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Sale Deep Reach Punch
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Deep-Reach Punch easily marks through hardware 3/4" thick
78B02.01 Deep Reach Punch

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78B02.10 Deep Reach Punch & Stud Finder

Available 12/30/2018

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Somehow you never have a pencil skinny enough to reach through to mark through thicker shelf standards, brackets or hardware accurately. This special tool is made specifically to mark wood, plaster and plaster board.

Just press the long point through until you hear and feel the "click". The spring-loaded plunger applies just the right amount of pressure. Brass and steel construction. The green Mechanical Stud Finder shown is no longer available. We now include one in blue (25T23.01).

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  • Simple/Effective

    George Mitchell, 9/21/2015 Accurate method of locating studs in walls. Foolproof, unlike battery powered stud finders which don't give accurate readings "all" the time. I have owned several stud finders but come close to the accuracy of this simple device.
  • Cheap and Overrated

    Brian (Quebec), 3/3/2015 In theory and in very short practice this is a good concept. Recently purchased and just tried it in the past few days and it broke within the first hour. The spring twisted and has caused the product to be completely useless and cannot be fixed. As noted for the first 3 studs I used it on it worked well. Unfortunately I am back to the uncertainty of using the battery operated tool that is only 50/50.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Stud Finder. We're sorry to hear that you aren't happy with it.  Please feel free to return it for a refund using the label which was included. If you'd like, you can try another one. The one you received may have been defective. We're sorry for the inconvenience.
  • The Best Stud Finder

    Roy Hill, 6/21/2013 This stud finder has been a staple in my tool pouch for years. I have owned one for many years. I will not be without one. I have purchased several and gave them for gifts. Any time someone sees me using it they always marvel at how simple and accurate it is. Before I retired from handyman work I always kept a spare in case I lost or broke the one I used everyday. I still have one in my tool pouch today and plan on dying with one in my collection of tools. Thanks for a great simple tool.
  • Simple pin stud finder

    Mike Owens, 3/26/2013 The pin stud finder is the epitome of easy is best. A slender pin is pushed into the sheetrock to find the stud. The is almost no trace of where you have been. The pins last for many uses but I bought extra with this purchase. I purchased one eight years ago but in a fit of gratitude was required to give it away and purchase this as a replacement. Years of easy use.
  • Where have you been all of these years?

    Peter, 3/3/2013 I've spent years tapping on drywall, hoping the next generation of electronic stud detectors actually works, and worst of all patching holes I made in the wrong places. This ingenious tool has ended them all. The holes it punches in the drywall are barely visible because the needle probe is so fine. My initial thought was that the needle was going to break all the time (that was why they supplied extra ones,) but I haven't broken one yet despite extensive use. Highly recommended!
  • Very pleased

    Jon Wells, 1/2/2013 Have not had to use these spare needles yet, but am confident they will do the job!
  • Great Item

    Tools4me, 8/31/2012 This is an excellent item and the only true way of finding studs. The hole that it makes is so tiny it is almost invisible.
  • Replaced a drawer full of electronic stud finders

    Mark, 3/27/2012 By far the best stud finder I have used. The electronic ones have too much interference from pipes, wires, etc, and before this I had taken to using the el cheapo one with a pivoting magnet, as it is at least reliable. The magnetic tip of this one allows you to find the stud nails, and the pin allows easy definition of the center of the stud. The holes are so tiny you can either ignore them (they're probably about to go behind something anyway, use your thumbnail to smooth and close them or use the tiniest smidge of spackle to close them up. If you hang things on your walls, get this, you won't be sorry. I'm about to get some more as backups, for the eventuality that I break it or lose it someday and they're no longer produced.
  • Spot on!

    Warren, 12/9/2011 This little jewel is an excellent stud finder. It's accurate, battery free, and I can easily slip it into a small pocket on my tool belt. I've tried several battery operated stud finders that left me disappointed (inaccurate readings), but this simple tool works every time. And it also gives me the panel/gyp thickness. Very affordable and makes a great gift or stocking stuffer! Great find.
  • wowza

    Robert, 12/2/2011 I bought my father one of these and he absolutely loves it and so do I. We use it for everything from hanging pictures to mounting televisions to the wall. It really comes in hand in those tight spots where a regular electronic stud finder won't or can't fit. We will definitely be ordering another one of these as soon as possible for me to take to my new apartment!
  • Great tool

    Curtis, 11/30/2011 This is the coolest. For hanging pictures,hooks,etc, this coupled with a good studfinder makes getting it right the first time a snap.Just ordered two more for Christmas gifts.
  • Manual Stud Finder

    Wayne Samel, 3/6/2011 This tool is one of a kind. It is made in japan and nicely crafted. It allows you to find studs mechanically through the use of a tiny .027 pin which slides into the wall and hits the stud if it is there. Very handy when electronic units fail or there are no screws or nails to find magnetically. It comes with 2 spare pins in the handle. You just push it against the drywall and the pin makes a small hole in the wall as it locates the stud. It also has a millimeter measuring rule to tell you the depth of the stud or wall thickness. A great addition to your electronic or magnetic stud finding tool kit. It works when all else fails and gives you a positive feel for what is behind the wall. The tool is all tough plastic with a magnetic end for finding screws/nails as a bonus feature. A nice alternative to all the electronic gadgets these days.
  • Great Tool

    curtis, 12/15/2010 I have just played around with this in my shop and can tell already that it is a great addition to the battery powered stud finder I am using. It leaves no doubt as to whether or not you will be nailing or screwing directly into a stud.
  • Best Stud Finder on the Market

    Roy, 12/10/2010 This is the best stud finder that I have ever used. I have several electronic models collecting dust. I have had one of these in my tool box for years. I am replacing one that I have just worn out. I have given these as gifts and recommended them to several people. I just wouldn't be without one. If you do repairs around the house, you need one of these. If you are a professional, you need two of these. They are great tools.
  • Best Stud Finder Out There

    Roy H., 12/3/2010 This is, hands down, the best stud finder on the market. It beats any electronic model I have ever used and I have about 4 or 5 of them in a drawer collecting dust. There are no false readings. Simple, easy and accurate. Makes a great gift for anyone that does home repairs.
  • Know for sure

    Jeff, 10/5/2010 I use this in conjunction with a regular" stud finder and it eliminates false positives entirely. After using this thing, I have complete confidence that I'll hit wood when I drill. Well worth the money."
  • Spring

    Roger Dorr, 4/18/2010 Because extra pins are stored in the unit,they somehow interfered with the operation and bent the pin and spring. I replaced the pin but the unit did not come with extra springs. Working for Harford Habitat For Humanity" many of my co-workers have this product and we find it comes in handy for uses other than finding studs."
  • Simply the Best!

    Rusty, 1/17/2010 I have used this for years and it is simply the best available. I discovered that electronic stud finders don't work well in outside walls with dense-pak cellulose insulation. I was using a small piece of wire to probe the wall, and then saw this in the Garrett-Wade catalog. Eureka! Works great. Too bad it's not available now; I was going to buy several to put up, in case I ever get a son-in-law.
  • Works great!

    Jeff, 5/4/2009 Just got this in the mail, used it, and was thrilled with how well it works. Combines the best of alternative technology" stud finders: has a magnet and a pin! Yes, mine was different than the one pictured as it had a magnet ring on the front which allowed me to sweep the wall to find the stud and then to confirm the stud's presence with the pin while measuring the thickness of the drywall. I also have a normal stud finder and plan on using this in conjunction with it as the real problem with regular stud finders is their tendency to give false positives. This allows you to make a very inconspicuous pin mark in the wall and confirm whether or not a stud is really there. If you hate drilling holes in the wall after your normal stud finder gave you a false positive, then this is the tool for you. "
  • Best stud finder available

    Dan Latner, 4/2/2009 Great tool, and a must-have for any toolkit. This is simply the single best way to probe a wall. Works for finding studs, or (as I use it) for finding hollow wall spaces to install telephone & data jacks in wall. Unlike electronic finders which don't work in many types of wall (plaster, rough surfaces or 2 layers of sheetrock), this works every time, and leaves a nearly invisible pinhole. Highly recommended.
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