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Digital Height/Depth Gauge
$ 39.9500
Combining three tools in one, this digital combo gauge is capable of extremely accurate measurement in common inch (1/64ths fractional. 1/1000 decimal) or metric (1/100 mm). Router bit or blade heights off a base are easily and precisely determined. Depths up to 6" are easily measured very, very accurately. And because the flush-zero reference locator at the end of the shaft happens to be a hardened steel beveled cutter, it functions equally well as a Marking Gauge with very high accuracy - fractional or decimal, Imperial or metric.

As with our Digital Marking/Mortise Gauge, the way this 3-in-1 Gauge works is very intuitive, and it is just as precise and flexible. They are beautifully made tools, and highly recommended. Best in class for sure.
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