DMT Wave-Shaped Diamond Sharpeners

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Sale DMT Wave-Shaped Diamond Sharpeners
Produce razor sharp edges - perfect for all curved wood cutting tools
03S01.02 600 Grit Wave Sharpener

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03S01.03 1200 Grit Wave Sharpener

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03S01.10 Both Wave Diamond Sharpeners

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Incannel and outcannel gouges, carving gouges, turning tools - they all need hand honing to work best. Conventional curved slip stones are too short and most have a single radius. These new 10" long monocrystalline steel-backed diamond surfaces handle both convex and concave surfaces with huge range - a radius of 1/16 to 1".

Two choices: Medium/Fine 600 grit (25 micron), and Extra Fine 1,200 grit (9 micron). This innovative design permits much longer strokes than possible with any alternative. Productive tools for a lifetime.

Made in the USA.

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Overall Rating
  • Sharp Tools

    Troy Umberger, 3/21/2019 I don't think I'll be needing another sharping tool after this one. Great idea for my gouges.
  • 600 grit wave sharpener

    Allan , 5/7/2018 Works well on all my curved gouges. Wish they made smaller ones for my carving chisels.
  • diamond Sharpening

    David. Vogelsong, 2/10/2017 Great tool need a similar tool for sharpening 90deg. & 60deg V - tools !
  • Diamond Coated sharper profile

    JF White, 1/17/2017 Great product, works very well to sharp my various Pfeil carvin chisels.
  • Better Than Stones

    Michael Young, 11/5/2014 These diamond hones, while expensive, allowed me to refurbish an older collection of lathe tools and carving chisels. The sharpeners are shaped perfectly to match the radiuses of gouges and some veining tools. They cut fast, without undue effort, and leave an edge which can be polished to perfection with my older washita stones and home-made strops. They will be on top of the tool tray for quick re-honing on the job. I carve nautical decorative items and cannot abide a dull or misshapen tool.
  • Wave Shaped Sharpeners are a Winner!

    Dale Cipra, 4/22/2010 I've waited years for a product like this to help me keep my gouges shaving sharp. I purchased both and I am very happy with their performance. I also use them as a doming tool to put a nicely radiused done on the end of violin tuning pegs. I just place a sheet of appropriate grit sandpaper on the concave back-side of the sharpener and rub the small end of the ebony violin peg back and forth while spinning it until a pleasing looking dome has been created.
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