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Sale Combination Knife/Rule
Every pocket should have one
Designed by and made for Garrett Wade
02N01.01 Combination Knife/Rule

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This is an especially handy knife made exclusively for Garrett Wade. It combines a solid but very slim 2-bladed stainless steel folding knife with a 6" folding precision rule graduated in 64ths, as well as a metric scale. Only 3/8" thick, it weighs only 0.8 oz. Length 3" closed

It's entirely unique and is easy to carry. You'll use its rule all the time - guaranteed.
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
3 1/2""
Overall Length:
8 1/4"
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Material:
Stainless Steel

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Overall Rating
  • Pleased

    William J Morgan, 9/25/2019 A very nice, light pocket knife with the added feature of a rule which is handy.
  • A Real Prize

    John Littel, 2/23/2018 My favorite new tool! Very handy, smooth, and cool- a new prize. The fold out has half millimeters, 32nds, and 64ths- a craftsman's knife.
  • As a ruler, superb. As for the blades, light duty.

    Jesse, 11/29/2015 The ruler is very handy. I put the knife away for awhile, then found myself missing the ruler, and back into my pocket it went! As for the blades, they're light-weight. Letter openers and such. I carry a Spyderco for serious bladework. But the ruler? Heck, I even measure spots on my computer screen for web design!
  • Nice Tool

    DMS, 1/24/2015 Good price, I got it on sale, for a handy tool. In my job it is handy to have a scale at hand. And since I always carry a pocket knife for trimming things and opening packages, this combo tool is a great add to my kit.
  • Overpriced

    Chris Smith, 12/30/2014 This knife is way overpriced and cheaply made for what it is. At best they have about five dollars of material in it, but the advertising makes it appear to be great. Disappointed because I bought it as gift hoping it to be of decent quality for the price, however I would be embarrassed to give this to anyone.
  • Tip On Using The Ruler

    Phil Binkley, 12/27/2014 Like many of the other reviewers, I have an older version of this useful tool. The older knife does not have the flange on the end of the ruler found in this version. Like one reviewer, I had some problems opening the ruler and found the flange hard to use. However, I found that, in addition to making sure everything is well oiled, the ruler easily flips up using the flange if you hold the knife by its ends and not in the middle. I believe the knife is compressible and if you hold the knife in its middle as you try to open the ruler you are in fact working against yourself. So hold the knife by its tips and the ruler is easy to open. I love this knife and am glad to see that it is still made and sold.
  • A Winning Combination

    Jerry, 3/13/2014 Once you start carrying this implement, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it. Endlessly functional for everyday tasks, yet small & light enough to be unobtrusive. My sole complaint is that it's difficult to extract the ruler extension, particularly when the item is new, but I'm hoping that it will loosen up a bit with use.
  • Tiny Useful Tool

    Dave, 9/9/2013
  • Ingenious Design

    Fred, 9/8/2013 Small/compact and comes in handy.
  • Panic & Reward

    William O. Chishko, 7/29/2013 Several days ago, I noticed that my combination knife and pocket rule was missing. Without it l would be lost. I have carried one of these for at least thirty years now. I am retired. When I was working I was involved with quality assurance and engineering. This tool was indispensable. I used it every day. I am a skilled cabinetmaker. I use it in my shop and to check lumber and other items I purchase. Buy one you won't be disappointed. I found my other one after receiving the new ones. With three grandsons, they will find new homes.
  • Cool Knife

    Heather, 1/12/2013 Cool knife. A little hard to get the ruler part out at first.
  • Knife / Rule

    Rick Madsen, 12/28/2012 Very happy with the knife. I have it attached to my keys and the rules comes in handy in my shop.
  • Knife and Rule

    Joe Bumbleburg, 3/9/2012 This knife and rule is a very fine tool which I carry with me. I have a couple of extras for my briefcase and my work table at home. I am considering them as gifts.
  • Neat Product and Great Customer Service

    Kevin, 12/10/2011 Bought 2 of these for gifts. Opened them up and was disappointed as the rule seemed hard to read. Figured out that the side plate was on upside down. Opened up the other one and it was correct and looked great. The rule is clean and markings are sharp (down to 1/64 of an inch) but, you need good eyes or a pair of cheaters" to read it. So I called Customer Service (a little after 7am on a Saturday!) and spoke to Sandy who quickly walked me through the process and got a replacement on the way. 5 Stars on the Customer Service. I agree that the shipping did seem a little high but, it does include a prepaid return label so, if you are not satisfied it's easy to get a refund / exchange. The free knife that I got with my order was also better than I expected so overall and excellent value."
  • Precision Rule

    Vic Hotho, 11/20/2010
  • Best Tool for Everday

    Mike Mac, 8/5/2010 This is a must have for everyday use has a million ways to use at work ,holds razor sharp edge,also neat & clean enough to use as watch fob on your favorite pocket watch. Must have two or three in your home.
  • Overpriced Ruler

    Jim A, 7/18/2010 This knife / ruler combo is nicely made but I don't know what I was thinking when I paid the charges. It's over priced for its advantages and the shipping was ridiculously over charged. I'm keeping it only for the fact I can't find anything that matches it.
  • What a Great Idea

    Mike, 4/18/2010 This is great little knife/ruler that I always have in my vest pocket. it is very well made. I have bought several extras for gifts, and will be ordering a few more.
  • The Chum In My Pocket

    Dirk Bouwens, 7/31/2009 I have had several similar knives with a ruler but they have all mysteriously disappeared. I was relieved that you have exactly the type of knife that I like and I hope that you will purvey them for a long time.
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