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Drop Point Bushcraft Sheath Knives
For gardeners, landscapers, ranchers, farm & field hands and foresters, as well as homeowners and adventurers with a love of the outdoors, a fixed blade has distinct advantages over a folder for every day carry (EDC). But fixed blade sheath knives are far more familiar in larger sizes, with blades 5-1/2 to 7 or 8” – much too bulky and inconvenient for every day regular use, and sure to attract undue attention in public.

Our well-made and handsome Bushcraft Knives are perfectly sized for every day carry, with blades a handy 4-1/4 and 3” in length. They both have full shank drop point high carbon steel blades with a blasted-satin finish. The handles are Peruvian walnut with brass pins and a brass ferrule-lined lanyard hole. Each comes with a handmade, welted leather belt sheath - just the thing for convenient carry every day. Made in El Salvador.
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