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Bestseller Drop-Point Pocket Knife
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A Sturdy, Very Handy, Small Personal Pocket Knife
07A01.11 Small Pocket Knife

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07A01.33 (3) Small Pocket Knives

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Most small knives have a "delicate" quality about them. This one is anything but. Although small (easy to always have with you) with a 2-1/8" single blade, it's aluminum body makes it light and the liner-lock blade control is simple. And the wider body (for its length) means that the blade can be unusually wide too - making it exceptionally sturdy. We love it. We are very confident you will too. It has the Garrett Wade logo on the side.

As a Special Offer, Buy 2 Get 1 Free! Use stock number 07A01.33 to receive the savings.

Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Material:

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Overall Rating
  • Great quality little knife

    Joseph, 10/18/2020 Very pleased with this knife! Very well made and super sharp. This came as a free gift so very impressed with the quality!
  • Perfect little pocket knive

    William Berry, 10/17/2020 Excellent quality, perfect size to fit in the pocket when you want a blade but not advertise with a blade on your belt in polite company.
  • Great Pocket Knife

    Bryan Hand, 10/3/2020 Great little high-quality knife. I love the look and feel the size of this knife. The most stand out feature is the very solid click sound as the blade locks open. I have bought several and giving them as gifts. Always appreciated gift. Buy one for yourself you will not regret it.
  • Great knife

    John, 8/24/2020 Quality was great, small enough to fit in a pocket. Blade was very impressive.
  • A great package opener!

    Lyla H., 7/2/2020 Great pocket knife with sharp blade and safety feature to hold it in place. It is now my goto knife to open all my packages.
  • knife

    Clalude, 6/28/2020 very well put together. Sharpest blade that i ever had.
  • Drop-Point Pocket Knife

    Nancy, 6/14/2020 Love this little knife. It is well made and has some heft to it. It fits in even my smallest purse. I would recommend this knife for anyone!!
  • Perfect knife for everything

    Cass, 4/20/2020 Awesome knife! You can use it for anything, from digging up roots to whittling sticks, to opening packages.
  • High quality pocket knife

    David, 10/19/2019 These are so handy. Great size for carrying around Ave the quality is very good.
  • Drop-Point Pocket Knife

    William Harrington, 8/17/2019 I really thought this little knife was going to be something that I would throw in the glove box. But I really like it and I swapped it with my other favorite knife.Thanks for such a cool product.
  • Inexpensive but decent quality.

    Jonincp, 6/21/2019 A nice every day carry knife. Inexpensive but decent quality.
  • Great little knife

    Marti, 6/14/2019 My husband got a courtesy one when he sent for my great miniaturist tools for my birthday. He commented often how great it was. He lost it, and was delighted to get another one! Maybe if the other one turns up he will have one for each hand?
  • Drop-Point Pocket Knife

    Bob Faith, CPA, 2/9/2019 Excellent little pocket knife! Being a CPA, I use it to open new rolls of adding machine tape.
  • exactly ad advertised - easy to assemble - well made

    Pat Benanty, 11/25/2018 great little knife, my husband says everyone should have one. So we bought for friends because they were so impressed when they saw ou9rs.
  • Good little knife

    Paul, 11/11/2018 Great little knife for the glove compartment!
  • Sharp little knife

    Andrew , 10/27/2018 Sharp, good size. Solid.
  • Mr.

    Dennis Morgan, 10/25/2018 A knife you would be proud to carry.
  • Just what I was looking for

    Steve Seifrig, 10/11/2018 This knife is awesome. Classy looking, sharp edge, and the perfect knife to carry everyday.
  • Drop Point Pocket Knife

    Tammy, 9/21/2018 Sharp edge, compact and easy to slip in my little purse!
  • lightweight but durable

    Eddie V., 8/6/2018 Perfect size for pocket carry. Good quality.
  • Drop Point Pocket Knife

    Joseph Haber, 6/1/2018 The knife itself is very nice and has a nice edge. It is too early to tell if it will hold the edge well and/or re-sharpen easily. I didn't give it 5 stars because the plating is too thin and in under a week is already showing wear.
  • Really Nice!

    Ryan, 5/31/2018 Very nice! Really surprised by how much the quality beat my expectations.
  • Great Little Knife

    Karen, 5/27/2018 Great little knife. I have one in two rooms and one in my car. I also order and give to graduating seniors. Everyone should own this knife.
  • Drop-Point Pocket Knife

    Margaret Coyle, 5/21/2018 My husband thinks this is a really great pocket knife. He plans to carry it around. He said the quality and workmanship are great.
  • 2 free knives

    Gary Dunn, 5/20/2018 received 2 knives with my first order, very nice!!!

    JOLYN, 5/13/2018 Nice little pocket knife. Easy to open and close and it is very sharp.
  • Pocket Knife

    Edwin Sell, 5/8/2018 Excellent knife; however it was to have been a free gift on a previous order. The knife was back ordered and when received Garrett Wade billed my credit card. Disappointing.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Drop Point Pocket Knife. We're sorry that you were billed for it when you should not have been. A refund is being issued to your credit card.
  • I like it

    Dan Okrasinski, 5/7/2018 perfect for small purse or pocket
  • Knife

    Lou, 5/6/2018 Nice knife, very sharp..
  • Nice little Knife

    Marlene, 3/26/2018 Love this little knife. I got the 3 pack and will probably buy another. Love having one in the car, one in my purse, one in my backpack.
  • drop point pocket knife

    al fischer, 12/9/2017 this is a great addition to my rollaway toolbox at work. there is always a use for a sharp little tool in my trade.
  • Good

    George , 12/9/2017 It fits perfectly into the small pocket of my jeans. Perfect for opening packages & cutting up cardboard
  • GarretWade branded pocket knife

    Keith, 12/9/2017 Very nice edge! A bit heavy, but still a nice pocketknife.
  • GarretWade branded pocket knife

    Keith, 12/9/2017 Very nice edge! A bit heavy, but a very nice size and useful pocketknife!
  • Very pleased!

    Claire H. Miller, 12/8/2017 For a small and inexpensive pocketknife, this little girl does the trick! Compact with a good, sharp blade. Very pleased!
  • Small knife

    PHH, 12/8/2017 For the money, this knife is well worth it. Great for opening up and breaking down boxes. Sharp and sturdily made.
  • Best purchase I ever made

    Evelyn Blair, 12/8/2017 This is a great little knife. My husband went crazy over it.
  • Drop point knife.

    Bill Hanehan, 12/7/2017 Nice little knife which has a very sharp blade, great keychain knife.
  • Drop Point Knife

    Tom, 12/3/2017 This is a fine little knife. Perfect for your pocket.
  • Pocket Knife

    William, 12/3/2017 Good Handy item
  • Keeper!

    Brian Lamb, 12/2/2017 Well thought out design. Fits well in my hand. Quality look in a knife I'll have in my pocket for years to come. Thanks.
  • Great little pocket knife!

    Sarah, 12/1/2017 I just received this great little pocket knife...wow incredibly sharp and functional, fits nicely in my hand, would buy again!
  • Terrific little knife

    Marion Bush, 11/27/2017 I really love knives, and this one is a little beauty. It feels good in the hand, opens and closes easily, and is a pleasure to use. It is on my key ring, and will go with me wherever I go.
  • Great pocket knife

    Lorri, 11/25/2017 This looks to be a great little pocket knife. Small and sharp. I was thinking of putting it in my husband's stocking for Christmas but I think I am going to keep it!
  • Great for the price.

    Leland, 11/24/2017 Great little knife, wish the blade steel quality were a little higher, but for the price it's pretty damn good. I'm going to try it out as a marking knife.
  • Great little knife

    Christina Guldensupp, 11/17/2017 This is a great little knife. It is the perfect size to fit in the side pocket of my purse. It has a nice weight to it and a very nice edge.
  • Knife

    Peter Daly, 11/14/2017 Very Sharp, nice little knife, but closing is rather difficult, Needs two hands, not good.
  • Nice little knife

    Kurt Marcks, 11/8/2017 This is a nice little knife for the price. It’s small enough to attach to my key ring, but the stout blade makes it much more useful for things like opening boxes than skinnier knives. It feels nice in my hand and cuts well. It came nice and sharp, but we will have to see how well it holds that edge with time. The locking mechanism is good and solid but releases easily. Even with the thumb stud it’s not very easy to open with one hand, but that’s not a significant issue for me. I like this knife and think it’s a great value.
  • Great Pocket knife

    J Pierce, 11/6/2017 Great pocket knife, very sharp
  • Drop-Point Pocket Knife

    Jimmy K, 10/31/2017 simple to open and close, sharp and nice to know that its not heavy but big enough to let you know that it is in your pocket. Use it in the garden or for anything that needs to be cut or even sliced. Used today to clean up some ruff plastic on my Mr. Beer keg that I just got to make some home brew. Worked great love the knife.
  • sharp!

    Joe Broderick, 10/30/2017 small, rock solid, very sharp! excellent pocket knife. Only (small) improvement I could ask for would be slightly easier to open.
  • Nice little multi-purpose stubby

    RickH, 10/29/2017 Came free with other purchase deal. I like the shape and pure simplicity of this knife. I freshened the edge when I got it and it holds an edge pretty well. Nicely crafted not-so-gentleman's knife. Simple reliable blade lock and easy open blade with knurled brass push pin
  • Mr

    William Popowicz, 10/28/2017 This is my new carry knife. Well made and nicely shaped. My only suggestion is to make the scales with some grooves for a better grip. I have large hands and it is difficult to open one handed.
  • Super cute/seriously sharp

    Lisa , 10/15/2017 Cute and very sturdy ! I couldn't stand the thought of giving it away...had to keep it for myself.
  • Drop-Point Pocket Knife

    James Bragg, 10/13/2017 It is well made and handy to carry. Just what I need for convenience.
  • Great little knife

    Rick Pyles, 10/9/2017 Very sharp and handy, I have a large assortment of pocket knives that I actually work with on the farm and will be glad to add this to my collection.
  • Cute litle knife

    Gordon, 10/1/2017 Appears sturdy for its size. Perfect for carving your initial in back of the church pews.
  • Quality workmanship. Sturdy. Lives up to description.

    Rebecca Ferns, 9/30/2017 Sturdy. Sharp. Perfect fit for my hand. Going right into my tackle box. Impressed with the workmanship. Can't wait to enjoy the same workmanship in the garden spade I ordered.

    Angela Smith, 9/18/2017 Nifty little knife. Sharp, strong & small enough to carry anywhere; pocket, purse, key chain, etc. Well made & made to be able to open one-handed, which is not quite so easy, given how short the handle is. Not really an issue, however.
  • Free Gift - Drop-point pocket knife

    Bob Hightshoe, 9/9/2017 Nice little pocket knife. Appears to have good steel.
  • Trapper

    Linda Olsen, 8/21/2017 My husband loves this knife. He had one like it years ago and lost it branding. I got him this one as a surprise and he said it was just like the one he lost. Very good quality and very sharp.
  • Free Gift

    Linda Olsen, 8/21/2017 Very nice little knife, very sharp and good quality.
  • Discreet and Solid as a Rock

    Kyle Willey, 8/18/2017 This was a really surprisingly solid little folding knife for the price! Solid locking blade that can easily fit into a pocket or purse. A little too much so, since my wife claimed it for her purse within 10 seconds of it coming out of the box. Now I need a new one...
  • Great Pocket Knife

    Betty McNally, 8/18/2017 Great little knife very sharp. I purchased is for my son but decided to keep it for myself so now I need to order one for him
  • Great pocket Knife!

    Chad, 8/8/2017 Very small, sharp, and tight blade. Works Awesome!
  • Nice

    Andrea, 8/7/2017 Nice little knife
  • Drop point pocket knife

    richard e king, 5/23/2017 I have owned the explorer stubby for about 30years now used it every day for work as a tower dog for about 10years saw these knifes and they looked exactly like my explorer stubby so I bought them and so far they seem to be just as well made
  • Good knife

    Dee, 5/23/2017 These are one tough knife. They are very well made and easy to hold onto. The knife handle is fairly thick which may be somewhat too wide for some people to carry in a dress pant pocket but for me wearing jeans it's fine. The blade holds an edge well and isn't hard to sharpen.
  • My new EDC knife

    Andrew Finley, 5/12/2017 Comes sharp enough to do anything you'd need to do with an everyday carry blade, great construction feels very solid
  • Drop point pocket knife

    Wade, 5/9/2017 Very handy. Currently being used asa letter opener. Extremely sharp
  • The Little Knife that Can

    Gene Plaud, 5/8/2017 Sturdy, tough, hard-working little pocket knife that can keep up with the big boys. Handle is large enough to offer a firm grip. Highly recommended.
  • one of the best pocket knife I ever owned.

    Agop Jilkivorkian, 5/5/2017 Wow what a sharp small knife, its more than what I expected, thank you.
  • Small pocket knife

    Byron Richard Garcia, 4/29/2017 Nice and sharp out of the box
  • Great Little Knife

    James Michael Grove, 4/28/2017 Love this thing. I've already cut myself with it and it fits right in my watch pocket out of the way
  • Great little knife

    Dave E., 4/23/2017 Great little knife, sturdy construction, arrived surgically sharp, as bonus gift for two hollow-walled mugs.
  • Nice small pocket knife.

    Laurence R, 4/22/2017 Nice & sharp right out of the box!
  • Solid knife

    Josh, 4/22/2017 Sturdy little knife, very handy to have. I just drop it in my pocket whenever I walk out the door. The chain is handy too if you want to attach it to your key ring. Seems to be very solidly constructed.
  • Proud to give these knives as gifts

    JIm Felder, 4/22/2017 I've been buying Garrett Wade tools since 1978. The least five purchases have been their small pocket knives for me and as gifts. I could not be happier to have or prouder to give.
  • Nice knife

    Luis Alx, 4/11/2017 Nice gift for camp
  • GW pocket knife

    Susan, 3/31/2017 This is the perfect size for women's pockets. Love it.
  • Pocket Knife

    Steve, 3/29/2017 Small on size but big on quality. Sure it's a pocket knife and nothing to write home about...but this little knife is solid with a sharp blade. It's new to me but I can see this knife being dependable for years. Would make a nice gift.
  • knife review

    bob fancher, 3/27/2017 it's a tiny knife. it cuts
  • Husband likes it.

    Mary Gillies, 3/24/2017 The only knife my husband has consistently carried since he got it, but after 2 months the blade and screws fell out and lost a part. Replacement was quick and easy. Nice little knife

  • Great gift

    James Verity, 3/9/2017 Great gift for my son. He loves it!
  • Sharp pocket tool

    Doug Poist, 3/5/2017 Knife just the right size for your pocket. Sharp blade. Easy to open and close. Ideal for any project. Would recommend seller as well as product.
  • Good product

    PD, 3/3/2017 Small and sharp. A little heavy but that is no problem. Seems sturdy. The blade seems to lock tightly.
  • Great Little Pocket Knife

    James Cook , 2/17/2017 I love little pocket knives. This one is already one of my favorites: Nice wide blade, strong too, just the right size.
  • I am woman, hear me roar.

    Polly Barbacovi, 2/13/2017 I have never had my very own pocket knife. I feel like a real Super Woman now, ready for any situation. This was a free gift being offered when I ordered some other stuff. I thought what on earth do I need this for but it is a quality product, fits in my purse and I can see myself using it.
  • Solid but heavy

    BoB Bothwell, 1/27/2017 Good size, very sharp but way too heavy for its size. Solid but a lot heavier for a pocket knife than I am used too. Good value however.
  • Best Ever Stocking Stuffer

    Janet Ferguson, 1/17/2017 I bought this knife for my husband because he had lost his. It was a small stocking stuffer but the biggest hit. He found his pocket knife but decided to use this one instead.
  • My knife

    Pastor Amos Carmichael, 1/17/2017 way more than I expected for a small knife, it has a big 'do' and the bigger knives have nothing on me! In the pocket , hanging or in my 5th pocket on jeans.A great gift for anyone wanting a quality knife at a good price, Thanks
  • Great everyday use knife.

    Bill Prince, 1/2/2017 Rock solid little knife, fits comfortably in the pocket and takes an edge with a couple of swipes on a sharpening steel, stone or ceramic. I am no fan of liner lock knives, as they tend to be difficult to close for me - uncomfortable, at best. Not so with this knife - plenty of room for me to get enough thumb in there to easily close the blade. Impressive everyday use knife.
  • Little knife-big reward

    kay salveson, 12/29/2016 Great knife for the size. Gave it to my son for Christmas for his knife collection!
  • Drop Point Pocket Knife

    Iny, 12/25/2016 Big hit with my son-in-law, not too big, not too small, its just right.!!!
  • Drop-point Pocket Knife

    Don, 12/24/2016 Once I got an edge on it cuts great. A lot thicker than I expected, but it still fits in the watch pocket.
  • Glad I made the purchase!

    M.L. Budd, 12/24/2016 Finally decided to make the purchase; glad I did. It's a perfect size; durable and much handier than anything that I have previously had. A great addition.
  • nice

    glenn himes, 12/24/2016 great worth every penny
  • Drop point pocket knife for my son

    Gary Eberly, 12/23/2016 Good quality for price, one of a few knives I will give to my police officer son for his collection
  • Pocket Knife

    Jack, 12/23/2016 More knife than I anticipated. Good Stuff
  • drop point pocket knife

    doc, 12/23/2016 bigger & better than expected; like the linerlock
  • Nice Balance and blade.

    Mary Gillies, 12/23/2016 I've found the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer for the guys in my family. The knife is bigger than I thought it would be but the blade is a perfect size and shape for many uses. I hope you keep selling them because there is another generation growing up that I would like to get them for.
  • Best knife

    Eddie, 12/11/2016 Love the knife...best Ive ever had.
  • Worth everry penny...

    Robert G carrig, 12/5/2016 A little bigger than I expected, but I Love it.
  • Drop-Point Pocket Knife - Just Riiiight

    P, 12/4/2016 Perfect for my mini-toolbox!
  • Good quality and FREE

    Dee Mauk, 12/3/2016 A tad big pocket knife for carrying when wearing something like slacks? The knife isn't that big in all dimensions but in thickness it is. Having said that, this knife is comfortable to hold on to, holds an edge and the blade lock works well.
  • Key chain knife

    Roger VerMulm, 12/3/2016 Sharp little item ... pun intended.
  • Versatile and a Beauty

    Allison Cardona, 12/3/2016 One of the most functional tools ever made!! Open boxes, letters and packages quickly and effectively!! Great for both men and women. can be used camping, fishing and first aid purposes. I can peel fruit!!
  • Good Size Pocket Knife

    David Bailey, 12/2/2016 Good knife that fits nicely on a key chain
  • Received as a free gift.

    Mike, 12/2/2016 Got this for free with my first order. Not bad for a free knife.
  • Sweet Little Knife

    Jayme Johnson, 11/28/2016 Sweet little pocket knife.
  • Little pocket knife

    Mary Thompson , 11/27/2016 Great little pocket knife to put in my pocket book
  • Handy little blade

    Ron Kalnitz, 11/25/2016 So handy to have a spare in the car tool bag.
  • BOB

  • Litte Gem

    Terry Dickerson, 11/20/2016 This little knife is a real gem. It has a refined look of a very expensive knife and the brass accents improve the looks. The manufacturing is excellent. The actions are very smooth allowing for effortless deployment and very stable locking. Opening, unlocking and closing can be accomplish with one hand, The handle provides the user complete control and the blade arrives with a very acceptable edge which did not require sharpening. The strenght of the whole knife allows for many uses. I recommend the product unconditionally and trust cutomers will appreciate the many areas of its excelence
  • Don't Leave Home Without It

    Robert G Yizar, 11/19/2016 Every man use to carry a pocket knife...it's back...small, lightweight, and durable. It's a multi-purpose must have. Try it and you will like it and give it to your friends as a gift.
  • Drop point pocket knife

    Adrian Gutierrez , 11/15/2016 Nice pocket knife. Very sturdy and well constructed.
  • Just the ticket!

    Ed, 11/13/2016 Great size, feel and weight. Fits snuggly in small pocket. No chance of blade loosening when open and easy to use.
  • Drop point pocket knife

    Gary, 11/6/2016 Great size. Nice "click" upon opening. Good gifts for price.
  • Great buy

    Harry Johnson , 11/6/2016 I buy this little knife because of its great durability feel in hand and great price.I usually buy 3 every 2 years so I don't runout as I lose them often and do not want to be without this knife
  • Great little knife

    Gene, 11/1/2016 Much more than I expected for a free gift. Excellent quality, size and weight.
  • Great knife

    Gaye Ann McHenry, 10/31/2016 Got this as a free gift with my first order. It's a great size. Fits nicely in your pocket. The blade is wide and sturdy. I bought the buy 2 get one free as well. Great knife for the price. I would buy this again without a second thought,
  • Very Impressed

    Ronnie Poole, 10/24/2016 Being a free gift, I really wasn't expecting much. However, this is one sturdy little knife. Sharpens very nicely with ease. So far has held an edge and I have put it through quite a bit more punishment than I actually thought it could handle.
  • Good looking and versatile knife for the size

    Joe Pytlinski, 10/23/2016 This is not only a great looking, engineered knife, it is a great size and versatile too! Great for any task and also will bring you back to your childhood whittling days! Great gift idea too!
  • Not too heavy in the pocket

    Bill Thornton, 10/18/2016 Great little pocket knife that's not too heavy to ride comfortably in your pocket. It's heavy duty enough to handle more than just opening envelopes or cleaning finger nails. I'll be carryint it for a long time.
  • Pocket Knife

    Wendy, 10/14/2016 Awesome little knife. Perfect for the pocket. Got it as a free gift. I love it.
  • Nice little knife

    Bill Berthel , 9/30/2016 I received this knife is a free gift due to registering as a new customer . It's a very nice well-made pocketknife that will become part of my every day carry bag .
  • Rule number nine: "Never go anywhere without a knife."

    Mike, 9/30/2016 Smaller than I would have liked for such a wide blade. but very smooth action and i'm sure it will wear to the point i can open it with just one hand.
  • pocket knife

    Chris Jewett, 9/27/2016 I always carry a pocket knife and this little one has a great feel and size. I appreciate it as a gift for the email sign-up with GW.
  • small pocket knife

    joel copeland, 9/27/2016 very pleased with this little sharpie. A good size to carry and a useful size to use.
  • Versatile Small Knife

    Margaret Kelly, 9/25/2016 Sharp little knife, lightweight enough to put on your key chain. Comes in handy for many things. I like it a lot.
  • Great Little Knife

    Sam, 9/10/2016 This is a great little knife for free . It is easy to open and close, and it is surprising sharp. Very convenient size.
  • Great little knife

    Irvin A Kaufman, 9/9/2016 This is a great little knife to carry on your pocket for everyday use. It is razor sharp, easy to open and close and small enough to fit easily into a pocket. I may buy more as gifts.
  • Good free knife

    Andrew M, 9/6/2016 Got this free with an order I placed. Nice little knife, I use it to open boxes at work. Sharp factory edge, stainless steel, good low-intensity utility blade.
  • Best little knife

    Tim Coleman, 9/4/2016 This is got to be the best little pocket knife that I've used. It has one of the best edge retention capabilities of any knives that I've got in my collection. I use this knife quite frequently in some wood carving.
  • Single lock blade pocket knife

    John Wallace, 9/3/2016 Excellent knife and even better if was free with my purchase! Put my old pocket knife away and now carry this one exclusively!!
  • Great little knife!

    Ralph Mahoney, 8/29/2016 Great little knife! Fits comfortably in a pocket or anywhere. Nice wide, sharp, pointed blade!
  • Great free gift

    Kelli, 8/20/2016 Just got this nifty little tool. It was a free gift to first time buyers. It seems sturdily made- and my guess will be a valuable tool for almost anyone. It would make a great stocking stuffer for the biding whittler.
  • Good quality knife

    Marie Grosso , 8/19/2016 A great quality knife. Fit the hand good. Fits in my purse perfect.
  • Quality knive

    Charles austin, 8/14/2016 Very well made and just the right for my pocket.
  • Kewl little knife

    David, 8/9/2016 Kewl little knife, sharp out of the box, I carry a pocket knife and i added this one to my key chain. it is very handy little sucker and I like it!
  • Handy Knife

    Dick, 8/7/2016 Nice little pocket knife. Appears to be good quality, time will tell. The knife was a no charge item for first time buyer.
  • Handy Pocket Knife.

    Sundar, 8/6/2016 Nice to have this as a handy tool.
  • Excellent promo-gift

    Kevin T Bradshaw, 8/1/2016 Compact, tough and sharp - love it
  • Drop Point Pocket Knife

    Tom, 7/25/2016 Excellent Quality, and super service.

  • Glad to see this promotion.

    Sheila, 4/5/2016 Love the size and overall construction of the knife. Unfortunately the blade was chipped in two spots, otherwise it would have been a five. Still the best free knife around, and a great advertising tool.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Drop-Point Pocket Knife. We're sorry to hear it was chipped. Another is on its way to you.
  • Great and useful pocker knife.

    George M Heine, 4/4/2016 Greatest way to advertise your company. Give a well engineered, handy, great looking pocket knife as a "freebie" when any other item is purchased. Very impressed with the "freebie" knife, and am looking forward to many years usage while hanging from my key chain. Thank you very much.
  • Mr

    George M Heine, 4/4/2016 I truly believe that giving this small pocket knife FREE if another item(s) is purchased was the BEST piece of advertising I have every witnessed. This one small item reflected Garrett Wade's engineering, honesty in advertising, value of items sold , etc.....I love this little knife and is by far the best free item I have ever received in my 75 years. Thank you
  • Lightweight, comfortable, sturdy, and sharp.

    Ross, 4/3/2016 This is a surprisingly good knife. Despite the small size, it's easy to get a good grip due to the width and shape of the handle. The width also gives you a sturdy blade that just feels solid. It came with a decent edge and was easy to sharpen. I whittle a lot, and this knife is perfect for keeping in my pocket for casual use when I'm out and about and can't resist the urge to make my mark on a stray piece of wood. Lightweight, comfortable, sturdy, and sharp all for a decent price. If you're looking for an affordable knife, this is it.
  • Nice

    Jeff, 4/1/2016 3 Stars as others have said nice for a promotional gift.
  • Mighty Mouse's Knife

    Mannon M. Lukehart, 3/30/2016 Great little knife, very sharp and just the right size. It opens very easy and stays that way until I want to close it. Very handy, something I didn't even know I wanted until I received it as a promotional item. Thank you very much.
  • Great Gift!

    Shirlie Freytag, 3/30/2016 Great quality for a promotional item, I like it better than similar small knives I paid for! Perfect for keeping handy to open mail, break down boxes, etc. Thank you!
  • What to expect when it's free.

    KW, 3/23/2016 OK, not very good quality.
  • Good value

    Casey, 3/19/2016 Nice weight in hand. Solid feel. Opening could be smoother. Sharp blade. Good utility knife.
  • Drop-Point Pocket Knife

    Patrick , 3/16/2016 I received this knife as a promotion. It far exceeded my expectations. It has more weight to it than anticipated and the blade is sharp. A handy, durable pocket knife great for a variety of uses. It has become my go knife when I need something simple for a small project.
  • My new old faithful

    dan davidson, 3/6/2016 Very nice little knife, sharp with good weight, good shape, a joy to use...replaced my old faithful that I've carried for years which is now retired.
  • customer

    darlene watson, 3/6/2016 handy little sturdy knife
  • Finally a gift that is fine quality and not a throw away

    Gary Chenett, 3/5/2016 Usually when a gift if offered to go with a purchase it's something that a merchant can't give away, so they throw it in as a "Gift" to get a write off.
    This is a great little knife that I will use in with my gun range supplies. It really is a great piece of work,
  • Mr.

    ANGELO LAMBROS, 3/4/2016 Great little Knife very sharp. Don't even realize it is in your pocket.
  • Great little quality knife

    Kelli, 3/4/2016 What a nice little knife. Nice sturdy little blade, that should fit in my purse to use when I have an apple to cut.
  • Helpful little knife

    Tom, 3/4/2016 Helpful little knife for general purposes "out of pocket".
  • Drop-Point Pocket Knife

    Wayne Sparkman, 3/4/2016 Great little knife. "Sturdy" seems to be the universal descriptive. If anything, some might think it even too heavy for its size. Nonetheless, quite pleased with this purchase. Blade was fairly sharp as received, and easily honed to perfection.
  • Sharp Blade, Substantial Weight

    WV1800es, 3/4/2016 Nice sharp little blade, but it's a bit heavy for its size.
  • Fantastic small knife!

    Stacy C., 3/4/2016 I have lots of different pocket knives with various features and in different sizes. This is a favorite because it's very small, easily opened with one hand, very sharp, well-balanced, and great looking as well. Extremely useful - I have an extra one I keep in the car.
  • Great knife

    Joshua, 3/4/2016 This knife feels very solid in your hands and it gets the job done. The size is a plus and its very handy to have.
  • Great Knife!!!

    B. Tompkins, 10/5/2015 These Drop-Point pocket knives are spectacularly well made and a joy to hold and look at. I wanted a special "extra" Christmas gift for my four sons and these fill the bill perfectly.
  • Small But Handy

    Missouri, 9/28/2015 Stout sturdy blade for a small knife.
  • Pocket Knife

    Patty Sanders, 9/26/2015 Sturdy little knife and very easy to work with. I like that it has a heavy duty metal casing instead of plastic.
  • Nice Little Knife

    Dave Spearing, 9/2/2015 Great little pocket knife. Good looking and sharp little blade.
  • Pocket Knife

    Jeff, 8/26/2015 Great little pocket knife. Well built nice little size.
  • Quality Knife

    Steve, 8/13/2015 Quality knife, although a little large to be called a pocket knife". Great design with the locking blade."
  • Compact Pocket Knife

    E.Younken, 8/11/2015 Compact and very good quality pocket knife. Very sharp. I like that you can take it apart to clean it.
  • Sleek Go To Tool

    John, 8/9/2015 This little knife bears Garrett Wade name on it and it certainly is an example of the quality tools that Garrett Wade sells. I received this knife as a gift with purchase and is certainly worth the posted $15,00 value. On my keychain I use this beauty all the time. Certainly a great gift or worthwhile purchase. Thanks>>>JWM
  • Nice Knife - Great Price

    Henry W., 7/28/2015 Knife is nice... had one from 10yrs ago and paid more than this (free) one. Only fault is 'no locking mechanism when the blade is closed'. I ruined a lot of pant pockets because the blade would slide open an poke my pocket & leg!
  • Pocket Knife

    Jon, 7/16/2015 This is a cool little pocket knife. Very useful.
  • Great Little Knife

    Dick, 6/27/2015 This was a freebie with my order so my expectations were limited, however I was very impressed. This is a great little knife for a day to day all purpose pocket knife. It's heft is substantial for it's size and it's function works perfectly with one hand.
  • Drop-Point Pocket Knife

    Bill, 5/29/2015 This is nice handy dandy pocket knife. I have used in my garden for all sorts of little jobs. Handsome metal knife just looks and feels right. Garret Wade offered this for free on my next order. What a deal! Thanks GW! As a new customer I am pleased to see all the high quality garden tools and products available.
  • Neat Little Knife

    Erick, 12/29/2014 Added bonus to my order, solid knife!
  • Stunning

    Paul Goshko, 12/9/2014 Smart, handy, attractive, well made, and most of all-sharp!
  • A Dandy Knife

    Caryn Atwood, 11/16/2014 This is a fine, sturdy, solid little knife. It has a good heft to it. I'm pleased.
  • Small Drop Point Pocket Knife

    W. Priddy, 10/5/2014 Good,small knife,for pocket carry,. Heavy built for shop knife.
  • Great! (just-in-case)

    Bruce Bitterman, 9/12/2014 Highest quality for a church knife.
  • Neat Pocket Knife

    Quentin, 8/23/2014 Here is a very neat little pocket knife, made only of stainless steel, and not too heavy. It has a fat strong blade that is unlikely to break without some real force. The only downside is that the blade does not snap shut. It is sharp and dangerous-looking point, which could remain slightly open in the pocket. So one might take care. It does have a good quality feel to it.
  • High Quality Knife

    Ronald, 8/1/2014 The pocket Knife is sturdy and very well made, Nice sharp edge. Solid steel blade. Almost too nice to use :)
  • Gorgeous

    Arthur Cohen, 7/21/2014 If it's possible to call a knife gorgeous, this is it. The finish is so beautiful, in your hand it feels rubbing a worry-stone. Small and sturdy, it's easy to carry and a delight to use.
  • Great Pocket Knife

    George Richards MD, 3/2/2014 I'm an ex boy scout and retired surgeon. I gave one of these to each of the guys in our family this past Xmas having engraved their name on it. I always have one with me and keep one for backup. It keeps a good edge for stainless.
  • Free Knife

    Lee Hockman, 2/13/2014 To be honest, I was not expecting much from a free knife, but I was actually surprised at the quality of the piece. I came to me very sharp, and all I did was dress the edge a little with the Garrett Wade 1200 grit diamond paddle hone and it is now scary sharp." It is easy to open with one hand and with the lock you don't have to worry about it accidentally closing. I have now retired my daily pocket knife after over 50 years for a well-deserved rest and will carry this one with me, hopefully for the next 50 years...I just have to learn how to live to the ripe old age of 115!"
  • Sharp Knife

    Regis Koslofsky, 1/30/2014 Your first look is that this is a Toy Knife ". In fact it is a very useful working tool. Very handy for opening mail or packages,large or small. Useful for precise cutting on all materials.The thick grip and large blade are handy for all types of cutting materials A handy feature is the size of the knife, perfect for the watch pocket on your pants. Not a toy, a useful tool. "
  • Free Gift

    Ralph, 1/29/2014 Received with my order as a free gift. Nice little knife.
  • Handy Little Knife

    Dave, 1/27/2014 Got this as a freebie from my first Garrett Wade order. It's a nice little knife, very sharp. I've got a bunch of pocket knives, but this is the one I keep handy at the bench for cuttin' cardboard, tape, and all those little jobs a knife is handy for. The ball chain that come with it is a nice touch.
  • A Great Gift.

    Martin Sorin, 1/14/2014 What a great gift from Garrett Wade! Sharp and stays open due to a clever latch. Small but sturdy.
  • Size

    Ray, 1/7/2014 It fits comfortably in my hand and pocket. Although I've not had it long, it seems to retain its sharp edge.
  • Nice Knife

    Jim, 12/21/2013 This is a nice little knife for having handy. Beautifully constructed, durable, and compact.
  • High Quality

    Ray Gendreau, 12/10/2013 Very high quality item in construction, design and sharpness.
  • Perfect Size

    Deborah Greenhalgh, 9/23/2013 This will fit perfectly on his key ring...he won't be leaving home without it!
  • Great Gift

    JB, 8/15/2013 This was a great gift item that is handy for everything. Really good quality, looks nice, & fits great in pocket. Certainly gained a new customer with overall quality of my 1st order. Thank you.
  • Snug In The Palm of My Hand

    Maggie, 7/18/2013 This sturdy, functional pocket knife fits right into the palm of your hand and can do anything any other pocket knife can do. You will never have to search for another to suit your needs. I named mine 'Garrett and I take him with me everywhere I go."
  • Well Made

    Scott, 4/26/2013 Well made knife. Exactly right size for your pocket. Blade easy to hone and holds edge well. Very strong
  • Best Pocket Knife

    Fotoburger, 4/8/2013 I love this little knife. It's not like a small pocket knife. The stubby blade is stronger than the usual narrow blade. It sits in my pocket at all times, and is great for opening boxes, general cutting duties, etc. It is easier to handle than a small pocket knife usually is. Not the sharpest blade around (it's stainless steel) but good enough for most general purposes without taking up a lot of room in my pocket.
  • adequate

    Claude C. Noyes, 3/25/2013 sturdy
  • Drop Point Knife

    Leighton, 3/11/2013 Not a fancy knife but a good handy small knife for pocket, tool box or shop. It is light and seems solid and well made. The aluminum grip is a little slick, especially if your hands are wet or oily. Otherwise a good knife to have.
  • Drop Point Pocket Knife Review

    James Shellabarger, 2/18/2013 Good looking knife, handy pocket size, lock back blade. Now it has a good home.
  • Drop-Point Pocket Knife

    Fred, 1/3/2013 Works as advertised. Maintains an edge. One-hand operation.
  • Knife

    Sherri, 1/2/2013 Good
  • Epitome of useful

    Kyle, 2/24/2012 Size clearly doesn't matter when it comes to this astounding piece of portable cutlery. A notably well sharpened one-sided edge that packs one heck of a punch. I found myself immediately putting this tool to work in more ways than can be imagined. Shear your apples in a matter of minutes, and cut off any loose thread on your clothing without even a bat of the eye. It's portability speaks for itself to serve any odd job that you might happen upon. And to top it off it's design gives you an astounding balance and grip. A must have article to keep on your person.
  • Best Small Knife

    Kenneth Hutchings, 2/9/2012 The Drop-Point Pocket Knife received in our order on 1/26/2012 is about the coolest small knife my wife and I have received. We sharpened it and and are using it. We think it will make a nice addition to our 4-wheeler's tool box. Thank you very much.
  • lil' cutter

    ben, 12/14/2010 There are times when you need to carry a smaller knife, but still have ability to get'er done". this one serves that purpose."
  • great knife

    Gloria Barker, 12/7/2010 This knife will be easy to carry in a pocket, has a nice weight and very usable on a daily basis.
  • Baby Wade Blade

    donna robbins, 12/1/2010 Small but mighty, this blade keeps a sharp edge and when it needs sharpening can be brought back to razor edge. Love it!
  • Pleasant surprise

    Barbara Carney, 11/29/2010 this was a free gift for my purchase
  • Nice

    bodisafa, 11/28/2010 very nice, sharp, well crafted knife good attention to detail and fast shipping.
  • Perfect smooth pocket knife

    Stan Hash, 11/18/2010 While accurately listed as a terrific pocket knife, one thing was missed: it has a smooth feel due to its shape and simply seems happy in your pocket. The blade is sharp; be careful.
  • Great every day knife

    Terry, 5/21/2010 Very sturdy for the money, has become my every day companion.
  • the best dam knife

    tim ferrell, 5/21/2010 This little number is the most useful, often used, always carried knife I have ever owned. Well made and easy to operate, handy for everything. If you only have one knife, this could be it.
  • Very Sturdy

    Terry, 5/4/2010 Great little knife for the price, just right for every day use.
  • Nice Little Knife

    Buddy George, 4/16/2010 Nice Knife for the money
  • Excellent

    Holly Jo, 12/13/2009 I purchased these for my 5 brothers-in-law for Christmas. I am positive they will love them. Made well and attractive. Awesome!!
  • Superb" is right"

    Arktos, 10/4/2009 The superb" in the name is no exaggeration: this knife is constructed of high quality materials, feels solid and well-balanced in the hand, has -- unlike most small knives -- a locking blade, and disposes of even clamshell plastic containers with ease. A brilliant design handsomely executed. "
  • might nini

    frank, 8/27/2009 I bought this knife 18 years ago and it served me well in all everyday situations.
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