Deluxe Copper Watering Cans

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Deluxe Copper Watering Cans
With beautiful brass & copper rose
Hand made exclusively for Garrett Wade
87A01.37 Medium Copper Watering

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87A01.38 Large Copper Watering

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It's hard not to be very excited about these beautiful tools. We certainly are. Watering cans come in all sorts of shapes and sizes - and are of mostly made with steel or plastic. Only rarely are they made of beautiful polished Solid Copper. The Medium sized can is 21 x 6 x 6 - 1/2" and holds 5 quarts and is suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. The Large can is 25 x 11 x 9" and holds 15 quarts (3-1/2 gallons) and is intended for outdoor use. Brass & copper rose, with medium-coarse spray. Both have great style. If you like unique and fine things around the home, you can't go wrong with either one of these. Next Day & 2-Day Air Shipping not available for this item.

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Overall Rating
  • Watering can

    Ed, 11/28/2019 We'll see
  • Great can

    Andre gauthier, 12/16/2017 I have used many watering cans in my life. This can is truely the magma of all magmas. This can right here is so incredible I ran over it with a F250 and it still worked like a charm . This is the chuck norris of water cans. On a serious note this can is awesome.
  • owner

    Shelby D Goza, 10/6/2017 The watering can is magnificent; it is both large enough distribute about as much water as you can comfortably carry and beautiful enough to be an attention getter. I own about twenty different watering cans and this one is the star of my show.
  • Large watering can

    Dan Brown, 8/28/2017 Poor welds at handle and spout.Returning for credit.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Deluxe Copper Watering Can. We're terribly sorry that you received what we believe is a defective one. If you would like to have it replaced instead, we can have our technician inspect it for any defects.

  • Very Pretty Cans

    AJ Slater, 6/30/2017 They're gorgeous and classy looking. I really like leaving it out just to have it brighten up my house. They're also a great functional watering cans. I have the medium and the small.
  • Medium watering can has its flaws, but I still like it!

    Craig, 5/23/2017 Very attractive, nicely balanced. I use this to reach far back to my many indoor orchids and other plants in my sunroom. The ‘rose’ is useless. It leaks at the joint and dribbles. The aperture is way too small and not enough water gets into the rose to reach anywhere near all the holes, thus it dribbles. I don’t need this attachment for my purposes anyways, but if you want a gentle scattering of your stream, don’t count on this.
  • Medium Can is pretty and useful

    EddieK, 1/5/2017 The can is as functional as it is beautiful. The rose didn't fit that snugly so it leaks where it attaches to the spout. I used a rubber o-ring to stop the leak which works just fine.
  • it's a beautiful and functional flower watering can.

    William Overland, 12/31/2016 I only know that it made my daughter-in-law jump for joy and saying she will be the envy of the neighborhood next spring! I couldn't ask for better exceptance. It was the best of my Christmas gifts!
  • Beautiful & functional.

    James Bopp, 10/28/2016 Drop dead beautiful watering can. Perfect size for easy long reaches even when full Too pretty to hide. It has a place of honor in our living room atop a restored Singer treadle machine.
  • Excellent watering can (Medium)

    Bogdan, 1/19/2016 The medium watering is very handsome and solid. It's made of relatively thick copper and the spout, its support and the handle are brazed to the body with nicely done brazed joints. Overall workmanship is very good. I ordered the medium can together with the small can, so we can have a set. Both cans were packed well so they did not have any dings and scratches from shipping. I will most likely order the large can at the start of spring.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner January 2016 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Bogdan!!
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