Distinctive Solid Brass Bells

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Distinctive Solid Brass Bells
Strike the Bell, second mate - a true Classic
87A01.45 5-1/2" Wide Solid Brass Bell

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87A01.46 7" Wide Solid Brass Bell

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87A01.47 8" Wide Solid Brass Bell

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We still instinctively react to the unmistakable sound of a traditional Solid Brass Ships’ Bell. They’ve been used for centuries aboard to signal the progress of the quarterdeck watch. There’s nothing like its clear tone to evoke the romance of the sea. Brass clapper with a plaited Sennit (the traditional fabric bell rope). Brass wall mount included. Call the meeting to order with style. Get ‘em to the table fast with this dinner gong. A special gift for any salty dog. The smallest of the three is 5½" wide at the bottom. The 7" one is considerably larger and the largest 8" size is very substantial. Weights are 3 lbs, 5 lbs and 7 lbs respectively, so you know they’ll resonate beautifully. All three are hand made and simply beautiful.


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Overall Rating
  • Great bell!

    Frank Metcalfe , 10/22/2020 7-inch bell. Beautiful sound and finish. Clear tone, pleasing pitch, nice as it slowly fades. Knot Tyers and Marlinspike sailors will immediately replace the supplied the bell rope with a more traditional nautical one befitting a bell of this quality and heritage. But that’s optional. You won’t be disappointed with this bell.
  • Amazing quality

    jean brennan, 12/21/2019 Purchased as a gift for nautical family member....they were blown away by the quality of the workmanship of the bell. It is a beautiful product.
  • Brass bell

    joe tokar, 12/2/2019 Very impressed when I opened the box. This bell excided my expectations as to its size and appearence. It is a Christmas gift for our son, daughter-in-law and family and i can hardly wait to see the look on their faces when they open this gift, and put it to use as their outdoor signaling device. I only wish there was an engraving service available through Garrett Wade when purchasing this bell so that names and dates could be engraved on this bell.
  • 7" brass bell

    bryan, 5/27/2019 very nice quality & it sounds good as well.
  • Eye popping

    Margaret Bryan, 5/12/2019 I gasped when I opened the package. This bell is simply beautiful and I thought, no matter how this appears in the catalogue, it isn’t as impressive as in person. I got the small one and I was seeing it comparatively against the other two. I was prepared to love it but comparatively, as having less of a stunning presence. Don’t believe it. It’s a wow!
  • Sidebar sale ruined it for me

    Darlene K Storey, 12/7/2018 The bell is wonderful, with the clear tones one only gets from brass, but the day it came it popped up on sale for $15 less, and also from Garrett Wade. I have to say that left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.
  • Solid Brass Bell

    G. Aldo Dapelo, 11/10/2018 Could not be happier. Super cool for the beach house!
  • Perfect for calling groups together

    John Boggess , 10/28/2018 Looks great and just the ring tone to summon all friends at our cook outs in the mountains of central Pennsylvania.
  • 8" brass bell

    Barbara Erhard, 8/7/2018 Beautifully made and very solid. Wonderful tone. Live on 8 acres and this should be heard all around the property. Great purchase.

    Barb Thomas, 12/8/2017 Purchased the 8" Brass Bell & it's absolutely gorgeous. The tone is amazing & we are very pleased with our purchase.
  • Awesome door bell

    Darren , 10/27/2017 The bell looks great mounted outside front door. A clear sound is heard with little effort...it will last and last!
  • Beautiful ship's bell

    Jay W Smith, 4/25/2017 I got a 7" bell. It is beautifully finished and has great tone. Perfect for our seaside location. I'm ringing all guest aboard much to their delight. Was a little challenge to mount, but found the right screws and with a little alteration is a fine installation.
  • Great tone and workmanship

    David Jensen, 12/27/2016 Fast shipping. Bell was as described in catalog. Appears well made with good tone. Matching brass fasteners would of been nice but does not take away from workmanship of the 7" bell
  • Happy tones

    Mike, 12/20/2016 Item was exactly what I expected. Made a delightful gift
  • A Bit of Necessary Whimsy

    Chris, 12/9/2016 Looks well made and has a solid ring to it. We mounted the 7" at home bar and it's a hit. Good tone, not too high or low. Four stars for making me go find matching screws bright brass screws that fit. At this price, those should be included without question. Otherwise it's a great purchase and will last forever.
  • A Beautiful, Heavy-Duty Bell

    Timothy Mann, 12/2/2016 I received my 5 1/2 inch bell yesterday and am very well pleased. It is beautiful. The quality is excellent and the tone immediately conjures images of being on a ship. I plan to mount the bell on the right side of my entry door above the house numbers to use as a door bell. Sadly, the bell does not come with mounting screws. This was surprising and disappointing to me. I'll have to make a trip to the hardware store before I can mount the bell. Still, I highly recommend the bell.
  • Great

    D. Holden, 11/16/2016 My son-in-law wanted a bell to call in my grandchildren. He saw this bell in the GW catalog. Since him and I share an enjoyment of all the items we have purchased from GW , this was only bell to get. Looks great sounds great.
  • Bells

    Grace, 11/4/2016 Love bells. My mom used to ring one when I was a kid to gather her thirteen children.
  • Ships ahoy!

    Jill, 6/24/2016 Bells are symbolic gifts in our household and this one is exceptional in tone and style. A hard to find item and a perfect doorbell for those who wish to remain at sea on dry land.
  • Solid Brass ship's bell

    Chris Vogt, 5/30/2016 Love It! We bought it for a young couple whose wedding was held in a "Farm/Barn" venue complete with dinner bell. We had the bell engraved and it was perfect.The Wedding bell will be ringing for years to come!
  • None Bell and All Is Well

    John O, 2/2/2015 Excellent quality and tone. Can wait for a good fog.
  • No-Fail Beauty

    Mary Steele, 1/11/2015 We've tried hard-wired and wireless door bells and something always fails. This bell is not only gorgeous and the highest quality, it never fails! Loud, clear deep tone that we can hear from either floor and even from our barn 100 yards away. So pleased with the quality; Looks and sounds beautiful!
  • Sounds Awesome!

    Rene Wimberley, 12/11/2014 I have always wanted a bell, so I took a chance and ordered two of the 7 and one 5" one for me, one for my sister and one for my friend. When I received them...WOW they are so beautiful and solid! The sound echoes for a few seconds after you ring it. My husband and I love it and I am very happy to give these for Christmas presents this year. The bell will be pasted down for generations because it is made very high quality. Can't wait to put install it on my porch. Very cool!"
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