Cross-Band Heavy Duty Rubber Bands

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Cross-Band Heavy Duty Rubber Bands
Fantastic for large stacks
37D01.01 Box Mixed Color Cross Bands

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37D01.10 Box Mixed Color Cross Bands (3)

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We first saw this style of band in Europe, but were eventually able to find a manufacturer here. These seem to have such an obvious advantage, we couldnt believe that none of us had ever run across them in our school or working lives - but we had not.

When you have thick stack of paper or brochures to keep together, a conventional single band is not effective and two single bands at right angle is always sloppy. The solution is the Cross-Band - a single piece of sturdy rubber that can be pulled in all 4 directions, yet is joined in common on the front and the back.

Comes in assorted colors in a box of 50. They really work beautifully and are very reliable. We recommend them as simply a much better idea. Once you begin to use them, you get quite addicted to how well they work. Get 3 boxes at the same time, and Save.

Made In The United States.

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  • Cross Box-Bands

    Joseph Haber, 6/1/2018 This product is fantastic and worked perfectly for my needs. I am a board game player and I wanted the cross bands to keep my games from opening in transit. I wish that you had another mixed box with different sizes. I have seen that these bands come in 6", 8" and 10" sizes, yourbox only contains the 8" size.
  • H-bands

    Rebecca, 5/18/2018 I love these. We in the library world always bought them from Demco or Gaylord and we called them H-bands. We used them for many things but mainly to hold a book tightly after it was repaired or reglued.
  • cross band heavy duty rubber bands

    Ronald Coralian, 1/6/2017 I gave these as a gift to someone who must coordinate a large number of school photographs and carry the photo packages back and forth to the school. These bands made it much easier for her to handle a large number of packets.
  • Cross-Band rubber bands.

    Julie VanDriel, 4/11/2016 I am in love! I have all sorts of quilting magazines and they slip and slide. Now I have them in neat bundles. I feel organized . These great bands work for other things as well. I think the bands are terrific.
  • Too Late

    J. Vinton Lawrence, 1/2/2014 The heavy duty bands are great ....... unfortunately your package did not arrive until 29 December which soured the gift and the experience.
  • Bands

    Randy, 10/3/2013 I was hoping the range of sizes would extend to small but they do not
  • works great for proposals

    Cindy, 5/21/2009 We order these for our client proposals - they work great.
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