Concrete Bat Nest
$ 99.9500
Bats are perhaps some of the most misunderstood creatures in our culture--shy and gentle, they provide a valuable service to humans and gardens by eating copious amounts of insects. Because of this, and because they are fascinating animals, we think that homes actually benefit from having bats nearby. You can encourage them in their house-hunting with this pre-made, rugged concrete bat home that can be hung by its sturdy metal bale from a wall or tree. The back has a slight curvature to rest more comfortably against a tree trunk, but also has a pair of low ‘feet’ that protrude from the back to brace it evenly against a wall.

A pair of metal latches allows easy access to the interior for cleaning. Nest is painted black, to absorb heat, and has a distinctive bat image on the front. Pine slats and wood fiber line the interior. The base is open, to allow bats to access easily and comfortably. There are other bat dwellings on the market, but we think this one is very well made and will last a long time, while looking great.

10 ½” W; 16 ½” H
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