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Clearance Compact Folding Shovels
Perfect for keeping in the back of your car
Dig out of snow or use around the campsite
69B01.01 Steel Folding Shovel

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69B01.02 Large Steel Folding Shovel

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69B01.10 Pair Steel Folding Shovels

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For many years of reliable, heavy-duty use. Black oxide finished steel blades. Positive lock for the handle. Double folding design. Includes a nice storage case. Blade is sized 4­" x 6". Keep one of these in your car. Don't be caught unprepared.

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Overall Rating
  • Very pleased

    Victor Seger, 4/11/2019 Compact good item
  • folding shovel

    Robert Rankin, 3/10/2019 Good quality it is just what I was looking for easy to carry on my person or in my truck
  • compact folding shovels

    Diane, 1/3/2019 Bought the pair so I can keep one in my truck and my husband has one inside his. Small, compact and the bag keeps them where they should be. Multi-purpose use up here in the woods including being able to move animals hit by cars off the road.
  • folding shovel

    jpob, 10/19/2018 Very handy and durable small shovel
  • Tools have a purpose--

    LAMike, 12/9/2017 Bought both the small one and the bigger cousin........... Going in my bug out bags, back pack for quick evacuations and the larger to "set up a temporary place to live" if the need arises. Like Shaq said " I can now dig it !!!". LAMike
  • Handy little suckers!

    Cris Ruiz, 5/24/2017 Bought this set two or three years ago, always kept in the truck in case of a mud hole or when camping, keeping it handy for latrine duty as well as stomping out a fire. Everyone wants to borrow it and finally, some one borrowed it clean out of my truck. I guess it's time for a new set!
  • Perfect accessory for my ATV

    Stephen Witcher, 2/3/2017 Just perfect! Strong enough to strand up to the rigors of ATVing when you need something to get you out when stuck. It fold small enough to fit in my ATV and UTV without losing a lot of storage space. Can be used as a shovel and turn the blade 90 degrees and you have a hoe. Wow what a well made product.
  • If you want a compact shovel, look no further

    R., 7/10/2016 Ultra compact. Nice finish. Robust design. A good addition to any "just in case bag".
  • I can dig it!

    Jann, 3/10/2016 Wonderful product. Well made and compact.
  • Compact Insurance

    Marie, 3/2/2014 I haven't had the opportunity to use this yet, but it appears sturdy and well made. I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 due to it's extremely short shaft which makes it less than ideal, but the fact that it easily fits into my vehicle emergency" bag means I always have the means to dig my way out of any unforeseen situation. "
  • Handy for Borrowing

    Stephanie, 12/17/2013 These little beauties are a snap to put together and great to use. Just carry one in your car and anytime you admire a friends plants and they say you should take a start....just get the shovel and get it! Or dig your self some roadside wildflowers. Keep them clean in summer and in winter dig yourself out of a drift! Handy, strong, cute.
  • A Very Useful Upgrade

    Carl Guzowsky, 9/27/2013 I like these shovels. They are a nice upgrade from the old surplus shovels that folded but had a long handle. These fit nicely in the car for use in the winter and on camping trips.
  • Prepare for Disappointment

    Brian Wilson, 3/24/2013 Sorry GW. These babies are NOT up to your otherwise excellent standards. Flimsy and difficult to prepare for use. Might work if tightening mechanism holds. Army surplus units available for close to same price also have blade adjustable to 90 degrees for other purposes. The serrated" edging is as amusing as it is useful. The attractive price did not produce and attractive, utilitarian product for which you're famous."
  • In an Emergency OK

    Robert Seddon, 1/23/2012 Not big enough for real serious stuff, but real useful in an emergency.
  • This is a Good Deal

    Rob M, 1/2/2012 I have a gerber large shovel for the price of the set of 2 and these are better! Although the quality of gerber's steel is better, these fold better and are more compact.
  • Handy and Sturdy

    MB, 12/29/2010 This little shovel packs a big punch and is sturdy and compact. It could be used in the trunk of a care for an emergency dig out of ice and snow or as a great camping shovel. It is strong and has a serrated cutting edge, which gets you through ice, or rocky ground. It takes up practically no room in the trunk and fits in a backpack or saddle bag. Great, useful gift!
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