Cordless Precision Etcher

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Cordless Precision Etcher
14N10.09 Cordless Precision Etcher

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14N10.11 Replacement Diamond Tip

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As easy to use as a sharpened pencil. This precise etcher uses a 20,000 rpm motor and standard 3/32" Diamond engraving bit to etch on metal, plastic, ceramic and glass. Use a light touch. Precision tip, lightweight aluminum body and slim profile allows even intricate script and complicated designs in hard or brittle surfaces. Great for permanently identifying tools, toys, jewelry and valuables. Finger tip control on/off button. Works best while running at high speed, using a light, flowing touch. 2 AAA batteries included. Weighs only 2 oz.

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Overall Rating
  • Not up to usual GW standards

    Michael, 9/13/2017 I went through two tips on one tool, barely finishing my eight-letter last name. Use a VERY light touch. It works, but buy multiple tips.
  • Cordless Etcher

    Jeremy, 9/19/2015 It runs off of 2 x AAA batteries, and feels like you are writing with a pen. The etcher is great for putting initials on tools that you don't want your co-workers to get their grimy hands on!!
  • Disappointed in this one

    Thomas M Moody, 12/22/2014 For the first time, I have to say that this product was not all that good. It uses 2 batteries and it simply doesn't have enough power. If you put any pressure at all on it, it does not have enough power to continue to rotate, thus does not perform as to engraving anything. If you lessen the pressure to the extent that it will rotate, then will not mark whatever I am engraving to the extent that it would be readable.
  • Coordless Precision Etcher

    Curt Budny, 6/25/2014 This is a nice tool. The size of it makes it easy to use. I like the freedom from a plug in engraver and the small size-light weight is a great handling advantage. A medium pressure when using it works best. With a little practice you can do a good job. Works on iron and plastic well,
  • R.H.J.

    Russell Jella, 3/8/2014 I found this etcher to be very useful. It does exactly what I want it to do.
  • No Good

    SR, 7/25/2013 I thought the batteries that came with it were weak because it didn't work so good. After replacing them it still is very, very difficult to use. It will engrave but you have to hold it just right. It is not as easy as using pencil as claimed. I nearly returned it but didn't. Gave it to my son to play with- great kid toy for a 12 year old.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you very much for your review on the Cordless Precision Engraver. We take comments very seriously and appreciate the fact that you brought this to our attention. There is no gearing on the motor so that it can spin at a high rpm but because of that, it also cannot take much pressure before it loads down. To use it properly requires a light touch. Thanks again.
  • Junk

    Jay, 7/2/2013 It can't engrave butter. Waste of money and Benito GW's usual high standards. I thew it okay.
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