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Combination Moisture Meter
$ 118.85
The Digital Moisture Meter reads surface or interior moisture on range of materials: wood, sheetrock, concrete, etc. To check for interior moisture, select the pin mode (there are four options: pin/pinless wood or pin/pinless other materials) remove the protective cap, and press the two metal points into your wood surface for an instant display. For impenetrable materials (or that you do not wish to damage), leave the cap on, select pinless mode and material and place the back of the device flat against your surface. Quick, clear readout gives you fast, accurate information. 9V battery (included).

If you work with wood or other water-permeable materials, or are a homeowner, you know it’s crucial to monitor moisture levels. Moisture or high humidity can promote rot and mold, and sometimes these conditions aren’t obvious. This device will help provide ongoing quality and longevity. It’s an exceptionally useful device for the professional and homeowners alike, and comes highly recommended.
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