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Document Fastener
Attach documents really durably
25S07.02 Document Fastener

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25S07.03 Pack Of Eyelets (250)

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25S07.10 6 Packs Of Eyelets (1500)

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This is one of the most perfect tools we have seen in a long time. It first punches and then rivets stacks of paper (or cardboard, leather, plastic, etc.) together. The hollow brass-plated steel eyelet/rivet can be set as much as 1/2" in from the edge, and the stack can be as thick as 1/8". (This is 25 sheets of heavy office stationery - much more if the paper is thinner.) Simply slip one of the eyelets over the interior anvil, insert the paper stack (prepunched, using the punch side of the tool), and squeeze. The eyelet is then bent over all around to secure the stack. It is very secure, attractive and very quick. This is a neat tool for busy people who like their files tidy.

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Overall Rating
  • Easy to Use, Better Than Clips

    Daneen, 7/3/2020 I bought this specifically to try for documents I need handy for work and need more permanently "clipped" than using paperclips (which annoy, as they tend to catch on things and become unclipped or askew). This is intuitively easy to use and I am very pleased that I purchased it. I'll use it a LOT for work.
  • Law Documents Fastener

    Jeff Kirsch, 6/13/2019 The item reeks with quality and threatens years of good use.
  • so happy

    Gil, 10/26/2018 I'm so happy with this purchase, my sales presentations look great, very professional, i'm about to buy a second one for my Mother, she wants to steal it from me, I highly recommend this product and store, shipping was fast and very well packed.
  • Love it!

    Catherine, 8/16/2018 This is fantastic, I was desperate to find a tool that put the eyelets in properly and cleanly - I'm a notary and you want a professional result. Couldn't be happier. Thanks for your great service also.
  • Document Fastener

    Dwight L. Recht, PE, 8/13/2018 Very easy to use and the results of my bound engineering documents certainly have caught the eye and attention of my existing as well as prospective clients.
  • Cool tool, professional look

    Incitatus, 1/18/2018 This tool is cool. I bought it to fasten documents at work. The only problem is that when I stick a stack of more than 15 pages into the interior anvil, it knocks the eyelet loose. Once fastened, however, the eyelet gives my documents a unique and professional look.
  • Eyelets

    Frank J, 11/4/2017 Eyelets are very professional in my craft projects.
  • Lovely and very secure

    Helga, 10/30/2017 We use this document fastener when preparing presentation material or other documents that go to clients. It is such a lovely and secure way to keep a stack of documents. A must for a nice presentation.
  • Document fastener

    Greg Wanamaker, 9/29/2017 I've been looking for this fastener to attach my legal documents for a long time and at an affordable price!
  • A quality product

    Steve Warren, 6/4/2017 While this may appear a bit pricey when compared to other products it is worth the extra cost. I am all about the feel and this punch has a quality feel when held and applying a rivet.
  • Paper riveters

    Dezi George, 4/26/2017 Fabulous, no issues as this can handle multiple pages. Great looking and easy to you. This item won't dissapoint you. Purchase with full confidence.
  • Nice finish to art and many other things.

    Polly Barbacovi, 2/13/2017 Great finish, smooth look. Will use in many applications
  • Great product. Easy to use.

    Polly Barbacovi, 2/13/2017 Exactly what I needed for finishing an art project I am working on. Will find many uses for this little gem.
  • Works as expected.

    Paul , 1/30/2017 Better than expected, good quality, clean & solid document fastener. I will recommend to friend and family.
  • Works great

    Grace McLeod, 11/15/2016 Need this for my puppies name tags on collars.
  • Powerful with little effort

    Jason Zhang, 9/12/2016 Two minutes ago, I punched through 24 pages of my study materials and put the nice eyelet in. I did not know it could make a hole through so many pages. It will be good for my future legal practice.
  • SOOO Much better than staples!!!

    KASFLUV, 9/9/2016 OK, I just love this Document Fastener!! As of late, I am having to do A LOT of paperwork and using this with the eyelets just makes everything more "elegant" and easier to deal with. Also adds a bit of fun to the misery of documentation!!
  • document fastner

    Duane, 6/15/2016 Excellent paper punch; I like the feature to adjust the "depth" (from edge of the paper) for the hole
  • Document Fastener

    Becky, 3/9/2016 Just what I needed. Works Nice!!!!
  • Document Fastener

    Becky, 3/9/2016 Excellent Product!
  • Unusual Binder Nice

    T Andrew, 3/4/2016 Beautiful finish for paper.
  • Sans Eyelets!

    Frederick Schneider, 12/27/2015 Wonderful piece of gear. I can't believe it comes w/o a sampling of eyelets!
  • Document Fastener

    Julie, 3/9/2015 Solid, heavy, accurate hole punch.
  • Eyelets

    Julie, 3/9/2015 As described in catalog. Very nice. I wish there were other color/type/finishes!
  • A Unique Tool

    Erik, 2/18/2015 This is a unique alternative to conventional staples. I personally like this because I'm always thumb-tacking pages and posters to the wall. This tool creates an eyelet for the thumb tack!
  • Fantastic Binding System

    Ed, 7/24/2014 This is one the most useful tools I've purchased from GW. The quality of construction is excellent - feels like a fine piece of machinery. My first use was to prepare 30-page packets of shop drawings for a new machine build and two eyelets in each worked perfectly.
  • Different and Personal

    Hatem Kheir, 7/19/2014
  • Great Item

    Tom Maloney, 6/30/2014 I have been looking for something to help arrange the thing I print. This does the job in a winning way.
  • Grommet

    Marti Murray, 3/20/2014 The grommet was brass and it worked great. I recommend it and the tool sold by Garrett Wade. It is easy to use and gets the job done.
  • A Nice Connection

    Bill, 3/3/2014 More trouble to use but makes a more durable and neater way of keeping pages stapled"."
  • Excellent Design

    Patrick, 2/6/2014 Great design, made with solid materials. Works great and has a great feel. My first purchase at Garrett Wade, won't be my last.
  • Classy and Effective

    Johnny Barnes, 9/4/2013 This fastener truly adds an extra touch of class and professionalism to documents. Simple and effective...just punch a hole in your stack of papers with the built-in hole punch, place one of the brass eyelets in the hole, then press the eyelet with the fastener. Excellent construction, sturdy feel, and great results...what more could you want?
  • Great Little Gadget

    Jason Sample, 3/11/2013 This neat little gadget fastens papers in a very cool way. After punching a hole in your stack of paper (with the attached punch), you use a small brass eyelet to fasten the papers together. It works well and the machine itself has a nice feel in your hand as you use it to fasten your documents.
  • Gold Eyelets for Legal Documents

    Deborah Lockhart, 2/25/2013 Gold eyelets are great for securing and finishing certified translations for all sorts of official purposes including immigration, college admissions, etc. Thank you!
  • Three sheets to the wind

    Scott, 1/27/2011 Novelty item here! Yeah, I thought it would be wicked awesome to fasten reports with this bad boy; it isn't. It's a well made machine, handles well, punches well, feels solid in hand. But, its a pain in the tush to line up multiple sheets of paper for punching when they don't all fit in the punch opening. The tiny lil' eyelets; yep they are tiny. But if you aren't choking up the eyelet press with tons of paper, the eyelets will stay put. Made in Japan, which is a whole lot better then China.
  • Doubt I'll ever need them but...

    Scott, 1/27/2011 I doubt I'll ever need them but I bought a boat load of these bad boys just-in-case!
  • `EYE-CATCHING` eyelets!

    Mike, 4/18/2010 I use this `document fastner` on my business cards (woodturner) and attach card to the items I sell.
  • A Great Tool For Artists Too!

    Sabra Slade, 12/2/2009 I ordered this tool to use in my art workshop. It is awesome!! It is well made and easy to use. I use it in my office too. Garrett Wade delivers the best as usual. Do yourself a favor and order one of these. Get lots of refill eyelets too. You'll need them when you discover just how many wonderful things you can do with this tool.
  • Classy Fastner for Paper and More

    Eric Kalin, 4/15/2009 I've been using this tool for over a year and the eyelet fasteners never fail to attract attention. I've also used eyelets to make tear-proof holes for marking tags, laminated business cards, etc. I attach the tag / card using a loop of string or a small cable tie. A beutifully made tool that's a pleasure to use.
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