Comprehensive Sharpening Set for All Cutting Tools

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New Comprehensive Sharpening Set for All Cutting Tools
with an extra large stone, great for larger knives
37B01.04 Comprehensive Sharpening Set

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This Comprehensive Sharpening Set immediately caught our attention, because it has critical design features that make it a pleasure to use.
Start with the stone itself: a double-sided (1,000 and 6,000 grit) carborundum sharpening stone – sized an exceptionally large 3 x 8" (24 sq in.). A large surface like this is the very best for larger cutting tools, including long bladed knives.
The stone is held by by a special 2-way jig. In one configuration, the slope holds the stone level in the tray. This is for most typical usage. But for sharpening blades at especially low angles, turn the jig around and the stone will reposition at a low sloping angle, that gives your fingers clearance to work even lower.
The large plastic waterproof base, with its four stabilizing rubber feet, is designed to hold and contain the lubricating water plus the slurry produced during sharpening, that is so important in the action. Finally, there is the rubber squeeze ball (to squirt extra water on the surface); the clip-on guide to use with long blades (that help ensure a consistent bevel); and the small cleaning stone (used to clean off and dress the surface of the carborundum). This one is a gem. Very affordable. Highly recommended.

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