper, I measure bore sizes for trumpets and cornets in thousandths of an inch. This is the best I've owned for this purpose. It is precise, consistent, and absolutely trustworthy. For the more mundane uses, such as determining o.d. measurements on bolts, dowels, etc, I find it a bit touchy." It doesn't serve me as well as a manual caliper - is not as quick with the information I need. Over all, I give it high marks, though. It is very welcome in my workshop."
  • Nice!

    Mark, 6/10/2013 I measured a set of feeler gauges and the caliper was dead-on accurate. I used it to fine tune my compound miter saw, and the results are amazing!
  • Steel Digital Caliper

    Hop Crowder Jr., 3/8/2013
  • Awesome Tool!

    Dan Sorrels, 1/2/2013 This tool wowed me from the moment I pulled it out of the package. An extraordinary value....very high quality, seems durable though I have just begun to use it. Makes a drawer full of other layout and measuring tools in my shop obsolete, and puts most to shame. Quick and easy measurements, inside or out, and choice of display measures is very handy.
  • Very Accurate

    Coraldoc, 12/21/2010 I checked the accuracy of this straight out of the box against a range of known measures, and it was dead on accurate at each one.
  • Horrible

    Matt, 1/9/2010 The plastic (poly) calipers aren't worth a dang. They are fairly accurate, but they are super flimsy so who even knows. The depth guage on mine broke within 2 days of using them. I plan on returning these for a refund.
  • Great Value For The Price

    Numismatist, 7/21/2009 I needed a digital caliper that displays in metric (hundredths of a mm) as well as fractional values for measuring coins to check for counterfeits. This filled the bill admirably without breaking the bank. I especially appreciate its smooth operation and ease of use. You can pay a lot more for calipers with scientific-level precision and accuracy but for numismatics it's more than adequate. Definitely a keeper, I recommend it for anyone with similar needs.
  • Steel Digital Caliper

    Rick DeHaven, 4/1/2009 I purchased your digital calipers about 8 months ago and I have not stopped using them since. Originally, I used a set of steel calipers but getting the right size accurately dialed in was difficult. I was limited to an accuracy of 1mm. Now I can be confident that if I need 1.75mm I pick up the Garrett Wade calipers and dial in my measurement. The first set of digital calipers that I recieved from Garrett Wade were nonfunctional, BUT Garrett Wade, after one phone call, quickly replaced the calipers without asking for the nonfunctional calipers back. I kept the errant calipers and show them to friends and tell the story of a good company that stood behind their tools no questions asked". Since then I have not bought a quality tool from anyone except Garrett Wade and I have purchased many tools. I am not a rich man but I have always believed that the best tool for a job was the best tool you could buy. Garrett Wade sells the best tools."
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