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Sale Compact Emergency Car Battery Jumper
Highly portable and powerful
With 12,000 mAh it'll start your car multiple times on a single charge!
04D03.19 Compact Emergency Car Battery Jumper

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This is a highly portable (1 lb, sized 6-1/2 x 3 x 1-1/4") rare-earth emergency car starter that will deliver at least 200 amps (max 400) to a depleted car battery in an emergency. Rating is 12,000 mAh (Milliamp Hours). And it will do it multiple times if adequately charged. It should be "topped up" every 3 months even if not used. And the included 12 V plug allows you to do this "on board", so you never have to take the device away.

In addition, the battery has 2 USB ports and can be used to charge a full variety of cell phones, MP3 players, iPads, and tablet computers using the bundle of connectors (shown).

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  • Emergency Battery Jumper Doover

    Thomas Jacobsen, 3/20/2020 Great piece of gear, had some initial problems with getting my Credit Card Payment authorised, could not speak highly enough of the service and courtesy of The Garrett Wade Crew in resolving my problem, both in written form and then by Voice Contact over Skype at an Ugly time of night here in Oz.
  • Portable Car Jump Start Battery

    Ross Katz, 5/5/2018 I love this product. I use it often to jump start my truck when the battery is to weak. Compact and powerful, it starts my large SUV with ease every time. Because it holds a charge for a really long time, I can travel anywhere without worrying about finding someone to give me a jump out in the middle of nowhere. I've tried competing products and they really just don't compare. It's very versatile, able to jump start a car, cell phones, ipad's, laptops, or any other portable device really. This is easily one of my favorite recent purchases!!
  • great add to emergency kit

    Patricia Byrd, 9/28/2017 I bought 5 of these last year, kept one and made sure all the kids had one for their cars. I have used mine on the road to charge pads, phones etc (everyone has a phone, but car only has 1 usb port) and once to jump my car. Instantly! with all that on a single 1000 mile trip, the unit only went down 1 bar. I did not recharge it as it has 3 bars and am unsure about battery 'memory', so I'm letting it discharge completely before recharging. probably not necessary.
  • Emergency Responder Tool Kit Necessity!

    Raphael D'Amato, 8/21/2016 I haven't had to use the jumper yet, but as a member of my local (rural) fire department I am keeping it in my response vehicle and expecting it to be helpful quite often. Having a very large district which includes hundreds of square miles of forest land, no phone or power service, we are frequently in need of jumping vehicle and needing extended battery life on our mobile devices (primary for gps tracking and searching). I'm keeping this unit charged and close at hand in my emergency response toolkit and recommending it to my colleagues. Thank you.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner August 2016 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Raphael!!

  • Handy, compact and powerful.

    Skubie, 11/24/2015 I live in rural WA and both vehicles are 4WD. So on the assumption that I am likely, in inclement weather, to encounter people in distress, I keep first aid kits, emergency blankets, tow straps, jumper cables, hatchets and field knives in each car.

    As recently, one of these as well. In the two months since buying mine I have used it twice to start a dead car. Have not used it to recharge phones or tablets so far, but I'd say its performance in starting cars is justification enough for one of these. And my decision to get this was based on watching AAA jump start a car with one of these. Works as advertised, and seeing how compact it is for the first time is a shock!
  • A Good Samaritan in a Small Package

    Michael Young, 4/30/2015 This small charger has the power to start most any car that doesn't have a totally dead or damaged battery. The charger adapter cords are a handy feature and have already been used on a three day canoe trip with the Boy Scouts- Handy for the scouts also. In the three day trip it charged multiple tablets, phones, and I Pods. There was no no loss of power as measured by the unit itself even after the flashlight was used for two nights. I did boost one battery on a full sized pickup. The units measure of the truck's battery was a most welcome feature. I would advise waiting two or three minutes prior to attempting to start the receiving vehicle. The power sunk from four to three lights after the truck started, but the unit recharged in less than an hour afterwards. I travel a great deal and do enjoy helping those in distress. This small piece of equipment works well without hauling out the jumper cables unless more power than the mini charger puts out is needed. The 12 volt charger is a good feature to reassure me that the charger is put away in its nice storage box in full working order. It seems that the product research team at Garrett Wade settled on another winning combination.
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