Cut and Saw Pruning Pair

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Cut and Saw Pruning Pair
For Robust Pruning and Brush Clearing
23K04.20 Cut and Saw Pruning Pair

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Winter storms tend to drop dozens of limbs and branches, so that when Spring comes, brush clearing and sprucing up the the trees becomes Job Number 1. Undertake these heavy-duty chores with our best-selling Cut and Saw Pruning Pair: the perennially popular Folding Japanese Pruning Saw and Cast-Aluminum Bypass Pruners.

This is the best Japanese tooth-pattern folding saw there is. The blade is a full 10" long with a tooth depth of 3/16”, so it cuts through branches and small limbs very quickly. You can carry it in the deep tool pocket on your work pants, or toss it in your wheelbarrow. Either way, it's not going to be damaged. It’s a real beauty, especially when paired with the equally robust Cast-Aluminum Bypass Pruners. The Pruner handles are nicely shaped, cast aluminum and like the pruning saw, there are rubber grips for added comfort on all-day jobs. With an overall length about 8”, the Bypass Pruner works best on green material.

When preparing the yard for spring planting and summer picnics, let this Perfect Pair come to the rescue.

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