Drill Guide & Debris Catcher

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Drill Guide & Debris Catcher
saves a mess and dust in your eyes
Let's you speed through clean up
19E01.09 Drill Guide & Debris Catcher

Available 02/25/2021


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Although inexpensive, this simple device is a gem for any installer. Just slip the twist drill bit into one of the molded guide-sleeves, and press the sleeve snugly against the surface. The sleeve guarantees that the bit is entering absolutely vertically (what a good thing this is when working over your head). Plus all the drilling debris is captured inside the sleeve. No dust on you, on the floor, on adjacent surfaces – anywhere. Twist drills from 5/32 to 15/32" and from 4 to 12mm will fit one of its 1" deep guide-sleeves. Huge value.

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Overall Rating
  • Horizontal Surface Issue with Use

    Steve Polsley, 12/28/2020 It doesn’t work very well when you are using it down on a flat surface. If is used on a wall or side board it is fine
  • #DrillHack

    Josh, 11/12/2020 Simple, essy to use, and extremely intuitive!
  • Why didn't I think of this...

    theburg2014, 2/24/2020 What a great drilling Accessory!! Simple & efficient. Especially useful when drilling around eye level.
  • Drill Guide

    Dixie, 12/29/2019 Thought it would be a great gadget. It quickly became an essential tool!
  • Perfection!

    Kathie, 12/17/2019 Perfection! an easy way to get a nail or screw where you want it without smashing a finger, and it takes care of clean-up to boot.
  • Indespensible for awkward spaces

    Ginny Sharp, 12/30/2018 We gave the drill guide to our "Handy M'am" daughter. She reports it's especially useful in awkward spaces, such as low baseboards or when drilling overhead.
  • Excellent tool!

    Paul, 12/3/2018 Great little tool! I use it all the time!
  • loving it

    Be, 11/28/2018 Another one of those things you wouldn't even know about had you not gone through the catalog. Thinking this will be a definite ooh and aah. Merry Christmas Garrett Wade employees.
  • great addition to a tool box

    Bob Collins, 9/3/2016 It does as promised & easy to use.
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