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Desktop Comfort Meter
One glance tells it all - simple, clear data
24T02.03 Desktop Comfort Meter

Available 01/21/2021


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This intelligent German design places the two most important scales (temperature and humidity) on opposite sides of the display and gives you an instant read of the room's condition with a long wand. The usual comfortable range is indicated by a colored band. The meter is 4-3/16" in diameter and stands 6" in height.

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Overall Rating
  • Simple, attractive and useful addition to the room

    Roger, 11/16/2020 Simple and unobtrusive but easy to read, the brass gives it an older look
  • Useful Humidity gauge

    William, 7/28/2020 Handy for monitoring room humidity for musical instruments; no battery needed
  • Growth management tool

    Greg Shell , 6/14/2020 This device could monitor the current humidity of a given outdoor area. With that knowledge, the gardener could apply the necessary moisture to maintain an active growth of his greenery.
  • Great display

    JLo, 5/17/2020 Better than expected. Love it.
  • Stylish

    Don Stephenson, 2/23/2020 Very Nice!
  • Good but with it was made in USA

    Nancy, 1/21/2019 This is a very nice little device, and appears to be very accurate. The temperature hand was stuck under the humidity hand when it first came but I was able to remedy this quickly using enclosed directions.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Desktop Comfort Meter. We're glad to hear that you were able to fix the issue with the hand. We hope it serves you well for many years!
  • pretty

    glenn himes, 4/1/2017 its pretty kind of expensive works great wife loves it
  • Nice Device

    WJ Long, 2/20/2017 Bought this to help measure temperature and humidity in my living room as my Nest Thermometer adjusts both, but does not easily show me the readings. This device does the job very well, and now I know what my Nest is up to when it is on. The dial is easy to read, and 'Comfort Zones' for temperature and humidity are color marked on the dial for quick glance convenience. It is large enough to read conveniently, and small enough to place almost anywhere. It is well built and fairly heavy, so it will not knock over easily. I give it 5 stars for all of these features.

    I read a few reviews about the measurements on this instrument being different than on other instruments in the same room and that it needs to be adjusted. I cannot say I have had this problem with my device, but I have nothing else in my living room to easily compare it to. I do work with scientific instruments every day and unless meticulously adjusted and maintained, they rarely agree absolutely with each other. The more prone they are to agree with each other, the higher the cost you pay for them, and the more effort you expend to keep them that way. Most are difficult to adjust and calibrate. If this cannot be done on them, they are fairly inexpensive. The Comfort Meter is a mechanical device, so banging it or exposing it to extreme temperatures should throw it off, but it can be adjusted, so this is in its favor. If it is within a few degrees of a Mercury Thermometer, I would not bother to adjust it.
  • Comfort meter

    Greg Starr, 1/21/2017 I like it, although it looks like I will need to adjust it.
  • Good but not great

    Jofran, 3/4/2016 Good looking and agrees closely with digital gages in the same room. Is not easy to read from across the room and brass does need to be polished.
  • Can't Adjust

    George, 5/13/2014 As an addendum to my initial review concerning the accuracy of the device: I got a very nice response from the manufacturer suggesting I use their enclosed instructions to adjust the meter. I tried but was unable to do so, in fact, the meter is now even more inaccurate and no amount of effort on my part seems to make any difference. I'm not clumsy with tools and though this procedure is a little daunting it is doable. Problem is: the needle will not stay where I put it. It springs back to what is now a reading several degrees too high. My advice, if you want a truly accurate desktop instrument, don't buy this one.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Desktop Comfort Meter. We are sorry that you experienced trouble with this item. Our maker suggested  that the dial face should be held vertically when it is being adjusted. The hands are balanced across the axis of the pivot point, so adjusting while holding horizontal in your palm will give you that spring back of a few points.  Please feel free to send it back to us for a calibrated one, or if you wish, a refund. Again, we apologize for the convenience.
  • Questionable Accuracy

    George, 5/6/2014 This device is lovely to look at, heavy, and quite elegant. However, although it has had ample time to acclimatize" it is always in disagreement with other reliable thermometers in the same room. Only a by few degrees but enough to question its validity.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for posting a review on the Desktop Comfort Meter.  According to our technician, these often need to be recalibrated which is common with thermometers of this type. Instructions should have been included with the meter but in case they were not, we have included them as an attachment in an email we sent to you. Hygrometers almost always need recalibrating annually. We are sorry that you have had some difficulty with it. Hopefully, these instructions will solve the problem."
  • Accurate

    Robert Simmons, 10/22/2013 Nice little weather station. Easy to read and see the comfort level. Did not need to calibrate it at all. Very good quality item.
  • A visual way to judge comfort

    Peter, 1/4/2013 This time of the year in New England it is good to be able to look at a visual idea to judge comfort. This allows you to see where the moisture level is in relationship to the temperature. It may just be all in the head, but during the cold weather who cares if you think you feel comfortable, you probably are. Besides, it looks nice and visitors always ask what it is.
  • Perfect

    Gerald Markovitz, 12/15/2010 Attractive design, small but easily readable.
  • Climate Measurement

    Doug Cook, 11/26/2010 The unit looks impressive from the outside, but I was not impressed much but the actual two measuring units. Access is a bit cumbersome, you have to be careful not to break the glass when removing the retainer ring, and one apart, calibrating is a bit coarse. The temp gauge is not too bad, but the humidistat is much more devious" to do. The brass case also needed serious polishing to look good."
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