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Sale Complete Scraper Set
All the tools you need for surface scraping
19N06.10 Pair Flat Scrapers

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19N09.10 Complete Scraper Set (All)

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63C02.01 Solid Carbide Burnisher

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70K06.02 Set Of 3 Curved Scrapers

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94P01.01 Leather Scraper Wallet

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Hand scrapers are absolutely essential woodworking tools for preparing hardwood surfaces for final smoothness. Garrett Wade has assembled the four elements that provide what you need:

-Two flat scrapers made by Lie-Nielsen that are as good as any available;
-Two curved scrapers made in Europe;
-A professional solid carbide burnisher with both a smooth-ground round section and a second, more aggressive, burnishing section (comes with a protective synthetic leather sheath).

The complete set gives you all the tools you need to discover how very useful surface scraping can be in final fine wood preparation.

Click here to Download a PDF* formatted informational / instructional sheet. (*Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

(The leather scraper wallet shown in the picture is no longer available.)

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Overall Rating
  • scrapper

    Alois Bresocnik, 1/29/2017 great product much better than a piece of glass stays sharp much longer also
  • Very sharp tool.

    Leroy, 8/8/2016 Well wrapped as received. Works great renewing the surface of my wood cutting boards.
  • Carving Spoons

    Lee, 12/27/2014 Really nice for the tight spaces and the flats actually work great on the backs of the spoons!
  • Horn/Woodworking

    Hornsmith, 8/10/2009 I just got this set of 2 scrapers. I use them on both wood and horn. I was expecting it to help but was surprised how much easier shaping the project was. The thicker one is great for taking off large areas of smooth material. The small one is great for more detailed work. Holds an edge very well. Be careful, the scrapers simply smooth the surface by following the existing surface. If it starts out uneven you will simply be smoothing the uneven surface.
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