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Cuisine Ideale Chef's Knife
$ 42.5
On a recent buying trip, we found these Large Cuisine Ideale Chef's Knives among a large trove of forgotten cutlery in a warehouse in Thiers, France. This large chef knife, for all its apparent heft, is surprisingly light, nimble, and well-balanced, a plus when spending long hours at the cutting board. At 17" long and with an 11-1/2" blade, this is a big chef's knife, but you'll still be able to undertake all the tasks that you would do with a smaller knife. The blade has a hefty 3/16" thick spine at the solid steel bolster. It can break down a side of beef, quarter a chicken, or make easy work of cutting up a whole watermelon. The stiff, wide blade expands to nearly 2-1/2" deep at the bolster. Brass rivets and rosewood handles. Buy now, because when these are gone, they are gone forever. Do not machine wash. Hand wash only and wipe dry immediately.
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