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Sale Damascus-Steel Chef's Knives
handmade the traditional way
75A01.23 Damascus Chef's Knife

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Knives with Damascus-steel blades are as unique as they are beautiful. Traditionally, these were handmade using special steels and centuries-old forging techniques that feature folding or twisting the steel over and over again (which produces the signature swirling patterns). The result is a blade that is extremely tough and can be honed to an exceptionally sharp edge. Today, industrial processes mimic the traditional process. In both, the steel structure makes it resistant to accidental abuse. (The famous Japanese Samurai swords were essentially made this way.)

This 8-3/8" long Damascus-Steel blade of this unique Chef's Knife is 1-¾" wide and super-sharp. The 6" handle is a beautiful construction of resin impregnated material (including Ebony), which is excellent for stability and long life. Always wash by hand and dry immediately. A unique and extraordinary gift.

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