Double-Ended Japanese Garden Mattock and Short Spade

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Clearance Double-Ended Japanese Garden Mattock and Short Spade
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06A03.02 Japanese Mattock

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With a 15" long hardwood handle, a 3" wide hoe on one side and 4 digging prongs on the reverse, this Mattock will move soil around easily. Add the Japanese Short Spade with its 18" long handle and you are good to go. These are first rate tools - not inexpensive for sure, but then the good stuff is typically the best value. Japan has a strong agricultural heritage.

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  • Japanese Garden mattock

    John Blocher, 7/31/2016 I purchased this same tool about five years ago and it was the greatest thing in the world, however in a moment of madness I gave it to my son-in-law because he's such a great guy. I thought I'd just buy a new one for myself, easy-peasy. Sure enough, I bought a new one and I have since regretted giving my original one away. The original one had a heavier head made of iron and the new one, though sharpened, is made of lighter mild steel. It is much lighter which requires more muscle power when swinging it which is tiring when planting a lot of plants. The prongs are also more prone to bending when working in heavy soils particularly if there are a lot of roots. I will use it and appreciate its wonderful design but I wish that the manufacturer hadn't cheapened the product by substituting lower-grade and lower-cost steel for the head.
  • Japanese Mattock (with sharp ends)

    Anthony, 6/15/2016 Bought the mattock last month and have used it every day. I have rocky glacial soil and this mattock works with ease. It took about 5 minutes to get used to its heft and angle. The best part (that Garrett does not mention) is that prongs and the hoe ends are sharpened! If I would have known this I would not have hesitated to buy it. The sharpened ends make cultivating, weeding and working the soil easy work. The other benefit of the mattock is its handle. I have too many hand tools with broken unfixable handles. Even if this one happens to break, the repair will be easy. Garrett will sell more of these if they mention the sharpened prongs and hoe ends.
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