Compact Solar Charger

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Compact Solar Charger
valuable security "off the grid"
17A01.03 Mercury 27 Recharger

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17A01.06 Optional Battery

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17A01.07 Mercury 10 Recharger

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Portable Chargers are increasingly a standard part of our equipment. The Mercury 10 will recharge not only any Smart Phone but also any Tablet device, portable GPS, Digital Camera etc. It has an output of 10 Watts, two USB ports, Weighs less than a pound and is 9½" x 5½" x ½" folded.

The Mercury 27 is designed not only to recharge all Smart Phones, Tablets and others listed above, but can also be used to recharge any brand of 12V DC Battery off the grid. It has an output of 27 Watts, has two USB ports, weighs 36 oz. and is 11¾" x 8" x 1¾" folded.

Both are highly recommended. The Special 3000 mAh Mercury Battery fits either to store power for use during a cloudy day.

Update: 17A01.03 is no longer available.

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